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  1. Thanks for letting the group know that ride the glide is selling locally again. I may need to upgrade my v10f to a v11 in the spring and it's good to see somewhere local to purchase it. Thanks to all for sharing your stories. They are fun to read.
  2. Dave here in Victoria- on a used (but awesome) V10f Eucs work great in this town. I do 30-40 minutes rides just for fun (no need to commute right now with Covid going on).
  3. @TonyGrayCanada congrats on the new wheel.
  4. Just an update. I am now riding a V10f - thanks again to @TonyGrayCanada for getting me started, I am looking forward to hearing about your new KS16x. My first short ride (straight line ) completed completed yesterday, but boy are my inner shins bruised. Great fun. I will keep checking in periodically in the forum for the posts from others locally. See you soon.
  5. @TonyGrayCanada Congrats on the purchase. I look forward to riding with you in the future
  6. @TonyGrayCanada thanks for offering to let me have a go on your wheel. I will drop you a private message and share my phone number with you so we can text and see if we can arrange a time that works for you.
  7. @TonyGrayCanada, if you come onto the forums, please reach out. I am curious about your experience with your wheel (a wheel from inmotion) and where/how you bought it. @Rywokast - thanks for your comment above. I will try to connect with Tony here on the forum. When I am approved to send private messages, I will share my local contact info with you.
  8. Hey, Thanks for the reply. I have only seen 1 rider in victoria, from a distance (up on the goose near mackenzie). I found this group just random googling while going down the euc rabbit-hole. I have been obsessing over segways/hoverboards/ebikes and euc for years ( loved riding the segway but pretty much illegal here, hoverboards suck to ride, ebikes are practical but fun?), so I am going to save a few more dollars and buy a euc. Note: I have never ridden one but they look like fun. From my info gathering, I am considering a v10. It seems to be one of the few wheels that
  9. I am joining the group.Going to buy a wheel in 2 months. Yes, I live in victoria :)
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