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  1. New custom battery with bms is 115eur, this EUC I get for 40 euros. I have new EUC, but in quarantine time I try repair it, like museum value with interesting design.
  2. Hi, I get Firewheel F260 in good looking condition, but with burned BMS and damaged battery. After disassembling I found, that IP parameters there is around 0/0, dust and water from wheel is welcome to mainboard and battery. I make isolation, order custom new battery with LG 3,2AH cells, battery capacity I hope will be bigger up to 50percent. But I have question: its possible to get spare parts in future for this EUC? Is there anyone still use this EUC? https://ibb.co/sQq8kjg https://ibb.co/vm40w5v https://ibb.co/yd2KB56 Robertas
  3. Right decision on the choice of wheel, next time you would get cheaper from a warehouse in Lithuania in 5 days. inmotion.lt
  4. Hello, I cant find video on youtube about it. Can anybody help me?
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