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  1. Thank you! I never mind being taught, and I didn’t know that technique to counter a wobble, I’ll try it next time I get into one! I’ll try practicing more braking technique ( at lower speeds ...) which is likely to induce wobbles.
  2. 30 psi (before), didn’t measure after the crash. I may have to send it back to eWheels as well or get the parts and fix it at home, the trolley handle came out and got bent (a common issue with the MSX/MSP line I had heard about it before). The pedals seem to be ok (not bent), but the whole case seems to be bent sideways causing the tire rub. I’ll find out more tomorrow. luckily I still have 3 working wheels to ride (but I’ll miss the MSP if I can’t fix it right away )
  3. I just crashed my MSP HS as well, lost control going fast (about 35 mph) downhill on an overpass, as I feared gaining too much speed I decided to brake but broke too hard which caused an instant severe wobble, I realized I was not going to maintain control of the wheel and while trying to brake further I let myself fall backwards on the asphalt. I was probably going around 25-30 mph when I hit the ground, I was fully padded with full protective equipment (hard toe shoes, shin pads, knee pads, upper leg, bottom and waist pads, chest, leather gloves, wrist and lower arm pads, elbow, shoulder and back pads, full face helmet) so no injuries other than very light road rash on a leg (I was wearing shorts under the padding) and on one arm. Other than that I have nothing else and no soreness of any kind, key was the fully padded under shorts that cushioned the first impact, and I think the fact that I fell in a downslope helped keeping the skidding motion longer dissipating the energy more gradually rather than a sudden stop. The wrist pads and gloves were heavily scratched and damaged, showing how much force they took. Overall It was surprisingly smooth to fall and slid down the road at that speed (for perspective I had numerous hang gliding crash landings at about the same speed and faster over my 25 years of hang-gliding, with the added vertical component..., one of which was nearly fatal with life threatening injuries, that took 2 surgeries and more than one year of physical therapy to recover) a couple of road biking crashes too so I’m no stranger to falling. . The wheel went flying and tumbling down the road, luckily didn’t hit anyone and there were no cars during the entire time even though I was sliding right in the middle of the driving lane. I was able to ride the wheel back home but the case is damaged and twisted causing a tire rub, I think it’s just the case, I did a lift speed test and the wheel seems to be spinning straight. I’ll evaluate the damage better tomorrow. I can’t overstate the importance of gearing up, I would have gotten badly injured if I wasn’t wearing full protection.
  4. Oh no, sorry to hear about the damage, but glad you are well, it’s a lot easier to heal the wheel. Validates your point about 2nd primary....You probably need a new tire/rim/pedal base set up. It’s fairly easy to replace it once you receive the new parts. My new Monster V3/100 V came with a tire/rim wobble from the beginning (no rub, but that caused an annoying riding wobble) and the dealer sent me a brand new set up (it was a lot faster than sending the wheel back to them, and I was fine replacing it myself). let us know what the damage is and when you are back on it.
  5. @Ben Hatfield thank you for your kind words regarding my post, it’s probably a side effect of my professional activity. let us know what you find range wise. I’ll do the same. thanks for sharing the 20% lift cut out speed, seems to provide us with plenty of safety margin as you say. I’ve also been trying to keep it under 25 mph when below 50%battery , but seems we can do 30 mph all the way down to the 20%.
  6. @EMAThank you so much for asking me to measure it! I had wrongly assumed that the MSP-HS was heavier than the 16X, it isn't ! (negligible difference!). Interesting how I had made a bad assumption. Here is the measured weight, I'm also sharing the Monster and the KS16X weights measured in the same scale MSP-HS: 55.0 Lbs (24.9 Kg) KS-16X: 54.3 Lbs (24.6 Kg) GW Monster V3/100V: 63.1 Lbs (28.6 Kg)
  7. Nice shroud!And great idea, I should do the same before I head out at night. Thanks for sharing! I like your terminology about a “2nd primary” wheel! In my case I feel the 16 X became the “1st Secondary wheel” , seriously, the only reason I can imagine now wanting to ride the 16X is if I need to go shopping and/or go somewhere where I have to hand walk the wheel nothing beats the Kingsong trolley handles, or if the MSP Is not charged/doesn’t work. I went out today and did a 16 mile ride in city traffic and it was pure pleasure riding essentially at the same speed or faster than City street average, this thing is truly fast, and it has such a big safety margin. 28-30 mph is my new normal comfort cruising speed,
  8. NunoF

    MSuper Pro?

    @Preston Palmer Here’s what I meant, those two black dots on each side of the handle must have rods inside that snap in place to lock the handle when fully extended. I can hear two clicks in succession just before full extension. It’s not just friction. Is yours different in your MSP?
  9. NunoF

    MSuper Pro?

    I have just posted a mini-review and range test of my new MSP High-Speed Here’s the link:
  10. NunoF

    MSuper Pro?

