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  1. @rdogus You said, you are learning for 5 days, so take your time :-) - mounting can take some time until you feel comfortable. Just keep practicing and regarding @mrelwood's video, especially practice one-foot control, (see video beginning at 6:20). And have in mind that you have two different ways to get on your wheel: a) one foot on the first plate, hop on with second foot while the wheel isn't moving and start going forward directly after - needs a bit more body balance right from the start or b) start rolling forward slowly with one foot and then step on the second paddle, like riding a skateboard - needs a bit more stable foot and leg control. Just give both methods a try and choose what's working best. In the end you will be able to do both even without thinking :-) ym2c...
  2. 1) I saw a bunch of videos over the last couple of years with people riding EUCs and was very interested but always thought I would not be able to learn riding them, because of my non-existing body balance - then I saw a video of @Mike Sacristan teaching a friend how to ride and I thought I should try it regardless of my concerns. So I bought an Airwheel X8 as learning wheel and started practicing. A bit later I bought my KS18L :-) 2) A girlfriend of mine was interested in trying to ride and I practiced with her using my old X8. She was verrrry good and only needed about an hour. Being used to do artistic cycling a few years ago helped a lot, her body still knew what to do. As said, about one hour later she took a ride around the block with me. She won't buy a wheel I guess, but she likes to go on a short trip every now and then :-)
  3. @Rehab1, yes, it is sad. I was extremely good at playing the piano and because my aunt was a professional musician my parents thought that I might become a professional, too. So my mother disallowed anything that could lead to a broken arm, hand, whatever... That's the plan , I just bought a pair of inline skates, because I thought, if I can ride a EUC I can master those, too
  4. Funny, many of you seem to start to learn pendulums before going backwards. For me it was easier to start pendulums after learning to ride backwards. The biggest problem wasn't to go backwards per se, but to stop and get it going forwards again. I was used to drive in hard mode on my KS18L, but the pedals where simply too stiff. Then I changed to medium mode and that changed everything. From there it was much easier to do pendulums. I had the chance to try out a Inmotion V10F the other day and although I did not like the pedal behaviour during a normal ride, as they seemed to massively tilt back and forth during direction change, it made it verrry easy to do pendulums. So, if your wheel has different riding modes aka pedal stiffnesses, try a softer one, it might help.
  5. BTW, the KS18(X)L is really easy to disassemble. Just open the two side panels and have a look at the lift sensors. Maybe the screws holding them in place did come loose a bit. It should be really easy to fix this issue.
  6. About a month practicing every other day for about 15-20 mins. until the first very shaky curve, because I am very bad at learning anything body balance related. As a kid I wasn't allowed to learn anything in this regard, like inline skating, ski, snowboard, ice skating, whatever. So my brain was absolutely not used to handle things like that After that, I pushed myself every day a bit further and especially searched for uneven roads and light trails to force myself to learn quicker. I bought my shiny KS18L, tried to drive as much as I could and began to start practicing backwards riding at the beginning of the fourth month to push me again. At first it felt like I could never learn backwards, but in the end it was the same thing I thought going forwards a few months before :D, and now I can do both without any problems. Far from being perfect I feel really safe and comfortable now. Never started anything before that I love so much :-)!
  7. I am addicted to Fusion 360 for design and Simplify3D as slicer. For me it is an unbeatable combination. One might say that S3D is a little outdated in some areas (profile management, printer management, etc.), but the slicing results are just excellent, imho... Regarding PETG and speed: it is mostly about retraction speed, amount, coasting and temperature - play with it in steps of 5 degrees. If you have a bowden extruder, a really good tube (like the blue Capricorn tube) can significantly improve printing performance, too.
  8. Just for the record: I found another really good tire for my wheel: the Chao Yang H-5146 It's characteristics are absolutely on par with the CST C1488, if not even a bit better. Really great control and smooth behaviour, on normal streets and "in the woods". Yes, I know, it is mentioned already in other threads as a really good one, but you never know if you don't try it yourself
  9. just wanted to say that I feel exactly the same! As long as it works perfectly well for me, there's no need to change anything. I am a technician and changing firmwares back and forth has not failed only once during the last years, at least in my experience ...
