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  1. Quick update; Thanks to @Goodman I am now an owner of a V8. Special thanks to @E-RIDERZ for taking the time to answer all my queries. I'm still interested in the Mten3 btw :V Took out the V8 tonight after grabbing it from @Goodman, determined to get going I took it to a local oval. Needless to say the wheel behaves exactly how I pictured it would. Wet grass and almost next to no light but managed to get going in just under 20 minutes, doing laps around the oval, practising mounting/dismounting and braking. Few more sessions and I should be able to take in on the first work commute. P.S. I see what you meant about the speed warning, doesn't take a lot to get there
  2. Thanks Steve, I'll be sure to keep an eye on the site. In the meantime I've sent you a quick email about the 2nd stuff. Keen to explore the option from @Goodman as well.
  3. We're on fire here! Steve should just add a 2nd hand section to his site ... I'll take my 10% commission for the idea now thanks :V I think the Mten just makes a lot of sense, especially just commuting around the CBD. I have no frame of reference but a 10" wheel can't be that bad right?
  4. Hey Steve, Interesting development that's for sure. Regarding the Mten3, your site still has the '2019 Model' listed in the description and the product pic doesn't appear to have the button either. Probably where I got slightly confused, the item is also listed as 'available for backorder' :| In any case, I'd love to hear from those owners for sure. Always nice to have some options. I don't know why but I keep going back to the Mten3, something about it just seems so right but without jumping on one hard to tell if it will fit my commute.
  5. Ha! Fair enough. I guess we’ll see, based on my somewhat limited time searching it’s obviously a bit of a niche market. I’m guessing things will improve somewhat if these things ever become legal. I think I read something about an e-scooter trial in Manly which is a move in the right direction. You got a Z10 right? How’s that treating you?
  6. Awesome! Sending a PM now Hey Hey! Not trying to poach my wheel are ya?!? :V
  7. I could, but; Just because I have the budget doesn't mean I have to spend all my money on a new wheel and, I'm more than likely to drop it multiple times in the process of learning etc It just seems like a bit of a waste :/ I'm hoping that someone might be parting with their pre-loved wheel before sinking more on a 'bigger' one, best of both. Also, had the pleasure to chat with Stephen @E-RIDERZ and would have no issues with getting one from him. That might end up happening anyway. Seems like he doesn't have the 2020 Mten3 (extra button?) or the V8F yet. If buying new I'd probably aim for those. -R
  8. Hey fellow EUC riders, Looking for my first wheel; I have my eye on the following but would consider others; Mten3 MCM5 V8 Would only use the wheel on short 1.5KM bursts to and from public transport on my morning commute. At least that's the idea, I have a feeling this will escalate quickly into another hobby Any wheel considered assuming it is somewhat bus/train friendly, would also consider shipping to Sydney. Cheers, -Rad
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