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  1. My solution was ankle guards: https://www.citygrounds.com/products/the-shadow-conspiracy-super-slim-ankle-guards?CAWELAID=120088260000056207&CATARGETID=120088260000067273&CADevice=c&gclid=CjwKCAjwr56IBhAvEiwA1fuqGi06UGm0RJajLzW4yPasUNvIlcNKHc7bib9Re-ODxctp137FgZ6lKRoC4_4QAvD_BwE I don't need them any longer but I do use them on longer rides. Bruce
  2. No traveling or me until we have a vaccine and get the virus under control I'm going to stay here in the woods in NEPA and play with the bears. I had a bear take a long look at me when I was out riding a wheel. He finally decided that I was of no interest and moved on off into the woods. I do miss Las Vegas. The wide streets with bike lanes and the easy access to the deseret makes for great riding. Bruce It's a very long trip out to Las Vegas. I'm going to stay in NEPA until we have a vaccine. I'm in the woods out here. I do miss Vegas. It's a great loc
  3. A Pebble Time watch is now included with the 14S. I believe the watch is only compatible with Android phones. @Seba has an excellent write-up on using the Pebble with EUC World. In addition to showing your speed and battery charge, the Pebble will show notifications from your phone. The Pebble can also be setup to honk your horn or any other attention getting sound. Bruce
  4. No way. The Sherman is too fast and too heavy for me. I don't think I could pick it up and put in my car's trunk. Bruce
  5. For sale is my Kingsong 14S. 102 miles on the wheel. Includes: Kingsong 14S XL Pedals fitted Roll NZ body guard Factory charger 5A rapid Charger Stand The wheel will ship in its original packing. Wheel is in very good condition. Some cloudiness in the finish under the handle. See the pictures. Pedals have just been redone with Vicious grip tape. $750 or best offer (Price is 50% of retail) Bruce
  6. Price reduced to $1,200. This is 50% of retail: 18XL $1,999 Rapid Charger $150 Body Guard $130 Seat $75 Stand $45 Total Retail $2,399 Shipping not included. Bruce
  7. King Song 18XL For sale is my Kingsong 18XL. Under 400 miles on the wheel. Includes: Kingsong 18XL Seat Roll NZ body guard Factory charger 5A rapid Charger Stand The wheel will ship in its original packing. Despite the body guard I've managed to mar the case. Cosmetic not structural. See the pictures. $1,450 or best offer Bruce
  8. If you want to stop quickly, try sticking your butt out. That will transfer your weight to the back of the pedals. A good exercise is to practice coming to a complete stop and then transferring your weight forward to start back up. You should rarely need to stop quickly at any speed. Whether you're riding an EUC, bike, motorcycle or driving a car you should be looking ahead and anticipating what you need to do. Bruce
  9. I've been tempted to speed up when experiencing a wobble. Have you had success with speeding up to eliminate a wobble? Bruce
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