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  1. Everybody’s experience is so different when relating to guiding the v12. I find it to be very nimble, doing on the spot spin arounds and going backwards etc. One of my best friends thinks it’s heavy and hard to maneuver, another thinks it’s super nimble. I wonder how much the tire has to do with this. I remember similar discussion with 16x. I only ever road the chao yang tire on the 16x. My v12 has the cx tire on it. Riding style and the size of the person probably makes a big difference to each persons experience.
  2. You are probably riding it on a really soft pedal mode or setting. It can be cranked up stiff, or feel like it’s always floating. Sherman dips like crazy on turns. V12 if u stiffen it up, should almost have no dip.
  3. That’s the word. I have a feeling the unit in general is waterproofed(batteries/control board etc) but the motor/bearings are maybe not up to snuff. I haven’t had an issue yet. Riding thru puddles and creeks for sh$ts and giggles isn’t bright either. Mine is always stored in a heated room, standing up with the kick stand. I know storing your unit on its side after riding in rain isn’t the best. My old ninebot wouldn’t dry out properly on its side. We will see…
  4. Torque is great. I’m not the type to floor it full out though. At almost max weight I don’t jump or slam on the gas full out, I prefer to not wipeout. I have ridden the rs and it seems comparable. The Rs performance though is pretty dang good. V12 rides a little different. I ride with almost no gear, no pads, knock on wood it’s been 10,000 km without face planting. My main reason for buying the v12 was to have more room for error, some waterproofing, and just an upgrade on my very loved 16x. V12 is just smooth.
  5. Well I’m not burning the unit up with super speed. I generally don’t go over 50km/hr often. I get about 80km range with 20% battery left on v12. On the 16x I get about 70-80km but I’m going slower average speed then I do on the v12. If I push the unit and constantly going close to 50km/hr, my range drops quite a bit. For me, at 6’2” almost 250pds, if I just cruise around at about 30-35k, I get about a km per battery percentage point. If you drive these things at 20km/hr instead of 40-50km per hr, ur range is drastically increased. Ranges tests are very subjective.
  6. What went wrong with your v12?
  7. I’ve passed 1000km on my v12. Didn’t take long. I’ve driven in rain, rode hard trails, cruised around touring vineyards, and gone grocery shopping. - range test wise, coming from a 16x, it’s very similar range. The only difference is that I’m cruising 10km/hr faster on average during my ride. - handle is ok. I prefer the 16x handle, but not much to complain about here. - touch screen is great. Seeing my speed, battery, time without pulling my phone out is fantastic. - split mode is great, but I enjoyed the ride on all the different modes. - I never messed with the pe
  8. V12 speakers are pretty good. I would give the edge to 16x though. Better bass and maybe slightly louder.
  9. Are you guys using the inmotion app for upgrades? Stupid question maybe.
  10. The alarm was not working for me on the original firmware. The updated firmware it worked.
  11. I turned the inmotion app on and it said firmware available. latest update version of the inmotion app maybe? Or maybe since mine was manually pushed for the last one, they just have it on a list or something.
  12. It appears there is a new firmware update for the v12 this morning. Don’t have a good day, have a great day!
  13. The split ride mode is available in the firmware update. My unit didn’t show any updates available, but eevees in Vancouver contacted inmotion and they manuallly pushed the update to my unit. Ive got about 500km on my v12 now, and so far so great.
  14. Another note- 16x comes with large pedals already. Don’t think the 18xl is shipping with the larger pedals. It is a comfort difference. I enjoy riding the 16x more then the 18xl, especially at slower speeds. I’m 6’2” 250. Dont ride on just one leg all the time, wrecks the inner shell over time on both units.
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