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  1. Practice, practice, and more practice.
  2. I think everything about mounting has been said in the posts above. All sensible advice. Take it easy on yourself. Practice a lot for short periods. Stop ... take along break and then go at it again. I now mount without looking down at my pedal, boy! What relief that is. It’s now second nature for me and it will be for you as well. Good luck.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I plan on going out to Kurama in the near future.
  4. We know you love it ... Buddah said “Passion is the only truth.”
  5. Yeah Mike, you really know your shit man. Thanks for that.
  6. Hey ... wait a minute ... this is about my Kingsong 18XL. Nuclear bombs ???
  7. I haven’t heard from any other riders in Japan. Kyoto is more conservative than the rest of the country, but we’ll have to see where this goes. It’s early in this struggle, it may take a long time before any concrete decisions are taken. Will keep you posted, thanks for the support.
  8. So I did get a lawyer and the cops did soften their position somewhat. They said that if I got a driver’s license and had some “mechanical alterations done ...”, that there might be room for movement. The lawyer seems to think that the cops are referring to turn signals as they mentioned turn signals several times in their discussion. So I got an online International Driver’s License and I should have the hard copy in 2 or 3 weeks which if I take it to the department of motor vehicles they will allow me to take the closed course drivers test which would give me a valid Japanese driver’s license. If I did not go the International Driver’s License route I would have to take a automobile driver’s course which, in Japan, costs a small fortune. So, it seems that a lawyer’s letter had some effect but in Japan it can sometimes be 2 steps forward and 3 steps backward. I’ll let you know how this turns out.
  9. Meanwhile in Kyoto, Japan I have put 700 km on my 18XL and was really getting into the swing of it but today the hammer came down. Two very serious plainclothes cops came to my house and told me that riding my wheel was now impossible. Eucs are not allowed in Japan and if they got anymore reports from the citizens that I was riding my wheel on city streets that would haul me down to the police station. What they would do at the police station they did not say. Scare tactics? Just bullshit? I think a little of both. My initial reaction was to see a lawyer and I might still do that. I think I’ll just let this sit for a few days until I get a little more time to think it over. Any thought from other riders in Japan would be helpful. John
  10. I agree completely with your statement. Those two riders are completely unskilled, reckless and just plain stupid.
  11. Yeah, those guys are irresponsible and that is the kind of behavior that will elicit more and more restrictions on our access to streets and bicycle paths. A white t-shirt is all that is between him and massive injury ... just plain stupid.
  12. @ Jack King Song, Why am I consistently asked for a PIN number when I try and set up the new Kingsong v. 2.00? And when I try to adjust setting I get a “ Warning: new values not changed.” I’ve deleted the app and downloaded a new one and tried many time but I can’t get it to work. I’m riding a 18 XL.
  13. I can’t find this on YouTube!
  14. I’m hearing this term “hall sensor” in reference to the kingsong app. What does it refer to? Thanks
  15. Yeah, in some ways I feel like a pioneer, I know that how I present eucs will affect the Japanese impression. I ride carefully and obey the rules. I’ve been stopped twice this week and firmly told to get off and walk the wheel. I walk a block or two and get back on. It just makes for a tense situation, I have to avoid them and I don’t feel I’m free to ride in a relaxed environment. The people themselves are fine, they smile and even clap. I’ll keep pressing on until there is some legal decision on eucs. Right now there are no rules governing eucs, they are not legal or illegal. I’m the first euc in Kyoto which makes it kind of cool in some ways. Japan is an extremely conservative society in spite of what is presented in the popular press and social media.ShanesPlanet suggested I should move. I’ve been here over 30 years and to be honest I have thought that it may be time for new pasture!
  16. I woke up this morning with the intention of taking my 18XL for a ride in the mountains. As I finished up my coffee I thought about my route. I live in Kyoto and we have a system of police boxes placed at strategic points all around the city. I had already done a Google Earth search with “Police Boxes” in the search buffer and I knew where they were so I take a roundabout route to avoid them. This morning I took a wrong turn which resulted in me riding past a police box. I didn’t look at them and just rode past. This kind of crap puts a bad spin on my ride. I notice that I feel more like a fugitive than a citizen enjoying the fine summer weather. My ride was tense, my turns were clumsy and I just felt uneasy. I’m used to watching isthereanyfood with their relaxed rides through the Swedish countryside and Hsiang with his great narrative as he ride through New York City ... that kind of riding isn’t going to happen any time soon in Kyoto. On the narrow streets here in Japan I ride at bicycle speed and that’s ok. I don’t want to present an outlaw image here and jesus christ I don’t want to hurt a citizen with reckless driving. It’s the feeling of being under scrutiny that puts an edge on my ride. I’ll deal with it.
  17. How new is this new app? I haven’t seen or heard anything about on the forums. Are you using it?
  18. Why does this app keep asking me for a password or serial number? I login as guest, but it keeps asking for a password or serial number.
  19. I’m finished with softtuner for iOS.
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