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  1. Oh one more fact ecodrift chief engineer mentioned, V12 "smart" BMS, you can connect and disconnect each battery pack while the wheel is still on. The BMS will automatically balance and make it.. Er... Work? If that isn't "smart", I don't know what is.
  2. Wow. the Russian really like the V12, had a chuckle where they put a CGI of the V12 shooting down Nikola+ and 16x, ala Tie-fighter/star Wars style. Edit: Interesting fact, in the pre-production testing models they sent to ecodrift, they used the same motor as the kingsong 16x. All the wires used to disconnect the motor, is located outside the "box"so you can take out the motor without opening it, to change the tire/motor easily i guess? Charging: Box comes with a 2.3A but the V12 can take 10A! Charging port will be the same as the sherman
  3. in 25hrs? Nioce. Whiles the French gets to throw out the vids:
  4. I thought V11 has smart BMS? They said it can operate on one battery if the other fails. I haven't heard of any other wheel that can do that. They also said the v12 has three BMS. If that isnt overkill... I dunno what is.
  5. I think it's only obvious to you But yes, i agree about the "marketing thing" just sales not being the best and being its lacking sales professional stuff, a typical inmotion trait.
  6. Woah. That's a great way to get around this "dilemma" if it's true. I like this, riders can just fill in the blanks themselves, with no hard expectations, how can you be "disappointed" when you get the EUC in your hands? Maybe begode does have a better marketing team.... Well, that isn't a surprise considering its comparison to Inmotion. Sales.... Isn't their strong point.
  7. This is where the understanding of engineering comes into play. To keep a constant 2000W motor stable, it needs to be able to peak at 5000W. For a EUC to maintain a cruising speed of 40km/h, you need to be able to peak above that, hence 70km/h. It's obvious to engineering people, which is why you build a bridge to take 5k tonnes, yet the specs say 2.5k tonnes and you tell people it can carry a max load of 4k tonnes. We know a free-wheel / no load spin of the V12 is close to 90-100km/h. Should you ride to that speed? Or even advertise that speed? Of course not.
  8. I agree. It is a quality issue. Begode doesn't care about quality, it puts everything into performance, even if it means a premature destruction. Notcsaying that it's a bad thing, begode is successful because of this. I think the negative criticism of the V12, is its inability to mimic those traits by those who love that. And as @Rawnei put it, it's not wrong to point out the things that "disappoint" some set of riders. Just that sometimes it can be exhausting to see riders to expect Inmotion to abandon its company philosophy and its engineering focus approach. The
  9. Agreed. Also is it just me, or are most or all of the comments complaining about the V12 and its comparison to the Nikola, from Gotway "Speed demon" Lovers/Rider? Just me? ok.
  10. Q well, if we are going to quote audio sounds bites, from an early Inmotion v11 interviews Inmotion CEO also mentioned swappable batteries in the V12. Point being, things change between early theory PR babble - Nothing is set in stone- until the final production model. I mean, if we really have to take notice of PR babble, I don't remember any of them to mention a screen on the V12, or that it would be 100V. So honestly I don't see why you have to clutch so hard on this so called "Sherman competitor" utterance. Its Inmotion. Not gotway.
  11. its funny how some people expected this wheel to be a "sherman" competitor, not once did inmotion say this or even imply this was the case. Just being 100V is great already, everything else is a bonus. The only disappointment was the exclusion of suspension. Sure we all knew it wasn't going to have it, but after seeing it on video, makes me extra sad. Gotway can keep it's "performance" crown, because without it, what else does gotway have?
  12. Just binged watched evx videos. Damn. Sounds great. But one thing evx didn't cover was the "pin lock". "smart BMS" came up too, manual and promo says v12 has "3" BMS? So why three? Sure only the V11 has a smart BMS, able to keep going if one pack dies, shame if they don't have this same function in the v12 The large heat sink looks legit, and no fan means less things to break and "quieter" (not like you will notice over the cool rpm rev sound.). And while he did go over the lights, he didn't really show us the effect during a night ride. But the four ar
  13. Unfortunately, the one person who can give us any idea, @evX_Mick is mysteriously "banned" from commenting on these good forum anymore. So I guess we are just left with our hands in our pants and no hope.
  14. The only thing that upsets me about that image, is that menacing gang of arrogant escooters, silently bullying that lonesome EUC. It's like he doesn't belong there....
  15. Naa. It'll be only 100miles for a lanky 65kg~ bloke like me. But seriously, larger Controller module, three BMS.... Sounds amazing.
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