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  1. Thank you. @Jason McNeil has been very responsive and has replacement Monster motors on the way (clearing customs). Marty, I appreciate the perspective on failure percentages. I expect reliability will improve markedly as the technology matures. Thank you also all the evangelizing you do for the EUC community. Jason is taking care of me. I've been very impressed with his service to date. He is clearly very passionate about wheels.
  2. Do you have any suggestions on how to definitively diagnose? Am I correct that this is part of the motor unit? Is it user replaceable or does it require a new motor?
  3. While I've never fully incorporated EUC into flying, I use a KS 14C to transport my paramotoring gear (paragliding with a 2-stroke backpack propeller) to launch locations when not directly accessible by car. Both sports are similar in many ways and provide a radical sense of exposed freedom. Here is a video I shot on a glassy still day that captures the awesome adventure I experience in both paramotoring and EUC:
  4. I think I've just experienced the oscillation symptoms on a Monster obtained last week from @Jason McNeil's June 14 import batch. On two occasions at speeds around 10-15mph I experienced violent front to back oscillations. The first time was on level ground transitioning from road to sidewalk when it oscillated for perhaps a second then cut out. I was able to run it out with only cosmetic damage to the wheel (I had it heavily wrapped in bumper tape). I’ve a few thousand miles of EUC experience having commuted daily for two years on a KS 14C, but am new to the Monster and had some concern that I maybe just didn’t know how to handle it. I had on heavy armor and a full face helmet (GIRO Switchblade MIPS which is great for EUC), so decided to persevere. I went a few miles further and experienced another bout of violent oscillation, this time when transitioning from asphalt to gravel. I jumped off and ran it out. On this second occasion the Monster either didn’t cut out or quickly recovered because it performed some crazy gymnastics, ultimately landing heavily on the handle and breaking the screw holders along the top between the lights front and back lights. Both circumstances were eerily similar to Marty’s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7KVjCGJLFs. In both I was transitioning from one surface to another with a small dip (nothing that would remotely challenge the 14C). Unfortunately I didn't get video of either oscillation and following the second crash, the Monster is in a constant state of oscillation whenever turned on. I presume this was due to some physical damage during the second crash. I watched Speedy Feet’s teardown (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5hproEmiO4) and opened the side panels to investigate. See this video for the oscillation symptoms: A few times I went to turn it on I also got two quick beeps when turned on, followed by four beeps where the wheel did not balance itself (didn’t get video of this and was unable to later replicate). In either case, the lights turn on and I’m able to connect the app. Nothing appears damaged internally other than the screw holders connecting the case at the top, most of which sheared off. I pushed down on all the board connectors and unplugged and reconnected all the battery cables. There was a faint burnt odor when I initially opened the case, but nothing appears obviously blown. I've reached out to Jason for support (I'm so glad I ordered from him rather than direct from Gotway!) but figured I would post here to let people know at least one Monster is exhibiting the same symptoms. I'm curious to know if anyone has any idea might be going on with the oscillation spasms following the second crash. For reference: Serial: 170512019 Motor code: 170305816HB