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  1. I had both this and the s18 in mind when thinking about buying a wheel this year.. I backed off both for now, which admittedly was kind of hard to do. Looks like both of these wheels are going to be pretty good and worth the plunge if you want to dive in. For me, its going to be worth the wait for gen 2 or even gen 3 suspension wheels. For the price, there is just enough missing from each one that kind of makes me want to wait it out a bit. I think the newer last gen wheels are comfortable enough, and the longer range / bigger battery is just more worth the price of admission for me! I have to admit though.. they both look great. I am def somewhat excited for how these designs get improved on.
  2. This is amazing! I have both a wear OS and Samsung active 2.. Have been looking fwd to this on Tizen since its been announced! Awesome work @Seba and thank you! I do have a few questions.. If i click the box to save power on watch.. Once the screen switches back to my watchface after a few mins, turning my wrist will not activate EUCworld screen again. I have to physically launch the app again on my watch.. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this.. or if this is how it is supposed to work! I get decent battery even with it on all the time.. I mean it does drain, but that is expected with an app active at all times.. My second question is, will this auto launch when launching the app on the phone like in wear os? Really really awesome job on this! While i love my TicWatch Pro.. Not having to switch watches when i go out riding is amazing! Thanks again for working on this awesome app
  3. Why ride, when you can read about what its like to ride.. Isn't it more fun to speculate than to actually ride one of these things? :-) I am kidding.. All joking aside.. i like the filtering feedback idea as well.. When the Q&A SKS18 thread was there.. It was cringe worthy to even read some of the stuff in there.. All though i was sad when it got shut down.. I was kind of happy i didn't have to cringe at my screen for 10 mins a day while i dug through it for actual useful information. We are getting some cool things from KS from direct feedback, and some really good benefits from having jack here. Lets try and keep it going, and not ruin it.
  4. I just want to chime in here. I recently got a new 16x that came with 1.08. I upgraded to 2.02 and do notice a small difference in feel. A definite difference in braking. Overall the changes are positive. As far as battery consumption. Personally I have not noticed much change. I ride on medium mode. This doesn't mean there is not a change here. Just my observations so far. It's still very new firmware. It will be tough to accurately measure battery consumption since everything effects it. A change in wind direction and speed alone can change these results. Not to mention riding style and a boatload of other variables. In the end... Find the firmware that works for you and use it. KS gives us the ability to do this. (Thank you KS) So no real reason to get too deep into all of this, and create arguments over which one is better/worse. Just my 2 cents. Happy riding guys!!! And I hope KS keeps developing their firmware for this wheel. Options are good. Especially with a usergrouop that loves using the products so much
  5. Hi All.. I recently moved to a KS16x from an Inmotion V8.. I am not an early beginner.. but i am by no means an expert at riding.. I nervously get around NYC not so terribly on a wheel.. So i am still in the noob category for sure! So far most of what i learned translated pretty good over to the KS16x.. The one thing i am noticing that is getting me.. Is stopping.. Not only do i get wobbles when moderately braking, but i tend to not always have the best control over the wheel when i dismount. So far this hasn't been too bad.. But it is enough for me to ask and see if anyone has any tips specifically regarding the KS16x for those situations! I did search around a bit.. but was not finding too much.. Any other tips are most certainly welcome!!
  6. I do understand what you are saying for the most part, but having extra battery power is just nice to not have to think about.. Considering most of the Wheel makers start limiting speed and things at 50% or so.. Its nice to have the range. Plus having juice for safety if you have to power through something.. or get caught on a pothole is just good piece of mind. I don't really commute on my wheel.. but i went for a 17 mile joyride yesterday. I can do that on my V8.. but it would be cutting things close. All this being said.. i think the battery in this wheel should be good for most uses.. I think there is a subsect of people that would want/need the huge batteries.. but not everyone needs them.. Which is why i like when wheels have multiple options/SKUs for battery sizes!
