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  1. As I did not find any info regarding this before I posted my problem, I think, it is user-friendly enough - it was just simply me
  2. @december11, I AM SO SO SORRY! I just came back from a short trip today and had the same idea. Up to now I thought the blue button is for replay only -> I expected that GPS is always being recorded! But today I thought about this again, hit the blue button before I went on my trip and BOOM! GPS data has been recorded. GRRREAT As I said in the very very beginning of this talk, I AM TOO STUPID ! I am really sorry to have bothered you with my stupidity! Keep up the great work and many thanks for your patience !
  3. @Ilya Shkolnik, reinstalling didn't change anything. Perhaps I am doing something wrong. I will describe my workflow and maybe you see my mistake: Beginning of trip: turn wheel on open DarknessBot, connect to wheel -> wheel is beeping, everythings fine change to Amazon Prime music app and start music ride some miles Back at home stop music in Amazon app change to DarknessBot and disconnect wheel in app turn off wheel go to trips, tap on "current trip" -> chart is shown with a blue dot in the middle, below is trips detail tap on the butten in the upper right corner save file to Dropbox What makes me think is the fact that I can't set DarknessBot' usage of location services to "Always" but only to "While using app". Could it be that GPS isn't recorded because I changed to the music app? Another possible issue: When I hit "AR" in charts view, I get a message "Warning: Required sensor failed"
  4. @Ilya Shkolnik, I reinstalled the app and restored my purchases. Will see if that helps later...
  5. @Ilya Shkolnik, just tried reconnecting to the wheel. Results: - old trip stopped, new trip created, trip duration count correct <- Ok, I understand that now. - all GPS data lost: if I tap on the trip it does not change to the detail view so that I can replay the trip as before - if I hit the export button on the upper right, I only get CSV with system data, no GPS But GPS must have been there, as I could replay the trip. I tried it just before I reconnected to the wheel a few minutes ago. Is it possible that I can repair the whole thing by deleting and reinstalling the app?
  6. Trip removing works for old trips. Not current trip. Current trip says "Duration 19:02:24" <- that is definitely wrong! I was on the road for about 1 and a half hour. It doesn't stop counting. Sharing only sends CSV file with system data, no GPX data for the CURRENT trip. To make it clear: how to stop the current trip and send the complete data? I am definitely unable to do this at the moment. Sorry for being so persistent, but it simply does not work as expected or as you describe.
  7. I have no edit button in the trips list and swiping has no effect. I bought the premium version, so every in-app is activated, I verified this just a second ago. When I go to the current trip I can press the round play button in the lower middle and it starts running the trip, but there is no export option whatsoever. The only thing I have is a send button in the upper right corner which sends a CSV with Speed, Date, Voltage, etc., no GPX export.
  8. @december11 Thank, but I think I was not clear enough on this... To make it a bit clearer: what I meant to say was, my trip seemed to have been much longer (at least from what DarknessBot was reporting) than it actually was. DarknessBot started to count hours and minutes the moment I connected to the wheel at this day, but it didn't end when I disconnected from the wheel when I was back home (= end of trip). So DarknessBot was adding time to the trip even though I was not riding or even connected at all. And resetting was even worse: it wiped out all of my riding data from the same day. There should clearly be some kind of button to say "Start trip now" and "End trip now" (and perhaps a delete function for unwanted trips). Additionally it would be nice if there is not only a way of exporting the data log, but also a GPS track log. When I exported the data the first time I was searching for GPS data to import it into another app for post processing, but sadly there wasn't any GPS data. But there must be any saved data, because I am somehow able to replay something in the chart view. But enough with all this kind of criticism :-) - for what it is, it is a wonderful software with potential to grow ;-) Keep up the good work!
  9. @december11 I understand! I won't remove the beeping device and accept that :-) One last question: I don't quite understand the trips thing. It seemed to have started once the connection to the wheel was establushed. I went about 20km in 1h30m. Everything seemed to be fine. Then back home and somewhat later I reopened the app and the trip seemed to be running still -> it told me, the trip was about 3h:30m hours. Ha? I was at home 2h and the wheel was disconnected. Did search for a "Stop trip" button but didn't find any. So I thought I have to reset the trip to stop counting -> hit the speed gauge, hir "Reset" -> now the whole data from the beginning of the day is gone. Sorry, I know, it's me. I am totally too stupid, but what am I understanding wrong here?
  10. Hey @december11! Many many thanks for your fast and detailed answer to my question! Your solution regarding iCloud has worked perfectly :-) - profile data is showing and chart data also! That is soooo nice! Perhaps the app should show a user message with a short information about iCloud setup during first start... Regarding the beeps: no, it is not never-ending :-) - I get beeps during connect (I am totally fine with that), but also when I i.e. turn the light on/off, change LED modes, ride mode settings, blabla... trying out every setting, seeing what it does and getting all this beeping everytime I hit a button is kind of annoying, that's all ;-)
  11. Hi! At first, many thanks for your hard work! Got my KS18L today and your app was the go-to solution. But, as any newbie, I have questions: - When I go to the profile tab, I only get "Error loading data" with "Try again" button. What does that mean? Is this expected behaviour? - Is it somehow possible to disable the beep sound the KS18L screams at me every time I execute a function :-)? I hope this has not been answered before, but it is really hard to find a certain answer throughout 51 pages of messages :-)... Regards, Holger
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