  10. Yes, I understand what you mean! As street tire it felt quite good. I'd also say it was grippy and stable on ordinary streets. But if you are used to go offroad like me, need really tight turns and very slow riding, this tire can't keep up with the C1488 in terms of control. Go out, find a decent offroad trail, compare them both and you will find out :-)
  11. FWIW, I changed back to my old 1488 tire and everything is fine again. I found a shop on aliexpress who is able to sell this tire. Just ask them for the specific tire type, they have been very helpful and fast. Did order yesterday and the tires are shipped already. Link to the shop (I hope it is ok to post it here): SEE bike
  12. I did thoroughly test the tire on all of the trails I really love today and can say - I HATE THAT TIRE! At first, I lowered the pressure slightly (about 37 psi, as I am used to with the other tire) but that led to some kind of a wobbly sponge-like effect. I then tried different ways to stand on the pedals, wider, narrower, more knee, less knee, more locking of the wheel to my legs, less locking... blablabla and things like that but it is absolutely not as controllable as the 1488, at least for me. I fell two times offroad only because I wasn't expecting that kind of behaviour - nothing happened, I only got more and more angry about it. The best thing was a BMX parcours I am used to have some fun with... pah, couldn't even stand the first few ground waves, because I got frightened... Conclusion: Tomorrow I change back to my old tire, even if it has a small bump on the side which limits my top speed! No single km with this tire again
  13. Maybe! The tire is rated from 40 to 50 psi. The C-1488 is 35 to 45 and I prefered about 35-37. But I don't know of lowering the pressure can result in another unwanted effect I don't know yet. Perhaps I just try. Additionally, I will try to get another C-1488 somehow, even if it is close to impossible in Europe atm. EDIT: Additionally, @mrelwood seem to have experienced nearly the same: I have already tried to contact as much seller as I can find who might be shipping to Germany to get my old tire type back. I think I will not be able to get the same level of riding back with the 1737 the way I had with the 1488.
  14. Hi folks! Today I had to change the tire because the one that came with my KS18L had a small production fault - some kind of sideway "bump" - which led to a wobbleish effect. At first I thought it was me, but it was definitely the tire after I caught the bump on camera. @1RadWerkstatt was very helpful and sent me a replacement tire, same brand, but different type. (Many thanks for that, Chris!) And the new one is the anti-puncture type, so hey, not only a replacement but an upgrade! Even better! Everything worked fine so far... at least as long as I went on my first test ride - MAN! It is a totally different feeling, especially while turning! With my old tire (C-1488) turning felt smooth and very controllable. Now, with the new one (C-1737) it feels like that I only have to THINK about turning and the wheel falls to the side - nearly got caught by a fence I am used to fly around . Also, I was able to turn around in really small circles, but now it felt that I needed room like a car to fully turn around while already scraping the pedals on the ground - I simply wasn't able to control the angle the way I am used to... Maybe it is just necessary to practice it with the new tire again, but it is astounding, at least for me. I read that the CST 1488 might be a bit softer, which might explain why turns had been so much more controllable and easy. I hope that I will get back the level of control I had. BTW: the only shop I know of that sells the C-1488 is eWheels, didn't find it on aliexpress or elsewhere. Does anybody know if they ship overseas? They don't ship overseas, sadly Thought I'd share this... so guys, if you want a really new feeling while riding your "old" wheel, don't buy a new wheel, just buy a new and different tire I bet you gotta re-learn driving at least a bit! Regards Holger
  15. To quote myself... I really couldn't resist to just practice a little bit a day, too tempting to simply not practice at all and what can I say? I think I solved the Gordian knot in my head. Today I drove my first 20m a couple of times backwards and did not feel uncomfortable! I LOVE IT! I will definitely go on trying and trying and tryi... :-) Just a quick tip: try to outsmart your brain! Sounds difficult, is easy! While going backwards try to focus on something completely different. Example: I am practicing on a small dirty road with little to no traffic, but some nice wooden gates to the fields. So what I do is, I look for a nice gate, drive up to it, stop and reverse, and the moment I begin to go backwards I start counting the holes in the gate LOUDLY! Sounds totally silly (and people may think you're nuts) but it is enough to refocus. Your brain simply hasn't enough time/power to count, speak AND think about what could go wrong driving backwards :-) - this won't work for everybody for sure, but for me it was great. Today was the first day I didn't had to do this, but could watch the amazing sunset, so it's really only a matter of time and perseverance. Conclusion, to everyone out there who is beginning to fall into despair over this backwards disaster: practice, practice, practice - there is a light at the end of the tunnel (and it's not a train )
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