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  1. I have learned how to accomplish the recalibration on an older (non app) S5 . After placing base on a suspended surface (allowing wheels to not touch ground) , looking on the RS232 steering connector (base) I connected the third female pin of top row (5 pin total) and the second pin from the left bottom row (4 pin total). press the remotes "a" button, pull the wire used to connect those two pins together. the 2 wheels will spin in one direction together, then alternate directions and stop. thats it!
  2. my S5 when powered up leans about 35 degrees forward... a pain to climb on... it will recenter itself after some riding... anyone know a way to recalibrate it? ive tried being the app board but its taking weeks and still hasnt shown up (back ordered) help!!
  3. ive an older S5 that powers on (via the power button on unit) but no longer fully powers up with remote? any ideas? replaced the remote battery... no luck... wondering if anyone else has had simular issue.. unit worked fine last year
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