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  1. I agree. If the suspension is that big of a game changer this could be a good deal. We'll see what KS comes out with this week though. Exciting times for new EUCs.
  2. Did a lot of grass/dirt riding and feel much better on concrete because of it. Definitely want to hit easy MTN bike trails in a few weeks
  3. This so-called article is like "what not to do when writing an EUC article".
  4. https://activexsports.com/electric-unicycles/ I literally can't even...
  5. After a lot of successive bumps/hits if the suspension gets out of sync you can have a dangerous pogo effect. Sorta like a tank slapper on a bike. If they designed it for off-road then I'm sure they took this into consideration. That being said no suspension setup is ever perfect.
  6. Dang going up the curb looked pretty effortless there. I wonder how quickly the suspension rebounds after the initial damping.
  7. Looks interesting. I will have to see reviews for sure. The suspension is exciting. I don't mind the design but still think the MSX and Z10 are the best looking wheels.
  8. Just ordered a new Pebble Time for $60 shipped. Will report back here after I set it up.
  9. Holy responses Batman! Haha thanks everyone I really appreciate chiming in on my new thread. I do realize I'm contributing to the problem of thread black holes. Looks like the Pebble is the way to go for cheap easy solution. Off to eBay! Thanks for all the knowledge. This forum and community rocks.
  10. Hey riders. I know there are a lot of threads on this but I was hoping to get a few specific opinions from y'all and not wade through a bunch of threads. While learning to ride the biggest need I have is to be able to check speed, battery, change songs, and read time quickly and safely. The phone is not safe for me and takes concentration off the road for too long. I just downloaded the EUC World app. I have an older Motorola Z2 Play (planning to upgrade to S10 later this year) Looking to get a decent and cheaper <$200 smartwatch with EUC World connectivity. I'd prefer a more active style. No metal bands for me. Anyone have a watch they love or at least one that gets the job done for less than $200? Samsung, FItBit, etc. Cheers everyone and stay safe during this crazy time!
  11. My practice ride today. Smoothest I've ever been. Good transitions and riding across bumpy grass fields, dirt paths and low speed turns. Felt more comfortable than ever. Good stuff. I feel like every day I get back on the wheel I'm way better. Fun progression!
  12. I'm 6' 1" and weigh 215 lbs. I got the F to haul my big frame around. I'll do more grass work today. The pedals are definitely getting pretty scarred from concrete fails.
  13. I believe the initial production run had these issues. I don't remember the affected serial number prefix. I researched this a bit before buying my V10F. If it's a new V10 from the latest runs you should be fine.
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