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  1. Hi Cserna thanks for your message I just reply to your email, i did ask already to the factory the manuel the English or Spanish, let me get back to you very soon. Thanks
  2. KS 14-C is just the best motor on a 14 inch , there is no other EUC can beet it today in 14 inch , very close to the GW18, the 14 is just soo urban , so small !! ... !!! i love my KS
  3. KS 18A 500W should not go over 30 km/h from informations we got, they don't have the tilt back too KS 800W not over 35 km/h, Personally i reduce to 31 km/h max on the 800W
  4. I believe motherboard have been retouch from informations i got
  5. KS 18-A become CE, FCC, MSDS, that 's great new for all of us !! the better one is the model 1100W / 3500W peak wth a 1360wh. can't wait to receive it
  6. Hi Rim, The B have a 500W/ 2000W motor with a 174wh batterie ( you can easily take ofF battery and replace with a new one ) that's the cheapest one The C right now have 800W/3000W motor with a battery from 340Wh to 680Wh , you can not take it out by yourself You battery will go for years if no problem, they is not need to change them normally
  7. I got this information in Bar .... 3 to 3.5 max
  8. We got the information of November 15th but i feel it will take longer
  9. Whose next ? http://www.wepix.net/upload/xegaPu8R/ks-16
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