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  1. Hi Anubis, That's a fair price. Though for importing it to Denmark it will be ~+30% in taxes and toll :/ So I will have to skip. I should have been fast and found you pre-brexit
  2. Hi, I'm talking with a person right now about a sale, so I'm not looking to reduce the price. Regarding certificate, I don't have that. Maybe print from online source? I will update here whether the person I'm PM'ing with now will buy it or not
  3. Yeah, I think curb riding / stairs gets mine loose :/
  4. Hi all, I've tried searching, but I couldn't find anyone else who has mentioned this. When I ride offroad, down stairs, or a very bumpy road, the rubber thing protecting the chargeport pops off. I'm afraid this couldn't happen during rain, and the v11 could be damaged. What have you guys done to keep the protective rubber in the chargeport? Or do you just not care?
  5. Hi there, Are you still interested when I tell you cheapest postage is 170euro? (UPS 2 day delivery) So in dollars that would be: Wheel $980 Shipping: $208 Total: $1188 Shipping from Denmark > USA is apparently not exactly cheap. :/
  6. I have riding shoes with a completely flat plastic sole. I'm thinking pedals that have these "spikes" would be super uncomfortable?
  7. what. a. process. Where's the "quick-unlock" for the tire, like bikes have for the saddle Would be sweet! Thank you for making the video. Inevitably I'll have to do this
  8. [SOLD] Selling my kingsong KS18L. Bought summer 2019 from electricunicycles.eu The red / white / yellow things on picture are reflex stickers. (Can be peeled off) Drives 100% perfectly, driven a total of 3186km. I have 3D printed a mudguard that works excellent on it. I have original packaging, I can post it. 2x original chargers included. (Though the power cable for second charger is missing). Pictures: https://www.dba.dk/kingsong-ks18l-kingsong-ks/id-1073487222/ (Be sure to click "Se alle 8 billeder i fuld størelse" (website in danish)) to see all 8 pi
  9. I ended up purchasing it for 884euro. Absolute cheapest price for new 18L is 1600 euro. XL is 2200 euro. (I can buy from USA, but anything coming outside EU gets added 25% to the price. That's why they are so expensive) He is a very active member of our community here in Denmark. And posts regularly for the 11 months he has been there. I trust he values his own reputation. He has 4 wheels, and says he prefers the the ride style og MSX, and can't get used to switching between them. He said you get a "Drunk" feeling if you switch regularly between wheels, so he'd rather stick to MSX entirely.
  10. Rywokast would you be so kind as giving me an unbiased opinion? On our EUC facebook page here in Denmark, a guy is selling a Kingsong KS18L. He is second owner, driven himself 100km. Ha has receipt, new price is 1,796euro, bought summer last year. It has total mileage 796km. He has two chargers. He will sell it to me for 940euro. He replaced trolley, and bought second charger so it can fast charge. Is this a good price? Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/pu4QeRa
  11. Hey Siggy, can I ask what you ended selling this for? I'm trying to determine the secondhand price for the KS18L
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