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  1. I stand corrected. I guess when riding, the tiltback must be significantly less noticeable compared to the "throw you off the wheel" tiltback pre-MRN firmware. I do backoff when I get a "floaty" feel - perhaps when physical tiltback is prevented by the lack of motor power at speed. On one of my "soft cutouts" when I was overpowering it a little, the wheel actually tipped forward before recovering. That sounds strangely exciting. Perhaps you are the owner of the fastest <30 lb 16" wheels.
  2. The ultimate S18 use case - offroad jumping.
  3. You are right, I'm on 1.4.3 p firmware w/ hi-speed on. I did the test connected/unconnected, both behave the same - no tiltback ending with beeping and red flashing lights after reaching 32.8 kph. Maybe 1.4.0 bug is a bit different. Anyways, I prefer no tiltback and always connect to EUC World and monitor speed with Pebble so not an issue for me just a curiosity.
  4. After the 3 hour charge til green I usually end up with 61.7 volts, I max out at 61.9 volts (when accidentally left overnight). Wondering if this means anything. As far as cutouts, I've done MRN's hack and done over 1000 miles, up and down hilly grades/ramps over 20 kph without a cutout. I have though experienced "soft cutouts" when I believe I went over 30 kph but the motor kicked back in and I was able to ride it out (I'm careful to be gentle on acceleration at the top end and keep my weight as centered as possible). I think adopting a gentle style of acceleration may be the way to go for riders with this wheel - doesn't matter if you're only going 12 kph you might cutout if you're accelerating too aggressively. I heard someone mention earlier about tiltbacks - I also don't get tiltbacks anymore. Even with a little over 30% battery left and going 24 kph (my own comfort limit at that level) I don't get tiltback. And obviously there was no tiltback before my soft cutouts over 30 kph. This might be concerning, and it had one time made me consider getting a V8 for a similar lightweight wheel. But honestly having gotten so comfortable with the wheel and developed the habit of being conscious of and checking my speed, now I'd rather have no tiltbacks and have more direct control (the V8 might not allow me to cruise at 22-24 kph when battery is ~30% for example).
  5. The significant dirt and rust on the bearings, magnets and motor windings for a brand new wheel is concerning.
  6. It seems like this will be the key point of contention for this wheel. While I've heard many agree, I've also heard old veterans (see what I did there) praising the virtues of "old school Gotway soft mode".
  7. I remember a week or so ago a member here mentioned he got a good deal on an S18 pre-order from chicway.shop...
  8. Interesting, from the sound of it, it's a distributor in Taiwan offering the demo to local clients. Couple of points: - About the trolley handle: "You push this wheel with the trolley handle, whereas with the MSX the trolley handle pushes you." LOL - The front light angle is adjustible upwards and downwards with hex screw - The way the lights are located outside the shell allows for heat dissipation - There is a hole behind the front lights leading to the back for air flow - Riders generally are impressed by how nimble the wheel feels despite it's size and obviously the weight. Some comments that the ride feels "soft".
  9. What's striking is that the original prototype looks like a combination of the V11, S18 and the Veteran Sherman. Either the original designer had a premonition of the future, or the other companies were at least "inspired" by this teaser Whatever the case, hats off to the Inmotion design team, I think they did a great job with the V11.
  10. As we're living in cancel culture, let me first cover my ass with a disclaimer: In broad terms, I am not against that safety precautions should be encouraged when around pedestrians, but the enforcement I limit to my own riding. You can say I lean more libertarian than "progressive". I think U-Stride (who's from Boston, not NYC), has gotten the message more than once and has acknowledged that excitement got the best of him. Hsiang has mentioned that he would have chosen a better venue in hindsight. Repeatedly calling U-Stride stupid and an idiot (and then painting all NYC riders as reckless) can smack of virtue signaling if the the signaler is not aware how he/she/zi/zer can appear. Some are unsubscribing, which is no harm no foul. Some are asking him to take down his video, which I am not against encouraging him to do, but I also respect his first amendment right (or what's left of it these days), so to me that's up to him. But there's now a call to report the video, which if successful, will lead to it being taken down by force like many a historical statue. This is worse than what happened to Gone With The Wind (at least there, the movie will be brought back with disclaimers and hopefully remain relatively intact). Look, I think no one denies that child lives matter, or that (controversial trigger warning) all pedestrians lives matter, including children. But I'm not sure community policing is the way (even if you might be right): Finally, I will grudgingly admit much of my perspective might be due to my experience of living in NYC (let's call it NYC privilege), but I have to put my foot down on the following point: I do not take responsibility. No offence to Californians especially those near Hollywood.
  11. Being that the S18's main advantage is the promise of superior suspension, this could prove disastrous. Surely KS can't be serious about leaving no path to at least upgrade. I've been waiting to get clarity on what KS is doing to address the 36RC rubbing issue. If reports are accurate, my guess is that rather than re/mold/design the shell (originally meant for Fox shock) to accomodate the 36RC (and likely others that take up more space), they decided to find a shock that fits - the 38RC. This might mean that you could still upgrade to Fox (which is more $$), but not the 36RC and others that take up similar space. If this is the case, and the 38RC's air system doesn't perform as well, KS effectively passed on the cost of a true solution to customers. Smart or cunning depending on how you look at it.
  12. They increased the weight of the S18 to 25kg so it's now just 2kg (4.4lbs) lighter.
  13. That might explain it. So, if they now tweak the design for the cheaper shock, how upgradeable would it then be to the Fox shock (or others)? Hope they'll think it through.
  14. Duf as (K)night rider, need some sound effects for KIT's red tail lights
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