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  1. Like it or not, we are all ambassadors for the sport. I know that every time I hop on my wheel for a spin, I am encountering people who are literally seeing an EUC for the first time ever. What do you want their impression of us and the devices to be? Something they are irritated by or worse scared of or something they think is awesome that they want to learn more about? We have the power to make an advocate or an enemy out of every encounter. As a mountain biker in the 90's I saw a similar dynamic play out between bikers, hikers and equestrians. It's super important to show courtesy to everyone. Don't buzz by people, slow way down, communicate, and pass safely. I don't want speed limits, registration, or insurance requirements imposed but it's easier for governments to impose blanket restrictions on a user class instead of policing individual behavior unfortunately... if we aren't careful.
  2. 25 km/hr is slower than I can ride my bike!
  3. Yeah, I wasn't criticizing your poll. I think the 5th option for no speed limit reflects my opinion. I can't imagine buying a device limited to only 15 mph when I can easily pedal my bicycle faster without breaking a sweat!
  4. For question 4, I think it makes more sense to put the speed limit on the trail, path, or road not the EUC. In other words, I know some bike paths have a (15 mi/hr??) speed limit but that doesn't mean the EUC should be factory limited if I need to keep up with traffic on a 30 mi/hr road.
  5. Does that mean no pedal-assist ebikes as well? The no motor vehicles thing is confusing because I think many of those regulations pre-date EUCs, Ebikes and Onewheels etc. I assumed they didn't want cars, dirt bikes, ATVs and other internal combustion "vehicle" on the paths.
  6. Are EUC's not allowed in the UK? If not, I must ask why??? Probably preaching to the choir but EUCs are a quiet, non-polluting form of personal transportation that takes no parking. They are superior to the car for getting around town. I can't think of a single reason why they wouldn't be allowed?
  7. I know laws can be funny but what's the rationale for allowing Ebikes but not EUCs? They are quiet, compact, and produce no noxious pollution. Seems like the default would be to allow them everywhere as a way to displace cars when possible. I don't see any downsides.
  8. Yeah, the timing is what is sketchy for getting up curbs. I've been jumping off them, next step is to go the other way.
  9. I had a breakthrough with jumping today! I'm now able to get the tesla about 6" off the ground. Thanks to everyone for their help, the advice from @ShanesPlanet and @RockyTop really made it click for me.
  10. I've been doing this. Sometimes I take my dog for a walk at her speed which involves lots of stopping and sniffing but it's been a really good drill for me to work on my low speed control and balance work.
  11. Dude, I still remember the stupid commercials! They looked way more fun than they actually were, lol.
  12. @ShanesPlanet I do remember those pogoballs but this is quite a bit heavier at 25% of my body weight. I'll keep practicing though. Arg!
  13. I can't get my EUC off the ground. I made pads for it and I still can't manage to pull the wheel up off the ground with me. Any tips from the jumpers out there?
  14. This is great advice. I am sort of excited for her to pick it up because it's literally the only sport / activity that we can share equipment. However, I need to keep that in check and not force it.
  15. Which muscles are getting tired? You could try experimenting with small variations in stance / foot positioning on the wheel. I feel like that helps my feet. If it's calves, I think running helps. Quads / glutes... one legged body weight squats or wall squats and lunges. I do a leg resistance workout 1x per week, a core-focused session and then and run or bike 3x a week.
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