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  1. Maseo54


    Playing around with some different views with the Insta360 One X and basic video editing.
  2. Yes, still available. Starting to like it better than my 84v....but I love the longer range on the 84v.
  3. Maseo54


    Thanks, trying to match both the starting points from the vid and gpx files can be a pain...have to see how to get the map view for the stats so i can match the vid to a certain reference area.
  4. Maseo54


    Daily Post Office Trip. Always running into people I know and people asking questions! testing out Stats using my polar fitness watch, insta360 one x, and RaceRender software. Riding gotway Msx 100v.
  5. Maseo54


    I'll send him your way and you can find out! lol
  6. Maseo54


    Everybody was making fun of how I left the old man behind, showing him the EUC...the man was wearing surgical gloves while driving!! I'm not trying to be the first victim murdered on a electric unicycle!
  7. Heres my current setup. I started to use a cheap selfie stick that fits inside the longer bent tube. The cheap selfie stick works better and is more invisible than the insta360 stick i have. Works perfect and is a cleaner look in vids and pics.
  8. 9 feet???!!! Damn! How did you get that thing on? I had a hard time getting my 4 footer on. I stopped using the insta360 selfie stick and now use a cheap 5 dollar selfie stick as it is more invisible. Below is what it looks like with the backpack. you can see the stick in the shadow.
  9. Super fast Gotway MSX 100V! Currently has 980 Miles. Works perfect. Some cosmetic scratches/damage as seen in pics. Front headlight area cracked and broke the headlight, but the LED still works. Easy fix, just need the silver ring. You can buy a new headlight from ewheels. I just tape over that portion and use my own bike LED light attachement which is better. Tire in great condition, no problems there. I have taken this wheel around 35 mp/h with ease. Shipped for 1600 anywhere in the lower 48 states!
  10. I'll shoot some pics later today of the setup. The mount is adjustable
  11. A quick test ride with my hands free camera backpack setup. Using Muvi Xpack backpack, along with the Insta360 One X. Riding on MSX 84V. Top Speed around 31-32 this ride. Backpack is not that expensive. Can be found for around $40-$60 online. You can also adjust to any position/angle. Forgot to take off the rubber piece just below the screw that is visible and distorted.
  12. Looking to buy a fast charger for my Gotway MSX. If you have one youre willing to sell, please let me know! Thanks!
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