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  1. Corrected you there. On the other hand, having the villian goons/gun fodder/red shirts riding EUC against "James Bond" would be just as hilarious, cool and interesting.
  2. If you didn't manage to get one of the first batch of V12... I guess this is also an option?
  3. Probably because until EUC become more common, it is inevitable that any law applied to escooters will more than likely apply to EUC as well. You only have to see the legal history of cars, motorbikes, bikes. And also how laws applied to escooters currently around the world that also affect EUC.
  4. I'm kinda disappointed that there was no "spiked pedals" on the list. Just means there isn't any official ones, the freemotion v12 spiked pedals are retailer customs.
  5. I'm pretty happy how long the V12 lasted, its not a torque wheel, the fact it managed to keep up with the ksx16 is impressive. At least we know that if your communte involves lots of very steep hills, you shouldn't get a V12. Edit: Also realised the V12 did better than the Sherman. Lol
  6. Why isn't anyone asking the real question.... Why did @evX_Mick just give his Sherman away to a random bloke on the street? Not even hand shake and a "thank you"? If that isn't the definition of rudeness + madness, I dunno what is.
  7. Dunno. But freemotion ships honeycomb pedals free with every V12. They are red and aluminium. I don't think they are originally for V11, but they do look similar. You can see them in electric dream's V12 videos.
  8. Oh.... Even electric dreams likes this wheel. How rare.... I also love the shots riding though water with no facks given.
  9. Pin lock to screen has been added. Led colour lights are brighter.
  10. You said everything that I've been thinking as well. I'm forced to slow down on my daily commute on some sections because of uneven bike paths and roads, but on the smooth straight sections I'm regularly hitting beeps that I'm not comfortable riding on. At the same time that I want extra speed, my knees will appreciate suspension... It's a hard call. Just gotta see if the V11 drops in price and whether the difference/quality of the first batch of V12 is worth the value/performance to skip suspension.
  11. Mm... Dunno. I don't think Inmotion would do th- Oh. Maybe they will?
  12. Oh one more fact ecodrift chief engineer mentioned, V12 "smart" BMS, you can connect and disconnect each battery pack while the wheel is still on. The BMS will automatically balance and make it.. Er... Work? If that isn't "smart", I don't know what is.
  13. Wow. the Russian really like the V12, had a chuckle where they put a CGI of the V12 shooting down Nikola+ and 16x, ala Tie-fighter/star Wars style. Edit: Interesting fact, in the pre-production testing models they sent to ecodrift, they used the same motor as the kingsong 16x. All the wires used to disconnect the motor, is located outside the "box"so you can take out the motor without opening it, to change the tire/motor easily i guess? Charging: Box comes with a 2.3A but the V12 can take 10A! Charging port will be the same as the sherman
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