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  1. On 15/12/2017 at 4:35 PM, Joff said:

    I recently purchased a used IPS 122 on ebay.  I have several Electric unicycles already (including a kingsong 18) but I figured for $ 227, why not?  I really don't like the feel of it. It tilts forward a lot on acceleration.  I feel like I am going up on my tippy toes to stay on. On bumpy ground, it can tilt so far forward that the front edge of the plastic fender catches on the ground and I have to hop off!  On slowing down it, it tilts back. I don't mind having tilt back at high speed to keep me from going too fast,  but I really don't want all this tilting back and forth at low speed. Is there any benefit to it? It does not have bluetooth. Can the motherboard be swapped with one that does have bluetooth, and if it can, would I be able to adjust the ride feel as I can on my Kingsong?

    I've bought IPS121 with same characteristics as your two years ago. I have your same problems. It's uncomfortable to use. Tiltback is too pronunciated, and get worse when battery is under 50% or similar. Also mine does not have BT and has 19kmh limit. And no way to change mainboard with same model doing 30kmh and BT. But going 19kmh on this wheel is quite painful. If you search, I wrote some messages about two years ago. Also I posted the procedure to calibrate the wheel. You could set some degrees forward to have lesser tiltback when you go at about 15 kmh. Anyway 227$ is also OK, it's a robust wheel, but I paid it 780€ two years ago, and it was not the latest wheel on market.

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  2. Ciao piacere,

    ieri abbiamo organizzato un raduno del nostro gruppo Whatsapp, insieme ad un altro gruppo ed eravamo in venti. Ogni mese circa organizziamo un ritrovo e ci facciamo qualche giro, con pranzo incluso. Penso che il 99% delle persone abbia imparato da soli, è tutto sommato semplice partire e divertirsi. In gruppo però è una occasione per imparare a fare cose nuove o anche scambiarsi le ruote per capire le differenze tra i modelli. Benvenuta

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  3. 1 hour ago, Barone Cornadure said:

    Ma poi, compratelo in ogni caso !

    È troooppo divertente !

    Se sei di Milano,

    ogni mese organizziamo un raduno in cui facciamo un bel giro, con pranzo incluso.

    E ogni tanto ci facciamo anche il giro di notte.


  4. Hello,

    I was watching a friend replacing a Tesla mainboard.

    I saw only three wires coming out from motor and connected to the mainboard wires. So I think they are 3 phase power wires.

    I expected also Hall sensors wires coming out from the motor, but we haven't seen them.

    Is Tesla or other GW products using only F.O.C. (Field Oriented Control), so no need for other wires ?



  5. Ciao a tutti,

    qui a Milano ci siamo fatti prendere la mano e stiamo organizzando un nuovo raduno a gennaio con date possibili dal 13 al 28 (sabato o domenica).

    Se qualcuno fosse interessato a partecipare mi scriva in privato il numero di cellulare da aggiungere al gruppo Whatsapp.


  6. On 6/12/2017 at 9:19 AM, fabio70mi said:


    stiamo organizzando il raduno EUC di Milano l'8 dicembre con ritrovo sotto l'albero del Duomo alle 12.30.



    oggi eravamo in 11 al raduno a Milano.

    Incontro sotto albero di piazza del Duomo, giretto verso corso Garibaldi, pranzo alla Carlsberg, giretto in Gae Aulenti, palazzo della regione, Chinatown, Citylife, Milan point e Portello. Di tanto in tanto perdendo qualcuno.

    E' stata una giornata TOP ! La stessa gioia dei bambini che vanno a giocare al parchetto con nuovi amici.
    Assolutamente da ripetere.

    Ho creato una pagina FB per trovare nuove persone interessate a trovarsi a Milano per fare nuovi giri insieme.


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  7. Could it be one of many permanent magnets is detached from wheel and is moving a little inside its position ?

    Is it easy to open the motor ? Do I need special tools ?

    Anyway, I need to record a video and post here.


  8. I think it happens also at constant speed.

    Cornering doesn't matter.

    I promised to me to record this noise with mobile, but didn't so far.

    Last time I was out with  @Moltimondi and other friends and they were wondering about that clank noise

  9. Hi,

    on my 20 months old IPS121 I hear some clank noise.

    It happened sometimes, but now it's happening often and louder,

    Noise seems not related to wheel rotation, like valve stem hitting chassis.

    It sounds a bit like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85xpFryaVlY (not mine) when changing direction, but it happens to me when riding straight on.



    What could be ?

    I would like to open and find, but, I have not mechanical skills, lot of pieces are fixed with some glue to avoid vibrations, and don't want to spoil battery,

    so I'm a bit scared. Battery still last about 30km.

    I'm riding not to full speed, because I'm scared the wheel hangs bringing me to face off.


  10. Ciao,

    stiamo organizzando un ritrovo a Milano per venerdi 6 ottobre del gruppo Whatsapp Ninebot. Non so che gente sia, perché è la prima volta che mi aggrego :-)

    Si pensava di trovarci in zona Gae Aulenti verso le 18.30 e andare a cena alla Carlsberg verso le 20.30

    Se qualcuno fosse interessato ad aggregarsi lo faccia sapere. Penso di prenotare il locale per giovedi sera.