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  1. Wonder what the odds are anyone can still get in the first round of this wheel. Whenever that will be.
  2. I have been riding a 16x for a little over a year now. Rain (not heavy), and snow over this winter have not caused any issues. You have to trust whatever wheel you buy and since you don't trust this one, I would probably avoid it. But I have to say if you buy from a trust worthy vendor, ask them some of these questions. These wheels change over every batch, and speaking to your vendor should answer any concerns you may have with the most up to date info on the models you are looking at.
  3. V12 won't have suspension. I have a 16x and really love the wheel. I feel like it may be a bit more fun than the 18xl. The 18xl is just a really tried and true wheel. It's a tough decision, but feel you can't really go wrong. 16x is a smaller wheel but Def more beefy than the 18xl. If that is a factor for you. It just is a bit wider and feels a bit more dense I am also waiting to see what v12 is, but I won't be getting rid of my 16x so quickly. I really enjoy it and am not so quick to move on from it. But I guess we will see.
  4. Ahh ok. Sorry I misunderstood. I've actually set the alarms to eucworld into my helmet speakers. But I do agree upward facing beeper or speaker would be a nice addition. There should be an out of the box better solution that you won't need 3rd party speakers and apps.
  5. I could be wrong on this it's been a while since I rode my v8, but I think inmotion allows you to customize an alarm sound and it blasts through their normal speakers. If this is inaccurate I apologize. But it is prob how the v12 works. Unless they changed that.
  6. kind of wish inmotion would lift the embargo on info already for this. EVX said in the comment section of his last teaser vid that ewheels is receiving first batch in 60 days or so. Marty gave some initial impressions which were pretty positive as well. Would be nice for people who actually want to order this thing to get some info so they don't get locked out of getting one for months. The teaser and prediction videos are fun to watch, but it is getting close to release. Let it lose already so we can spend our money lol. EDIT: Meant to put this in the big V12 thread.. It wound
  7. Hell I tried to pay double for EUC world.. It just registered me for 2 years instead of one. That is how useful I find it. Thanks @Seba Anyway.. its inevitable that there will always be a few who just don't get it. I wouldn't let one person drag you down.. This is a great app and actually performs better than the manufacturers own applications. Please keep up the amazing work and don't let a few bad ones get ya down!
  8. There are a few things that look off on the pic. Some parts of it look a bit out of whack. The shark 20 font looks a bit odd. Even the back fender looks a bit off. I am not claiming fake, because if KS is working on a 20in suspension wheel, this is prob not far off from what it may look like. I sort of expect kingsong to show something soon. Maybe very close after inmotion pulls the rest if the curtain off the v12.
  9. No need to apologize since you already know you sound condescending. ;-) I am also not offended by anyone trying to correct me. So no worries here at all. I won't try and defend the fact that i actually do understand how an EUC functions and works. I am not trying to prove any points here. I was just having a discussion on why it would make little sense for any company to put out a 70lb 100v wheel, just to force limit it 30mph. When there are cheaper, reliable options at that level. It was more around if there is an actual need to keep refining older non performance wheels.. Not really
  10. I obviously haven't missed GW/BG or veteran. I don't think i worded my statement correctly. I am not speaking of tiltback limiting or safety measures in place to prevent cutouts. I was more talking if KS or IM were to take a wheel capable of doing 50mph and let's say limit it to 30mph just for because reasons. (way below cut out margins) Then obviously there would be little to no point in going into the performance area and advertising a faster top speed wheel etc.. It is becoming clear that its making sense to start exploring that next category for companies like IM or KS. I am pre
  11. Not that I am aware of as of yet. Wouldn't trust something that comes out today being that its april 1st ;-)
  12. I am def not advocating for EUCs to start hitting motorcycle territory. Everything you mention are perfect reasons why. I just feel there will be more than one category of wheel, and the thought of having a lightweight backpackable wheel that can also do 40+mph is a bit of a pipe dream. I think its amazing we have PEVs that can pretty much go anywhere right now except for highway (even though you will see some people taking shermans on the FDR in NYC). I just think it is reasonable to assume if you want something lightweight, super transportable, and last miley, you have that covered alr
  13. While I have never ridden a wheel that heavy, I tend to agree. All of the feedback from the heavier wheel riders is heavier is not such a bad thing. Especially at higher speeds. I think people need to move past the one wheel for all thought, and start to come to terms with having multiple wheels for different scenarios is going to be the norm. That being said the current batch of 16 inch wheels are decent all rounder wheels. It just looks like the push going fwd is going to be towards faster heavier wheels. To be honest I am not sure how much you could improve on the lighter l
  14. Also thinking these prices are placeholder. Nobody else has this up for pre-order. Ewheels is sponsoring a bunch of stuff for v12. I will hold judgement on price until more solid information comes out. In the end, if it's worth the price I will pay it. We will see. The speed is only one spec of the wheel, and not the one to buy it for. You have better options for speed only.
  15. At that price it would be a tough sell for sure. I guess let's see what it comes in at when official release comes out. Also curious to see if there are any other features we don't fully know about yet.
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