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  1. Well, here's what can happen on a non-suspension wheel leaning maybe 30 degrees not even riding off road. The rider is a pretty legendary one though. To me at least, tough to call if added suspension would help in this scenario. No suspension and wipeout vs suspension, pedal clip, then wipeout.
  2. I remember a friend back in high school who whenever after teasing a girl and being told "Stop!" would reply "Hammer Time!" Sometimes followed by a little running man.
  3. These batteries haven't gone through a lot of charge cycles (only 76 miles and 175 miles ridden respectively). Just speculation on my part, but perhaps the batteries have degraded somewhat due to a combination of being some of the more older packs existing in the market and storing for long periods without discharge. I'll be breaking 2000K soon and I just charged up to 61.8 in 4-5 hours green light (61.7 in 3). Longest I've gone without riding is 3 days.
  4. I also don't feel tiltbacks and can barely hear beeps (rather I've developed a feel for when it starts feeling weak and I backoff), but I mainly rely on my pebble watch to buzz me when going near the top end of speed or to monitor and gently cruise 20-24 kph when around 30% or so battery left. At around this battery level (where you experienced cut out) the wheel does start feeling quite weak to me and I adjust my riding style accordingly. My feeling is your cut out might be due to suddenly overpowering the wheel for example by accelerating into a sudden lean back while going down a grade (whi
  5. Just recently found this rider's videos on youtube and have to admire the skill. Insane that he worked up to over 10 revolutions around him with the penny spins Warning: don't try this with your Veteran Sherman
  6. Just announced on FB Monster Pro will have a 3500W motor (down from 4000W). Same power as Gotway Ex suspension wheel.
  7. That would be hilarious (and many would probably agree). Reminds me of a British vaping forum I used to be a regular of, they called that "taking the piss" Once I got used to the banter mixed in with occasional hurt feelings and real animosity, it was quite fun not in spite of, but rather because of it being so non-PC. Lots of popcorn eating gifs while two members duked it out. New members always get hazed. New American members were always offended and took things too literally. Canadians were the nicest though. Anyways, I'm newish here too, but I find I'm learning more from critical pos
  8. The Sherman with all it's heft and torque was designed with that tire in mind. I wonder if the weight and power would cause regular street tires to slip more easily. I also wonder if the reduced clearance depending on street tire might at all be an issue here or more so with pedal scraping:
  9. Yes it's been confirmed over a month ago that the weight would go from 22 to 25 kg (increase of 6.6 lbs), I remember reading it on this thread. But tbh I don't think it should matter as much as if the wheel really fits your use case (think offroad jumping and Chooch). The experienced biker will choose to ride a dirt bike only for a very specific purpose, and your average dirt bike is ~200 lbs. Of course, you could argue relative weight is still important as dual sports motorbikes average ~300 lbs. But then again, if you're not at Chooch's level, the more appropriate comparison might be t
  10. The suspension and the lights are two major selling points of the V11 and appeal to more than the few that would rather not have them. Not that I don't understand the points made. I think it speaks to how impressed people are with the build quality and motor of this wheel that they see the other features as extra. Now if they only made a wheel, suspension or not, competitive at speed with Gotway
  11. The same rider tested the Veteran Sherman on the same hill. Result: fried board. Safe to say the V11 passed China's overheat hill test.
  12. Potentially a pedal clipper when compressed. Making pedals a bit less wide like those of the Veteran may help. As far as the suspension bits, it definitely visually stands out, but it may turn out to be less of an issue than it looks. The Veteran Sherman which sports the same tire size also has low clearance bits that looks approximately the same height away from the ground, but we'd need measurements to confirm.
  13. What struck me most is the clear demonstration of the respective abilities to handle aggressive braking. I've been closely following these two wheels and had an inkling that Inmotion's in house motor would be more powerful, but that really hammered the point home. Great review comparing the two Mickey!
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