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  1. https://bikerumor.com/2017/06/28/suspension-tech-negative-spring-works-size-matters/
  2. Is there any proof of this? From the video it looks like the issue might have been bad spot welding.
  3. See, I don't mean to be a Gotway hater, but that's also what I'm curious about. So far a lot of observed failures seems to be coming from Gotways. One can of course blame it on mods, but at the same time I'm just wondering whether to put all the blame on the mods, or if the mods are just a demonstrator of weaknesses / lack of protection in GW designs.
  4. PETG is a little stringier than PLA. You have to print it a lot slower. On my ender3, I can print PLA at ~70mm/s, but for PETG, I slow it down to 20-25.
  5. Keep on riding! I may or may not be relocating to AZ (Tempe) area in the fall, so if I do I can give you some tips! AFAIK, the euc scene around Phoenix area is kinda small/non-existent which sucks :'(
  6. Looking for backpack recommendations. On the EUC discord, several members suggested the Boblbee hard shell backpacks, but I'm posting here to see if there are any other alternatives! Ideally the backpack either have built-in spine protection or supports inserting a spine protector.
  7. Maybe... but for long prints you run that printer on for days/weeks at a time lol.
  8. Not just the EUC community: The 3D printing scene suffers from this as well. The 3D printing community is slightly better though since most of the 3D printers run off of some variant of open source firmware. EUC however... we're locked into the closed system.
  9. @evX_Mick unbiased opinion about the V11:
  10. What purpose do these quotes serve? What point are you trying to make? As I already said and demonstrated, his entire video is basically praising the V11 so again, I'm not sure why you would go and say he is only "entertainment and nothing more". Like.. what does "Adding sugar doesn't make a dessert. It is about the full recipe." even supposed to mean? Also, if you don't find it rude... then I don't know what else to say. I've called you out before: there were a couple of instances where others (including myself) have found that some of your comments are unnecessarily assertive/condescending.
  11. Don't you think it's rude to just reduce someone's video to "It is just entertainment nothing more"? Creating content is an extremely time consuming process and the lack of recognition / gratitude for even having content produced for such a niche hobby is bewildering to me. He didn't write it off though. I rewatched the video just to see if there was any merit in your claim - there is none. eVX did the following in the video Showcase the suspension with riding over speedbumps, some grassy/root terrain, roads Talked about bumps and how the inmotion suspension is smooth if you have the right PSI Gives us a chart on PSI / Rider weight Talked a little bit about the difference between linear and progressive shocks Claims it's the smoothest EUC he's ever ridden on Praises the custom motor - again better than any motor on any EUC he has ever ridden on talks about amazing torque due to custom motor - only slightly lower acceleration compared to 16x talks about amazing stopping power again due to custom motor - a vital component to any safe EUC Talked about top speed - and how coupled with the riding experience it is a really good wheel Talks about area of where the main board is and how there is good airflow - noted that there are a couple of spots where water might puddle up Showcases the excellent front light - notes that that fan is a little loud though Talks about how the kickstand actually proves to be a pretty useful feature even though he thought it was a joke initially Talks about suspension Nice suspension but subpar compared to S18, but "it doesn't matter" Talks about difference in philosphy: S18 (how do I build a wheel that focuses mainly around suspension) V11 (how do I build the best EUC (suspension is included in the design) Compares it to a luxury sedan, good all arounder posits that maybe building an entire wheel around suspension (S18) might not be a good move Perfect city commuter wheel ONLY at the very end did he say it was "boring" to him. But as I noted, he said so many positive things about the V11. By choosing to focus on his last statement, claiming that he has "written off" the wheel then reduced his efforts to just "entertainment and nothing more" is frankly quite appalling.
  12. After seeing my Nikola burn up, I have had similar fears. But one has to realize that many things in life have the potential to cause harm. Your stove can cause a fire. Your car can malfunction. Your power tools can have a defects. Plumbing in your house can leak and thereby causing electrical shorts and a fire, batteries in your phone can explode etc etc. So the only option I see is it either live in fear and avoid things that can cause harm (even if they bring tremendous value), or accept risk but do your own due diligence to mitigate the risk. Regarding EUCs, I've accepted the latter, but I've now taken the time to educate myself - what batteries go into each model, what are the potential failure points in the device, what electronic protections do each model have, what are the worst case scenarios, what is balance charging, what are some symptoms of device failure / degradation, what routine maintenance is required to keep the device healthy etc etc... As an example: I've personally drawn the line on getting another Gotway until they add short-circuit protection and up their QC. Given the amount of batteries in these devices contain, the damage can be substantial and the combination of the lack of protection and good QC makes it too risky for me. Of course, this doesn't mean that everyone should feel the same way. Some people have had tremendous success with their Gotway Wheels, but my "due dilligence" and personality tells me it is a risk not worth taking. It sucks that you suffered from a head injury: I really do sympathize but at the same time I have to ask if you were wearing a helmet or not? I'm not suggesting that you did anything wrong, but with anything you pick and choose your risk/reward tolerances.
