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  1. Okay on my wife's Pixel, which should be stock Android, it's: ....EUC World >> Advanced >> Battery >> Background Restriction should say "App can use battery in background" ....EUC World >> Advanced >> Battery >> Battery optimization >> "All apps" dropdown >> EUC World >> Don't Optimize Very similar to the one you posted above.
  2. I'm on OxygenOS (OnePlus 7T) and mine is Settings >> Apps >> EUC World >> Advanced >> Battery Optimization >> Don't Optimize
  3. Well, for what it's worth, I broke 21mph today and rode through a few wobbles with little drama. My legs are still sore from the "long" (for me) ride yesterday and so I didn't make it too far today but it felt good. One thing I realized today: yesterday I rode in a new area and attributed a lot of progress to that. Today I rode in a usual area and realized the bike trail is horrible. It's super bumpy and cracked and I felt every single bump thanks to my sore legs; that wore me out much faster than riding smooth trails/roads. At least it felt more planted on the bumps thanks to the lowered psi. But man, once I got to a smooth area and I could just relax and open 'er up, that's when I hit my top speed. lol
  4. It's a bizarre experience going from a "learner" wheel to a "real" wheel and feeling like you need to relearn. I don't regret starting on a cheap wheel to convince myself to spend a LOT more on a "real" wheel, but I wonder how different my experience would be if I just learned on the big wheel from the start. Either way, it didn't take long to get better at the big wheel than the small wheel, it just feels like I'm not as good because I'm nowhere near its limits. I just have to remind myself that going 18mph on the Nik is still like 50% faster than the E+ top speed even though it's like 50% lower than the Nik's. lol Glad you're having fun with the hobby and had such a great experience with buying used. I'm not that far ahead of you in the hobby and it's humbling to get a shoutout for being helpful already lol. Pay it forward! :-D
  5. Well I'm throwing spaghetti and the wall and something is sticking because I got a little faster today (up to 20.8mph) and I felt more confident at higher speeds. I even rode the wobbles for a bit at one point without immediately slowing down. (I know that part at least comes from having it set to Hard mode, since the wobbles feel much more controllable in that mode in general.) Some things I tried: psi down to 25, riding mode back to Hard from Medium, trying to put my weight forward without lifting my heels. One other thing I tried, which I think helped a lot: I rode somewhere new and there were lots of people around. I was focused a lot more on my surroundings and foot traffic on the path than I was foot positioning and whatnot. I basically stopped trying so hard and just rode and took in the sights. I think that helped a lot. lol
  6. Yikes. I knew there was a reason I stepped out of this (and the V11) thread. Hopefully Kuji posts more on reddit so I can avoid these threads some more. :-D
  7. Thanks for the tips, everyone. I'll keep at it and experiment with foot placement a little more. I've tried riding more offset like evX suggests and it doesn't feel very good for me. I have been having some success with the UStride heel-up riding style, and combining them feels a little weird. @Mike Sacristan what PSI would you suggest? I'm about the same weight as evX and was going to try 35 psi next (recommended both by him and by ewheels website) but if you think lower is better, I'd definitely try that as well. evX also swears by soft mode, but I feel MUCH more in control in medium or hard mode. The wobbles in soft mode are much more extreme and find that medium is a good balance for me between the feel of soft and control of hard. My point being that not all his advice works for me right now lol. Anyways, if it's not the wheel and it's definitely me, I'll just keep at it.
  8. Stillhart

    Nikola Wobbles?

    Hi all, So in the latest eVX video, Mickey says that the Nikola gets high speed wobbles because of its size and design, then offers some suggestions on how to overcome it with riding position. I have been having a lot of trouble getting my Nik up to speed because I get wobbles at around 18-19mph reliably. For weeks I've been thinking it's just me and I need to build more muscles and "git gud". Now I'm wondering how much of it is the machine and I'm starting to second-guess my purchase. Would I have the same problems on a different wheel? If so, would they at least be less pronounced? I realize that obviously it's mostly just me since plenty of other people can get over 20mph on the Nik without complaint. But I also feel like one of the reasons I got the Nik is the "safety margin" of a faster Gotway wheel and I don't feel safe when I start wobbling at 20mph. I'd rather have a more stable wheel that's easier to learn on so I can build up those muscles without feeling like I'm going to eat pavement if I accidentally have too much fun. Since I'm asking this in the Gotway section, I'll focus my question: 1 - Is it true that Nikola wobbles are a known thing or am I making too much out of an offhand comment? 2 - Would a wheel known for being more stable (like a MSX or an 18XL) suit me better and help me learn with less stress or will I have the same problems on any wheel? To be clear, I learned on a Ninebot One E+ and rode that to tiltback constantly with no issues, which is why I decided to upgrade. I feel mush less comfortable on the Nik than I did on the Ninebot.
  9. I love the idea of it, but I just don't ride my EUC (or bike or motorcycle) enough these days to justify the expense.
  10. Link? EDIT - https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/18319-eyeride-hud-support-in-euc-world/
  11. The screen was fine, I never had an issue reading it while riding. It's just the performance that's bugging me.
  12. So after a few weeks of using it, I'm not 100% sold on the Misfit Vapor. My biggest issue is that the processor and memory or whatever are just insufficient for normal everyday use. The thing is slow to respond, it's laggy, which is a peeve of mine when using devices. It's been many years since my old Palm Pre, that was so underpowered that when someone called me, it couldn't switch to the phone app before they went to voicemail. I'm still scarred. When I try to open the EUC World app on the watch and I swipe my finger but the content doesn't scroll for a second or two and then I end up clicking on the wrong thing... it makes me want to chuck it against the wall. For someone with more patience, it works fine. For me, I'm thinking I might call this a sunk cost and get a Pebble.
  13. Okay well this helped a lot I think. I believe I now understand why I was always wobbling at the same speed. I'm fairly certain I was trying to avoid leaning forward too much by pressing down on my toes and lifting up on my heels... with both feel. When my toes are hanging over the front of the pedals, that makes the wheel super twitchy and causes the wobbles until I slow down... which conveniently puts my weight back centered on the pedals. By trying the technique in the video where I keep one foot locked in and only push down with the other foot, I felt a LOT more stable. I still have to get used to it, but I feel like this will help me push the wobble barrier back more and more each day. Feeling more and more natural each day.
  14. You tell him the same thing I told my son... you bought a cheap one to learn on because you knew it would get beat up. When you buy your "real" one, you'll take much better care of it. But having one that you're not afraid to wreck lets you learn with fewer mental hangups.
  15. Yeah this is what I suspect my issue is. I top out at a certain speed because that's as far as I'm leaning. I'm going to try some different techniques to try and overcome that. If all else fails, I'll try to hire an angry Spaniard on Craigslist to yell at me until I cry. :-D
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