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  1. Man... I am glad some people actually enjoy modifying and working on this wheel. But honestly, this kind of stuff is unacceptable. It's now on 2nd batch and there have been zero improvements made. Modding and improving on your own is great, but only if the product is working in the first place. Nobody here paid 2k for a euc KIT. You paid for a fully functional product out of a box. I love my 16x, glad I canceled my preorder of this wheel. Worst thing for me about this is I prob wouldn't even think about a future KS wheel after seeing this. As someone who loves my KS wheel to feel that way, there has to be more who feel the same.
  2. There was a metric ton of conversation about this going back and forth when the specs were announced.. But i think you are accurate.. That the 3p wired pack was questionable on what it can output. If these random occurrences of pedal dip and cutouts become not so random when more people get their s18.. We can probably assume the smaller battery pack wired in 3p can be an issue.. Obviously the rider can just adjust by not accelerating super crazy which fixes one issue.. The lack of headroom at top speed is another thing to consider when riding this wheel. to be fair these were all worries with the 16x as well. So far i have not had any issues with mine at all, and i feel perfectly safe on it..
  3. I think it is safe to say the issues are mostly all due to quality control and even somewhat build quality. It has kind of been an issue with KS since the 16x. Unfortunately the S18 issues with this seem to be worse than even what it was with 16x. Its a shame because its obviously a really good wheel. Its just every one out of the box needs to be modified in some way for it to work, and then you have to be lucky to have no other problems. I bought a 16x not so long ago and love it.. No issues.. (other than annoying constant beeping for everything.. no comment) But i read back on threads and see the QC issues on the first 2 rounds and i am glad i waited.. I assume s18 will have a similar scenario.. If you didnt pre-order.. i think your safest bet is to wait both this and the inmotion v11 out a bit and see where suspension goes. Suspension may be the future for euc.. but unfortunately i don't think its the present for a lot of us just yet.
  4. It really is the most annoying thing about their wheels. I get we can disconnect the speaker, but it shouldn't be needed. I understand what they are for, but all that is needed is to give people the option to mute them. Won't go as far as say terrible design choice, but not being able to mute those is a decent oversight. It really is an obnoxious sound to have happening so often.
  5. Man all these posts about suspension travel in MMs, air pressure, speedometers being off.., flaws on 1st round wheels.. Is anyone actually riding and enjoying these wheels... Or is everyone just coming here to bitch about which brand is better than the other? Buy the wheel that makes you happy.. If you need to justify that purchase.. Come here and post.. I am sure you will find hours of responses to keep your stress level high wondering if you bought the coolest wheel or not.
  6. I am not noticing much if any more battery drain on 2.02. I would say since you can change your firmware whenever you want, try them out and pick the one that works best! Try not to fall into too much what other people think when it comes to some things like range, speed, etc.. Everyone has their own ride style and opinions on how things go.. Definitely test the different firmware out and figure which one suits you best!
  7. I think asking this wheel to be brought up to 35mph is a dangerous game with the battery config it has.. I guess nobody remembers the 16x in the beginning.. BTW i have a 16x, love it, and even decided it was good enough to wait out the first round of suspension wheels.. So this is not a rip on KS or any brand. The s18 was advertised as 31mph.. IF you wanted faster, i think you should have opted for a different wheel.. Waiting for it to release, see a wheel in the same category with more battery and a bit faster output, then start asking the company to match it.. It kind of an unfair request. The motor can surely handle it, I am sure the battery can.. but you will lose the headroom to deal with unexpected situations. To me an added 4mph for 15% of an already weak battery is not worth that risk. You will likely get less than 1hr riding time at 35mph, and then less range and time to enjoy the wheel as a whole. Besides i dont understand the disappointment with the speed of the s18.. It is not like they advertised faster and released it at lower speeds.. The speed spec is the one thing about this wheel that was 100% known from the start.. Its literally the only spec that never changed for the s18.
  8. I was going to nominate 16x as well! Really like the look of that wheel quite a bit. Even with these new really good looking wheels. The v11 looks great. I get the look may not be for everyone, but def don't think it's an ugly wheel at all.
