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  1. Definitely stick with the nik. I got mine a little over a month ago and must admit it threw me for a loop but i had some great advice and stuck with it... of all my wheels it the one that i have grown to love most from genuinely not feeling it at all bordering on it scaring the sh1t out of me on the first few days. Its a wheel you need to make adjustments for and experiment. Stagger your feet like many have said but try different amounts what works for one doesnt for another. Without realising i started to engage a very slight turn/carve during heavy braking. Grip the wheel more during the bra
  2. I must admit my 80% alarm kicks in earlier compared to battery% than it does on my other wheels. I think you have to remember that due to the form factor of the wheel it takes very little effort from the rider to ask a lot of the wheel. For me it is likely to complain pushing fairly hard going up hill anywhere from 35-40%battery and below. I have the 512/84v
  3. I recently saw a guy selling a wheel that came with a hard shell peli case for the wheel. I wonder if you guys in hot climates could use this option when leaving in a car? They are kind of insulated when closed. Could maybe combine with a small cool pack beneath the wheel. Or just get a big cool bag...yeah probably easier. Condensation could be interesting..
  4. Oh right ok this is great news. I think that ousting a few wheels to the garage will go along way. I can only ride one at a time after all. My garage doesnt tend to get too cold anyway due to the boiler being in there. Will be fine at this time of year anyway but winters in the uk are fairly relentlessly grim. Not uper cold but plenty cold enough that it worried me. Thanks for the advice guys.
  5. Hi all. My partner is strongly considering my murder currently. Why you ask? I like im sure many others here have commandeered the hallway,cupboards, corner of the kitchen every nook and cranny of the house homing multiple euc's, onewheels, and whatever other rubbish (her words not mine 😂) i collect. The garage surely cant be an option for fear of wrecking my batteries or am i being overly cautious. Would love to hear what clever options people are using to not make their home look like a wheel showroom.
  6. See ed 209 (advert above yours) best value wheel you could dare wish for
  7. Bump bump. Still on the lookout thanks. Any larger design of gotway pedal ideally acm or nik but open to options.
  8. Hi not 100% sure which pedals you have. Are you referring to the very small gotway pedals with rubber inserts? They are the ones i have currently that i would like to replace with larger. Thanks
  9. Hi. Currently on the hunt for some gotway acm/nikola/msx pedals and pins etc to mount them to my Mten 3 84v. Open to most options new used whatever really if the price is ok. Im based in nottinghamshire uk. Ideally price will include posting to me and i can do paypal etc. Let me know what you have available even if they arent pretty thanks
  10. Great advice guys. Now to try and find some pedals. Easier said than done it seems. Been looking all over the usual spots. Ali express and google translate seem to be in order.
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys. Mine came direct with the super small factory standard pedals. I think many resellers swap them automatically to acm as a min. Super tempted by the nik pedals now. As long as they arent constantly scraping they could be lovely. Thanks for the feedback.
  12. Hi all. I have been looking in to pedal options for my mTen3. Fairly happy that i can fit any gotway pedal. I can see a few peoples individual opinions here but not much comparrison. Just wondering if theres a general consensus of what the best possible pedal option really is. The tiny standard ones hurt my feet real quick. Would I be right in saying ACM 2 pedals are the best all round or is there something better. Love the pedals on my Nik plus but fear they may be a tad too big? Any thoughts. Thanks everyone.
  13. Definitely the facebook groups are the way to go. Lots of people looking for that spec. May be a little optimistic on price though. My background is one wheel and a guy was asking what his was worth similar to yours. Came in a little less. But run it and see what happens. Might be someone local wants an easy buy
  14. Hi just wondering if anyone has bought a used wheel in the uk and sent a courrier to collect it for you? If so could I get a recommendation and an idea of price (wouod be moved south east to midlands) cheers.
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