    Right, there is no button like in the 16X. However, the static friction to get it unstuck from fully extended is considerably higher than the static friction from intermediate positions ( at rest, not while moving it obviously), which made me think there could be some sort of spring -supported sustainer rods mechanism to lock it in place without the use of a button. You must know luggage trolly handles that work like that. Anyway, what matters practically, is that some MSP trolley handle wheels ( like mine) behave exactly as expected, they get stuck in the fully extended position, causing no trouble guiding the wheel other than that caused by the bad location of where the trolly handle is mounted.
  11. NunoF

    MSuper Pro?

    Not on my MSP, but my Monster V3/100V that I’ve just received from eWheels had considerable tire/rim runout and a big lateral wobble bringing the tire very close to the case, I didn’t ride one foot, likely would buzz. In my case they sent me a brand new tire/rim package that runs perfect.
  12. NunoF

    MSuper Pro?

    Hi Preston, I can assure you my trolly handle locks , Maybe we have a semantic misunderstanding, by “lock” I mean gets “stuck” in the fully extended position and it requires considerable force to unlock it ( or un-stuck it ...) to bring it down. There is some sort of “mechanism” that keeps it stuck in the fully extended position. Simply said , it behaves exactly as a conventional baggage trolly handle. If yours and his doesn’t, perhaps it’s not a bug, it may be a feature (lack of) of your wheel.
  13. Here is the data from my first long ride on my new MSP High-Speed from eWheels: Brief summary: out and return flat city/bike lane ride of total 34.5 miles with moderate head wind/tail winds for each half of the course. Battery went from 100%/ fully charged down to 37%. Avg speed was about 18 mph overall but I had to press hard against the wind on the first leg of the course. Riding weight 180 Lbs. Feels like I can easily get 50+ miles range out of the wheel easy. My first impressions about the wheel and riding experience: (Previous experience) - I’m a beginner, started riding in March this year, I have about 100 km on a KS14D, 700 Km on a KS16X and 200 km on a Monster V3/100V. The MSP High-Speed is my 4th wheel which I have just received. I only have 50 miles on the wheel but I already absolutely love it. After the wonderful experience on the 16X I was skeptical about finding another wheel that I would like better, the MSP high speed did it. Lift wheel cut-off at 100% battery is 61 mph (98 km/h) The wheel is very maneuverable, doesn’t feel any less maneuverable than the 16X despite the bigger tire size and the heavier weight ( bad assumption made in the original post, it’s only 0.5 Lbs heavier than the 16X, thank you to @EMA who asked me to weigh the wheel!) I think they achieved this by having the center of gravity of the wheel towards the top, making it easier to turn. We could expect this to make the wheel less stable, but that is not the case, I have experienced no wobbles of any kind, and once I had to break really hard to avoid hitting and being catapulted over a crazy bump that I just spotted a few feet before. The wheel is also very comfortable on the legs with the stock padding (Nicola pedals , flat angle - so much more comfortable than my Monster that came with the original MSPro tilted pedals). I have no experience on any of the MSX wheels or the MSP high torque to compare this one with. I feel the 16X is slightly more torquy, but it’s a very small difference, the MSP HS accelerates pretty decently. Overall I love the wheel, I would have not bought the V3/100V Monster if I had tried this wheel first (seems to give me the same range, higher top speed, amazing maneuverability and great stability) Now all the details for whoever wants them: My riding weight: 180 Lbs Course: Flat, Mixed city ride, street roads and bike lane. Out and return from Foster City to South San Francisco. Distance: Total of 34.5 Miles (55.5 Km) , 17. 2 Miles (27.2 Km) each way. Weather: 93 Deg F (34 deg C); 10-15 mph head wind on first leg, 10-15 mph tailwind on second leg Battery Start/End levels and Average/Max speeds for Legs 1 and 2 Leg 1 (moderate headwind) - 17.2 miles Leg 1 battery start level: 100% Leg 1 battery end level right at arrival: 61% Leg 1 battery end level at rest (10 minutes after arrival): 64 % Leg 1 Avg speed: 19.1 mph (30.7 km/h) Leg 1 Max speed: 27.3 mph (44 km/h) Leg 2 (Moderate Tail Wind) - 17.2 miles Leg 2 battery start level: 64% Leg 2 battery end level right at arrival: 37% Leg 2 battery end level at rest (10 minutes after arrival): 41% Leg 2 Avg speed: 17.2 mph (27.7 km/h) Leg 2 Max speed: 35 mph (56.3 km/h)
  14. NunoF

    MSuper Pro?

    Yep, sounds like a faulty handle. My new MSP handle locks fully extended
  15. NunoF

    MSuper Pro?

    I have just received one a couple of days ago, absolutely love it (my prior experience was with KS16X and Monster V3/100V). I haven't seen a good review of the HS version yet. I had originally ordered the 2500W but changed it to the 2000W/HS and I couldn't be happier. Your post is more than 2 weeks old so you probably received yours already.
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