  13. Personally the only 2 things so far observed about the V11 that prevents me from calling it a perfect match for me is: 1) I dislike "scorpion" style trolleys. Even though this seems like a huge improvement compared to the V10 / Nikola, I still much prefer what I had on the V8 and (now) the 16x 2) 21700 cells... for obvious (personal) reasons. They are still unproven for me. But everything else looks fantastic. I really hope inmotion has a super successful launch because so far they seem to be doing everything correctly without compromising user safety. And I'm constant surprised by Inmotion willingness to engage with the community for feedback.
  14. Uhh what? Are you suggesting that instead of FOLLOWING another countries example by introducing legislation that permits the safe use of e-scooters, your country decided to ban them outright? And you blame it on France? LOL
  15. Okay? And? Those bans makes sense. In LA, I'm not allowed to ride on sidewalks; I have to ride on the road. You shouldn't take e-scooters on highways or rural roads either because of speed limit requirements. There's really no argument here unless footpaths, highways and rural roads are different in France?
  16. Well you're making the one claiming that YouTube videos from some obscure New Yorkers are going to get electric rideables banned in London. Here is a direct quote from you: I'll admit, I certainly did not follow the trials of e-scooter in France and what the resulting data was in which they based whatever decision they made on. So if you don't mind, please share (most importantly) the data and also the decision that was made based on said data. Doing a quick Google search, it seems like e-scooters are legal in France?
  17. This is fair. If the US had already banned EUCs, then sure I would be concerned. But the inverse should also hold true right? There hasn't been a ban yet, and EUCs are classified as bikes/ebikes in some States/cities. So by the argument of looking at other countries as examples, the US (or EUCs specifically) wouldn't be the reason to ban electric rideables right? Sure. But hopefully there is some consideration on both the good and bad a device can bring. In the midst of COVID-19, no one wants to be confined in a closed environment around other people. So is it worth it to legalize PEVs even though they pose some additional risks? That's to be determined right? Agreed. But as always, the factor that needs to be considered is the percentage of people that are riding like maniacs. I guess I am a utilitarian at heart, and I think PEVs is mainly good for most people. Agreed. Hence why most people here condemn riding on highways / high speeds next to pedestrians.
  18. Man.. First of all, I am not condoning or defending what most of us on this thread have already identified as bad decisions/behavior in the videos. Second. If you want to convince me that your government makes decisions based on small subset of individuals from other countries, then show me the proof and I'll concede. Lastly, as ridiculous as my Tide Pods example is, why didn't your government ban them? Or did they? I have no idea. But since you're the one that is claiming that YouTube holds the power of dictating legislation, and you're also the one claiming that your government will determine said legislation by watching YouTube videos of people from other countries, then you should also be the one to educate me as to why or why aren't they banned in your country.
  19. Uhhh.. Okay let me make it more clear than. Let's say hypothetically the NYC riders represents the worst of us EUC riders. The question then is, should we pass legislation to cater to the worse people? Or should we pass legislation that caters to most people? We can flip it around and think again: Let's say NYC riders represents the mass majority of riders. Does this make banning electric rideables more acceptable if the mass majority rides like NYC riders? TLDR; Boris Johnson is a dummy if he is going to make a sweeping decision that affects ALL people in his country based on a small subset within a subset of people that is not even from his country. Dumb people can abuse anything: Cars, motorcycles, firearms, chainsaws, Tide Pods. You name it, dumb people can abuse it. Should we ban Tide pods because some people decided it would be a good idea to consume it? Videos of the "Tide Pod Challenge" used to plague YouTube. You can't even consider some of the EUC videos as a plague.
  20. Dumb people are going to do dumb things regardless of EUC. If Boris Johnson decides to rollback the decision to make it legal based on an obscure EUC video on YouTube performed by people who are not even part of his country... who's the dummy?
  21. Why are you grouping me with the NYC folks? I don't even live in NYC. If you look at my posts, I specifically pointed out the bad behaviors demonstrated in the videos and the disappointment I felt. I also said I unsubscribed from UStride's channel because of it. I don't think anyone condones the behavior shown in the specific videos in this thread. There is however a mixture of generalized animosity towards NYC riders in this thread - which I think is uncalled for.
  22. While I agree with the sentiment (hence the like)... it is an unrealistic ideal because stupid people are going to exist regardless of EUCs. And stupid people will continue to do stupid things and post them on YouTube. So given that stupid people content will continue to exist, if I was a smart law maker, I would need to take that into consideration. So as a person who understands that there will always be some amount of stupidity in the world, I would not base legislation around videos I would consider a rounding error.
  23. There's some commentary on facebook... one guy had to shave down some of the foam padding to fit the new batteries.
  24. Where did he say he was condoning the behavior? Just because he thinks it's unlikely that laws around EUCs will be passed in the US doesn't mean he condones the behavior. Hsiang did say he told people to not post the highway video - they did it anyways. The thing is, if you're out to look for trouble you will find it. And if the media in the EU is looking at obscure EUC videos to base their legislation around... that is a bigger problem. You can find arguments against anything if you look hard enough. To your point about searching about EUCs on YouTube - maybe we're lucky that most of the top results are @Marty Backe range tests/reviews.
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