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  1. Thanks for the clarification. It worked! Much appreciated.
  2. Thanks but I don’t think kingsong music is available. I was hoping for an alternative.
  3. I’ve been using the DarknessBot App when riding my KS 16x, but I have no idea how to Bluetooth my music through the EUC. Any tips would be appreciated.
  4. I recently got my first EUC, a Kingsong 16X. I figured it out relatively quick and started riding public roadways. More recently I’ve been tackling some steep hills in my area and I noticed the temperature going up to about 110 Fahrenheit. Unfortunately the DarknessBot app doesn’t have a red line to let you know if the tempers is redlining. How hot is too hot? Is it model specific or do most run well up to a certain temperature.
  5. I didn’t find “service” in the menu but your tip caused me to search the app and I found it in “alarms”. That solved the problem. Thank you!
  6. I’m having issues with DarknessBot on my iPhone 7. Whenever I open the app and ride my Kingsong 16x, the iPhone vibrates non-stop. I’m not sure if it’s the app or if it’s some kind of issue with the phone. Any thoughts?
  7. The beeps (and glowing light) didn’t happen until 20 minutes after I had already unplugged. Nevertheless, you were right. I turned it on and then powered off. It fixed the problem. Much appreciated!
  8. Charged my KS 16x to 100% and then pulled the charger off. An hour later it beeped twice and now there’s a glowing red light inside the top right part of the case. What is that? also, I turned on the DarknessBot app during my ride today and the whole time I was riding the wheel, my iPhone 7 Plus was vibrating. I finally had to close the app. Any thoughts about that?
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