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  1. Are you running stock firmware? Or did you flash marlin on yours? If you go through the hassle of flashing Marlin, you get a lot more control over your printer. This would include the features you mentioned from creality (restarting print, etc). Regarding noise... you could also consider switching to a board with different drivers. Creality does sell a silent board which I have on my CR10 and it works great given that it was a simple simple swap. But there are alternatives out there that are "better" (features / $)
  2. True! I do keep a profile for each brand/color filament. But yeah, I would stick to one filament as well if I ever ran a 3d printing business haha.
  3. This so much. So many people "quit" 3D printing thinking it's the printers fault. But they don't realize how many hours tinkerers have tinkered with their printers before things started printing right consistently. Although I must say though, I would still probably recommend a monoprice (I started with a select mini) to someone new to 3D printing. The select minis had a great reputation to just work out of the box. Only after they figured out all the settings and stuff would I recommend buying a chinese brand (creality, tevo, etc). Those require a lot more tweaking and understanding of how printers work... and also some luck on the QC side of things 😂
  4. For me i've always had success running tests in this order: Extrusion Steps (calibrate steps/mm) - I only recalibrate this once in a while Extrusion Multiplier with standard temps (200 for PLA, 240 for petg etc) - I do this one for each new roll of filament Heat Tower - for each new roll Retraction Test - for each new roll Speed - for each new roll I don't really mess with the jerk settings - I tested before what the highest my ender 3 could handle without layer shifting, then had it permanently set to something below that.
  5. Wait what? How does the teflon tube melt right against your nozzle? With the all-metal hotends, the teflon tube shouldn't even be close to the nozzle 🤔
  6. My original point was to posit that there might be a scenario in which remotely locking a device is justifiable. The hypothetical I made was to illustrate a situation in which I think the action could be justified. I didn't go into the very intricacies of public versus private usage. Nor did I venture into other areas such as standards, compliance, certifications etc, all of which would need to be considered if EUCs were to be subjected to formal legalization. So you can argue that using it on private property is legal, I'm just questioning whether or not that is the only factor to consider. Eg: if there were laws that govern PMDs as a public transportation device, would that change anything?
  7. Okay... then change the hypothetical from "private land" to "public".
  8. Like I said, I think there are legitimate reasons to lock wheels. For example: let's consider a hypothetical wheres EUC manufacturers want to comply with local laws. They might introduce software speed limits to comply with law. They might want to region lock certain wheels to avoid liability. Things are seldom black and white - whether a manufacturer should have the ability to remotely lock your wheel just another example where the answer is probably grey.
  9. Is this always true though? What if the device you bought was stolen?
  10. Do we have any definitions on what "legally purchased" means? While the transaction with aliexpress might be legitimate, is the seller legally allowed to sell the wheel to an international buyer? Maybe I'm not seeing the full picture (this thread is pretty long!), but a parallel I would like to draw is to a person buying items in bulk (where the item is clearly labeled: "bought in bulk, not to be sold separately"), then goes ahead and sells the items individually anyways. Anyone can open a shop on Amazon or Ebay and sell these items; the transaction that happen on Amazon and Ebay are legitimate. But clearly the act of selling the items individually is not legal. So who should take responsibility?
  11. https://bikerumor.com/2017/06/28/suspension-tech-negative-spring-works-size-matters/
  12. Is there any proof of this? From the video it looks like the issue might have been bad spot welding.
  13. See, I don't mean to be a Gotway hater, but that's also what I'm curious about. So far a lot of observed failures seems to be coming from Gotways. One can of course blame it on mods, but at the same time I'm just wondering whether to put all the blame on the mods, or if the mods are just a demonstrator of weaknesses / lack of protection in GW designs.
  14. PETG is a little stringier than PLA. You have to print it a lot slower. On my ender3, I can print PLA at ~70mm/s, but for PETG, I slow it down to 20-25.
  15. Keep on riding! I may or may not be relocating to AZ (Tempe) area in the fall, so if I do I can give you some tips! AFAIK, the euc scene around Phoenix area is kinda small/non-existent which sucks :'(
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