  9. I don't disagree.. But i can't argue against trying to fix possible issues in pre-production. This wasn't the first stress test the wheel sort of failed.. I use the word failed not as meaning a total failure.. but it would be bad if veteran didnt look to try and avoid these things happening on production wheels.. Weather it be on a hill somewhere.. or on the busy streets of NY hitting a pothole.
  10. I am sure nobody wants to lose pre-orders at all.. So therefore it may be worth it to try and solve some issues.. Nobody knows if it will sacrifice what the NYC crew likes about this wheel. Its just speculation at this point. what would be the difference if they fixed some of this stuff, and expected the people wanting more top-speed to buy a "extra speed" model.. Vs the heavier people having to buy a "fat" model as you put it? The only difference i see.. is you get what you wanted.. vs someone else.. I am not sure this wheel was only made for the NYC riding crew.. That maybe your group of people who pre-ordered it... but there is a possibility that there is a large number of pre-orders from other places in the country/world that would like some things a certain way too.. It is not so simple sometimes. All this being said.. Maybe they are testing a different board in the wheel to create a SKU with some different characteristics.. Nobody said they were changing anything.. They just said a new board was being sent out to test some different things..
  11. The reactions are happening as a direct response to companies like IM and KS taking a much more hands on approach of engaging their customers. While some of the reactions are a bit overblown, it is a good thing. It shows these companies are speaking to their userbase more. I think people need to come to grips with two things. You bought a 1st run product. all of this is normal kinks and adjustments. It kind of comes with the territory. and you are riding a suspended wheel for the first time. It will take some time to adjust to that as well. Like you said, when I first got my 16x I thought i made a mistake. After some mileage I couldn't be happier. I wouldn't panic, these companies and vendors have been pretty good about taking care of issues for people.
  12. valid points.. I was more just leaning into the point of that the innovation is in the design element.. not in the technology element.. I guess i didnt word it exactly the proper way! I also just wanted to point out that.. mostly hype is driving some of these convos.. People are hyped and rightfully so, but nobody should feel bad about purchasing the wheel they want. I have a feeling all three of these new wheels will sell and review pretty good..
  13. I probably should have added.. As long as your significant other is ok with it :-) My wife luckily has been ok with my euc purchases.. But i haven't exactly gone overboard just yet!
  14. I cant speak about the monster since i dont have one. but i have crashed the 16x at speed a few times.. It is pretty durable.. lets be fair.. I get that it doesn't have steel rollcage, and may not be able to handle a 40mph crash.. but it doesnt have to.. it cant go 40mph ;-). Also before i purchased it, i watched the reviews.. Kuji specifically had tossed that thing around pretty hard.. Its not like the sherman.. but it can hold its own in durability for the speed it can handle.. which in all fairness is all that is needed.. The sherman is literally a tank.. and i agree it is probably the most durable out there.. but it better well be considering its weight and how fast it can go. The lights breaking and things.. well its a double edged sword.. They are modular which makes it great.. but they are also a little more delicate since they are exposed.. Personally i think it is a very well thought out wheel.. which is what makes it so appealing to me..
  15. Yeah the brand loyalty is unfortunately a thing.. There is also a lot of bandwagon/fomo going on around here since the announcements of all of these wheels. hehehe I just want to point out.. that none of the things coming out is actually "new" technology.. Suspension on things with tires has been around along time.. The way these wheels are being suspended are not re-inventing the wheel (yes pun intended). Its just fitting existing tech to the EUC form factor.. Which is great.. dont get me wrong.. but lets not make believe KS or IM have come up with this amazing new technology here.. As far as the sherman.. I will just say... "greatest wheel ever made" can be attached to many different wheels over the past few years... That is until then next best thing comes out.. Which will always happen.. I still say.. purchase what you want, feel good about it.. and enjoy it.. Justification is not needed! Also i respect all these reviewers and youtubers.. but please remember they mostly all get sponsored, and they all have opinions like you and I... Take their info to make informed decisions.. but don't get caught up in the hype..
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