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  1. Actually saw someone riding one of these, didn't know they were still available. Looked dead funny and slow.
  2. Nice videos! Should see if you get any "bounce back"? @Hsiang suffered a pretty bad crash and broke his V11. Video footage and his recollection of the reason is pretty uncertain, but he said its either rider error, suspension bounce or tyre defect. He sound like he was going pretty fast too, above 30km/h. Stay safe!
  3. Oh no. @Hsiang hope your V11 is repairable. My opinion for the accident is your no. 3 reason. I reckon it was the road. Never seen a tyre get damaged like that.
  4. Wow. 115°C! That's toasty. I guess you gotta be riding in a pretty hot place to even get that high.
  5. Has a bad feeling ever since the control board did something funny when you tried the firmware update, later with the odd tilt-back and then the inability to activate "go-home" mode. I'm not gonna write this result off but that's a sad development. I just hope @Inmotion Global will see this and send you a production version to put to rest all our fears. On the other hand, can't wait to see the pre-production s18 do the test, as they say "misery loves company"
  6. I was sussed about the board ever since Marty had a shutoff during firmware update and later on, the "Go home" and tilt back at low battery during his long distance ride. I hoped it wouldn't impact on this last crucial test but I guess my lack of surprises just means I was prepared for it. I just hope the production version improvement with new board will actually be better. The sad thing is that, if Marty gets the pre-production S18, I don't think it will make it either.
  7. As far as im aware from the official representative, inmotion is sending replacement screws to all 1st batch owners, im not sure about the saddle parts though. Hopefully @Inmotion Global will respond and get back in touch with you/local dealer and find a solution in regards that.
  8. I think the quote from Gotway CEO is applicable here ~ (paraphasing): "Inmotion is run by an engineer, Kingsong is run by a businessman"
  9. Cheers. i didn't make it clear in my last post that I remember seeing the side saddles moving with the pedals and when duf removed them you can see the metal structure with the handle, i didn't remember if that was attached to the suspension or not. So the realisation of handle in the arse became worrying.
  10. Just one question, if its like this....the original saddle has a "hole" at the top to give space to the handle. The handle is stationary while the saddle moves up and down with the suspension pedals (correct me if i'm wrong?) If the official seat is on the "saddle" part, does that mean the seat will cover the handle? Or will the seat have a "hole" to allow access to the handle? But if there is a "hole" for the handle, when you sit on the "seat saddle" part that moves, won't your arse hit the handle every time the "seat saddle" suspension compress downwards?
  11. I have done about 900km since May/April(?) on the V10F, haven't got any overheating / overload message yet. Although i ride pretty conservative since i had two cutouts on my V5F so im still cautious, so average speed is 25km/h. (climbing up to the 36ish lately as i get more confident in it) My daily commute consist of 12km of bike paths with steep ramps of up to 20~25% grades and underground tunnels. My ambient temperature in my region is an average 35 Celsius /60~70% humidity, typical board temperature rarely tops 45 Celsius and i don't charge at my office so i usually ride for 3 or 4 days before charging. No warnings so far, but will update if i encounter anything or when i hit 1000km.
  12. You know what would be hilarious? Is if Inmotion took your idea serious and made the seat pretty close to this but with a more elegant, tool-less removable mount. I mean, you get suspension on the wheel and on your arse! win-win! If the V11 pass OHH. V11F with more battery, might be Marty's EUC of the YEAR.
  13. Nice! Will be fun to actually see your impression of the v11 and the legendary person behind The "UNVENTOR"
  14. Nice! I'm surprised he didn't use the gotway monster seat, that doesn't seem to need much modification. But I gotta say, doing it marty's way, being able to still use the trolley handle is pretty cool
  15. While I hate to put a damper on all the shopping option for the suspension valve cap replacement. Just want to remind people that you need a cushioning medium to damper/lessen any impact and vibration transmitted to the valve and damaging it. Any thing that simple screw on to the valve won't be any better then the original.
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