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  1. Now I remember why I stopped coming around here for a few months. I'm not going to say the same thing for the third time and have you ignore it yet again. And since you refuse to agree to disagree when it comes to a subjective topic, I'll just say ok. You win. Congratulations. Have some internet points.
  2. Look man, if you're going to post a picture to try to prove me wrong or whatever, that's fine. But why would you post a picture that proves my point and then tell me that the picture is actually wrong and therefore my interpretation of said picture is "bizarre"? lol I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! Why not just post a correct picture that proves your point?? And for the nth time, you all are probably 100% correct about the difference in height etc etc. I'm not here to convince you of how you should feel about the differences between the two. I'm just saying that one FEELS (SUBJECTIVE STATEMENT) significantly taller than the other TO ME (SUBJECTIVE REITERATION). Your mileage may vary. In my humble opinion. That's just my $0.02. You're very handsome, I'm quite unattractive. Etc.
  3. Try turning that blue lever on the shock? I'm not sure which direction it's supposed to be in, but one direction will lock the shock in that position.
  4. Eww... that's pretty bad. Are you going to go through the "suspension overhaul" thread and try some fixes? I know there are ones that take less work than others. I'm curious to see a before and after.
  5. I mean, in theory you can install an Android emulator (or dev kit) on your PC and then install the app on there and connect via BT (assuming you have BT on your PC). But there are a lot of advantages to having a phone that's less than 10 years old...
  6. You talking about the o-ring to measure the travel? In motorcycles, I just use a zip tie.
  7. Yeah, and I just want to reiterate that I keep using the word "feel" on purpose. As in I don't think the S18 "feels" tall, especially compared to the V11. I'm sure there are a lot of factors that influence this from the pedal height, to where the wheel touches the leg, etc etc. At the end of the day, it's a subjective thing to talk about feel and I realize that not everyone will agree with my take on it.
  8. @AtlasP exactly. Note that the V11 is taller to begin with and the pedals are a lot lower. That will make it come much higher between the legs.
  9. Makes sense. I have no such pics of myself, but I'm sure someone will come through with some cool stuff.
  10. Cool idea! In my mind, I'm seeing Kuji doing one of his acceleration tests, viewed dead on from the side, and leaning way over the front of the wheel. Gives the impression of speed and you get a great view of the wheel. You also have an overall diagonal line design (like the player on the NBA logo).
  11. @redfoxdude made the video. Tagging him so he's sees the good feedback.
  12. Okay so less than an inch difference isn't nearly as bad. I can accept that. lol I test rode in shorts too, and noticed it was a little uncomfortable where it touched. I am fully planning to pad it up a little to alleviate that... even if it's just a thin layer of yoga mat or whatever. I still really liked the feel of the wheel overall despite that.
  13. Fair enough. Not to belabor the point, but comparing the S18 to the 18XL, are the pedal heights comparable? It's totally not a big deal. I'm just more surprised at how small the 18XL seems compared to the S18 or Nikola. It always looked like a relatively tall wheel in videos (and with an 18" tire, I expect it to be bigger). I'll have to look up some raw measurements or something just for my own edification.
  14. Glad you're digging it @Bridgeboy! Gives me hope that mine will be worth the wait. I find it amusing that you're calling the S18 tall though. It doesn't feel any taller than my Nikola and the V11 feels waaaay taller between the legs. I've never been on an 18XL, but is it really that much shorter than the S18?
  15. Yes, good point on the V11! As soon as you pointed out that it was the damping, it occurred to me that the V11 will look much different. This would be a great way to demonstrate the differences between the suspension types to people who are unfamiliar with the technical differences. I wonder if there's a good way to demonstrate the difference between the progressive suspension vs linear as well. As plenty of people have pointed out, just because the V11 suspension is "worse" than the S18 suspension, doesn't mean the S18 suspension will be better in all situations. Many times, they'll be equally effective. But knowing WHEN they perform differently would be good data for decision-making.
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