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  1. Hey guy just wanted to give a updated I just finished installing the 2.5 inch on my Tesla v2 . I didn’t think it was gonna be but the hardest part was removing the old tire from the rim, I think that took me longer than putting it back together. I rode it for like 2 mins out side and it does rub alittle bit I have the psi at 40 and I weight 240. I’m hoping I get the same results as alcatraz and the sound goes away. If it doesn’t I also have a 2.25inch tire I will put on. Any ways I feel like its soooo much easier to balance on this tire definitely a upgrade.
  2. Alcatraz do you think it will not clear if I use a 2.5 innertube?
  3. I found it, ebay seller Himm6776 has it. His ebay says its out of stock but send him a message. And ask him for Cst-c-1488 62-305. He has it I ordered mine yesterday
  4. Alcatraz could you give me the link for the cst-c-1488. I cant find it anywhere
  5. Alcatraz thank you for this . Im going to try it out
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