  7. To me Range is one of the most important things.. The thing is that range and top speed both are dependent on battery. So usually with one comes another.. I know there are other elements involved.. But without the battery capacity neither range or top speed are achievable.. What makes suspension interesting.. Is it is not tied to the battery or motor capabilities of these wheels.. (other than making room for it). It really is a feature independent of the usual.. "add more/better batteries and power"
  8. Its funny. I just found myself sort of in this situation.. I had a hard time deciding if it was worth it to jump on the bleeding edge... I decided not to for now... In the thought that by the time i am ready again to purchase, there will a wider range of options for suspended wheels.. The bummer is... during this 'in between' stage.. prices are still high on the performance wheels.. So i didn't benefit from the newer wheel tech... and i didn't benefit from lower price.. Its my own fault for not having patience!
  9. While i don't disagree suspension will be a game changer... I think it will take a year or more until it gets to the point where non-suspended wheels will be considered no-good. Like anything else being implemented early on.. there will be an early adoption period, some time needed to prove the concept for all scenarios, and then time to get better implementation out there.. I just don't see people ditching their tride and true wheels all that quickly for the 2 suspended wheels that are coming soon. Especially with the economic situation the way it is right now. I am excited for these wheels and innovation in the market, but i just don't see it rendering my current gen wheels obsolete so soon. For all we know people may not like them as much as we think they will. There will always be people who want range... top speed... brand loyalists... etc.. Hopefully soon we will have most of that stuff in one package.. I just don't think it is there yet!
  10. Normally.. I would probably buy both.. heheh. With everything going on right now i am trying to be somewhat reasonable with what i spend on. I currently have a V8 which i learned on and really do enjoy the thing. I honestly don't see myself getting rid of that anytime soon. So my thought is get the bigger wheel next! The V8 is just scary to me when i hit some of the bigger bumps. Its tire is just a bit too narrow and always gets me off guard.. Luckily haven't really taken much of a spill yet.. I think i just need to get better really..
  11. I keep floating back and forth between waiting for this wheel.. and just ordering a 16x right now.. This video looks awesome, and makes my decision even tougher! I am in NYC.. Pretty much a beginner rider, the one thing that is constantly making me lose confidence in my ride is potholes.. This wheel seems like it will be the best help with that whole thing.. I was about to bite the bullet and get a 16x thinking it will be better for urban riding.. But this video just dragged me back into this wheel.
  12. I have been floating between this thread and the inmotion V11 thread.. There are tons of scattered people who are obviously just pissed off that one may be more popular than the other.. It is unfortunate to have to weed through all the BS just to get to constructive conversation about these wheels. I never understood why it matters that one person may want one product over another.. I am sure both wheels will be pretty good.. and both wheels will be far from perfect!
  13. It's funny. The first question I asked when I pre ordered.. was if I change my mind will it be a problem... And as you just said... Customer service was extremely accommodating.
  14. This is fair enough.. but just because the 18s is coming out soon.. Doesn't mean KS isn't working on wheels with better range as well.. For now if range is your thing, the X and XL wheels are where its at from KS. (or have to go with another brand) I think there is a bigger market for these midrange line of wheels than people think.. I mean look how many wheels inmotion sells.. V8f i think is selling well.. Considering it is a pretty low/mid spec wheel. the 18s sure looks a certain way, but i don't feel KS marketed it towards any specific market with it materials just yet.. The specs are the specs.. We can clearly see where the wheel is placing itself.. The price is another story.. but people will pay for what they want in the end.. Apple has kind of proved that strategy now for a while!
  15. I think anything with moving parts is going to have some noise. In offroad conditions i think noise is just a thing on any wheel.. probably a little more so with suspension wheels.. The noise wasn't all too bad in the video.. I do expect the v11 to be a little quieter due to the suspension being enclosed.. But i doubt either of these wheels will be as quiet as non-suspension wheels.. The other thing, since both of these are adjustable.. i assume you can probably adjust these to near off for a bit quieter experience when not offroad. All that being said.. i think from the limited footage of both the v11 and s18, its safe to say both models suspensions work.. I dont know where either sides "fans" have the ability to say either one looks better or worse than the other by the limited footage.. They both look to work just fine to me for a $2000 one wheeled vehicle with some shock absorption. If you want a perfect suspension you will prob need to buy a different vehicle all together.. lets keep in mind these are both the first of their kind.. Dont buy if you are looking for perfect implementation..
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