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  1. I know the latest batch that hit US shores about a month ago SUPPOSEDLY fixes a lot of issues with the first batch. However, I haven't seen almost anyone talking about it to confirm whether that's the case or not. I really want an S18 but I don't want a shitty half-assed one. I'm hoping some brave soul will speak up about the latest batch at some point here...
  2. Other have addressed your other questions. Wobble is a weird one because there are sometimes reasons for it like a misaligned or defective tire... but sometimes its just the rider, like it is with me. On my Nikola, I used to get wobbles at 18mph 100% of the time. Then as I rode more, got more comfortable on the wheel, and built more muscles, the speed at which I started to wobble increased. Then, as I started getting tired at the end of my ride, the wobbles would return at lower speeds. It was all me and my physical fitness (or lack thereof). Since you're a new rider, I suspect it's
  3. Is this from the NEW batch that just arrived in the US about a week ago? They were supposed to have fixed all this QC shit when they delayed the batch by a few months. What the hell were they doing if not actually QCing?
  4. Awesome that's great to hear! Thanks for letting us know. We have a small sample size for now, but I really hope they've fixed the issues they were having, as it seems they have.
  5. Thanks! Sounds like the suspension is working for you. Could you possibly post a picture of the wheel from the side? I'm curious if they're still using that big washer that supposedly binds the suspension.
  6. So eWheels finally has the 2nd batch of S18 ready to ship. We all know that KS has attempted to address a lot of the issues from the first batch. I'm curious if they have done so successfully. Anyone here got one coming? Let us know how it is!
  7. Oh I gotcha, I could be wrong then. Guess we'll see in a few weeks.
  8. Check out Duf's video about setting up the suspension on the S18... you had to preload the suspension and stick a metal block in there to prevent the suspension from unloading. Then after filling you had to load up the suspension again to get the block out. It looked like a royal PITA. Glad they are fixing it.
  9. It literally says mid-November in that email.
  10. I read somewhere that they were just rebranded [forget the brand] but with touch sensitive finger tips (and markup) added. Hillbilly maybe? I'll have to look it up...
  11. Right, so far I think moto gloves are not great for EUC for various reasons and my Flexmeters aren't perfect either. I really need to find a good middle ground. Maybe there's a market opportunity here...
  12. Ah bummer about the lack of wrist guard. I like the look of them and the idea of the slider is nothing new to me (as a motorcycle rider), but I need the wrist protection too or I'd just use an old pair of motorcycle gloves. I have a few pairs of Held gloves with rivets as sliders and super supple kangaroo leather palms.
  13. I can't tell from the description, do these have an actual wrist impact plate thingy also? Or are they just basically cheap bicycle gloves with a nifty slider thing?
  14. I had my first real off last week, wearing the Flexmeters, hit the ground at about 10-15mph. I got a lot of rash on my right hand, around the outside of the palm and up the side of my pinky finger. I even got come rash toward the bottom of my palm, which is completely covered. I'm guessing the thing must have slid back a little when it hit, which would have cause the rash at the bottom of my palm and allowed the sides of my hand to scrape the ground directly. I've been happy with them so far, but not after this first crash. They are designed for snowboarding where road rash isn't an i
  15. Now I remember why I stopped coming around here for a few months. I'm not going to say the same thing for the third time and have you ignore it yet again. And since you refuse to agree to disagree when it comes to a subjective topic, I'll just say ok. You win. Congratulations. Have some internet points.
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