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  1. The CHURCH OF GOTWAY demands its daily blood sacrifice. All true GOTWAY believer will gladly road splat themselves though the gates of Valhalla. They shall Ride Eternal! SHINY AND CHROME! WITNESS MEE!
  2. to be fair, isn't a full face chin guard plastic as well? then again it does look flimsy, guess i can't really avoid full face. just wish they were flexible like the slalom chin guard and be able to swing up or down when you stopped but you don't want to take off the helmet. guess convertible full face is the other option, but I heard the ventilation isn't that good.
  3. I'm looking for a new helmet too. I saw hsiang videos and he rides with a slalom style helmet and pretty much consider it too, but at what speed you ride at makes a lot of different. I guess if you are riding less then 30km/h, it might be sufficient but the way the hsiang rides (fast!) i dunno if it works for him.....
  4. As they say, if your want something done right.... Do it yourself? Personally I love this long thread, don't have to keep track of different threads. Just one. Lol
  5. Hey, suspension is always better than no suspension. I do like how you have to screw the cap with a screwdriver and that it becomes flush with the bottom of the suspension. Seems more secure and less prone of being damaged. Those little parts and exposed moving tubing to the elements? Might be a tad of a problem.
  6. Althought I've only been on this forum for a short time, it has been a pleasure reading your contributions here. Thank you for your "service" and future posts as a "normal" commenter on like wise topics.
  7. Gah. I just put in a V11 pre-order, then I hear this?! Maybe I should cancel and wait, I've waited this long already.... But I love what Inmotion is doing, stepping up its game and challenging all its competitors in segments they thought they were safe in.
  8. surprised Vee's video isn't here, but hey, here you go: I have no dog in this game, so i'll refrain from commenting, but the only thing i'll will say, it does seem to keep the "Gotway" characteristics. Take that whatever way you like.
  9. On pre-order for next batch We still getting the international version here, so waiting like everyone else.
  10. "The wheel that works for 85% of riders" "this is the crazy part,....48 miles riding up in the mountains, dirt roads.......with 36% left....and i didn't even want to ride anymore!..... don't have to worry about range anymore"
  11. Damn. Really hope the S18 drop down to half price, would love to have both suspension euc. Too valuable to mess about with the daily commute wheel, just need a fun one to mod and mess with.
  12. long ride review. 1st batch control board overload? Glad I'm getting a 3rd/4th/5th batch. Edit : dunno how to delete the second YouTube video. Posting with Mobile sucks lol
  13. Nice! How much in hk$/us$?
  14. Wooaaah. Those add on look sweet. Also it's funny how wrong way was disappointed that he wasn't impressed by the torque and speed... Until he mentioned "coming as a gotway rider...." then I went "ahhh.." Seems like only a gotway can impress a gotway rider. Lol. But besides that, the rest of the negative points are minor nit-picking. Scrapping the bottom of the barrel to find faults now.
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