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  1. Dave here in Victoria- on a used (but awesome) V10f Eucs work great in this town. I do 30-40 minutes rides just for fun (no need to commute right now with Covid going on).
  2. @TonyGrayCanada congrats on the new wheel.
  3. Just an update. I am now riding a V10f - thanks again to @TonyGrayCanada for getting me started, I am looking forward to hearing about your new KS16x. My first short ride (straight line ) completed completed yesterday, but boy are my inner shins bruised. Great fun. I will keep checking in periodically in the forum for the posts from others locally. See you soon.
  4. @TonyGrayCanada Congrats on the purchase. I look forward to riding with you in the future
  5. @TonyGrayCanada thanks for offering to let me have a go on your wheel. I will drop you a private message and share my phone number with you so we can text and see if we can arrange a time that works for you.
  6. @TonyGrayCanada, if you come onto the forums, please reach out. I am curious about your experience with your wheel (a wheel from inmotion) and where/how you bought it. @Rywokast - thanks for your comment above. I will try to connect with Tony here on the forum. When I am approved to send private messages, I will share my local contact info with you.
  7. Hey, Thanks for the reply. I have only seen 1 rider in victoria, from a distance (up on the goose near mackenzie). I found this group just random googling while going down the euc rabbit-hole. I have been obsessing over segways/hoverboards/ebikes and euc for years ( loved riding the segway but pretty much illegal here, hoverboards suck to ride, ebikes are practical but fun?), so I am going to save a few more dollars and buy a euc. Note: I have never ridden one but they look like fun. From my info gathering, I am considering a v10. It seems to be one of the few wheels that claims a water rating (others may also be fine, but "bricking" and expensive device would break my heart). Given my weight (about 200 pounds), I figured that the v8(f) would be an issue on hills, so a $200 price increase for the v10 seemed reasonable. The v10f seems really pricey for a hobby I may not love. Anyway, that's my background. I would love to chat more about your wheel and why you chose it .
  8. I am joining the group.Going to buy a wheel in 2 months. Yes, I live in victoria :)
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