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  1. Thanks for the invite. The Schuylkill River Trail is on my list for this summer. However, I am two and a half hours north of Philly so it takes a bit of planning. You could come up ride the McDade trail and then continue into Connecticut on I84. Bruce
  2. My 512wh had the kill switch, It was also labeled as a 512wh model. Bruce
  3. Look at the charger. 3 pin, 67.2 volts - 420wh, 4 pin 84.2 volts - 512wh. Bruce
  4. IMHO, if you hit an obstacle (pothole) hard enough to break the tire/wheel seal you probably won't survive. Bruce
  5. Did not know that. Maybe that's why I didn't like the MTen3. Bruce
  6. I had a similar problem. The solution for me was to unweight the foot opposite the direction I wanted to turn. If I wanted to turn left I slightly bent my right knee. That transferred weight to my left foot and off I went to the left. It also helps to look in the direction you want your wheel to go. This will cause you to lean into the turn. Eventually you will add body english to your turns. Bruce
  7. PennBruce

    18XL Locked

    I had a similar problem. I contacted the dealer and they resolved the issue with Kingsong. Apparently, they had sold me an "out of market" wheel. Bruce
  8. Here's a Demon Podium, full face, light weight and relatively inexpensive. I purchased it in February for under $65 from Amazon. Bruce
  9. https://www.kingsong.com/list-30.html If you have an Android phone you will need to side load it. Bruce
  10. I've found that ventilated shoes work best for extended riding. It appears that Merrell Trail Gloves 5 are mesh and should provide good airflow. My feet are about the only part of my body that hasn't experienced trauma from riding the wheels. Ankles and the lower shins do get abuse from the pedal edges. Bruce
  11. Thanks, the video was instructive. Bruce
  12. How about this product Ride-on? It boths seals and balances a tire. Tube punctures upto 3 mm (1/8"). Bruce
  13. How does one know if the tire is properly fitted? Bruce
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