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  1. How accurate do you believe the 106 kph lift speed to be? Wouldn't that put top speed a tick below 55 mph?
  2. Thanks. I get about 45 miles, cruise around 25ish, maybe a bit less. I hit top speed of 31mph every ride, but I don't keep it there. I weigh 180ish in gear, and I'm 6 feet tall. I have a ton of pics on IG. thatonekenguy
  3. I just ordered my MSX from ewheels on Thursday! Keep us posted on your thoughts and experience. I'm curious to know how it works out for you.
  4. Hey guys, quick intro - Hi, my name is Ken, and I live in northern Illinois. I started on a refurb NB1E+ in March that I picked up for $300 on eBay, and after 130 miles, I upgraded to the KS 16X on April 8th. I bought it from a shop in Vancouver WA called Rev Rides. More about them in a bit. The first time I got on the 16X I thought I made a huge mistake. It was just an unwieldy beast that didn't listen at all. I literally had to learn how to ride all over again. Where I could ride the Ninebot, I found that I had to drive the 16X. Initially there had to really be intent behind what I wanted to do on it. Additionally, it came with a defective tire that had a lump in it. The guys at Rev Rides immediately sent a replacement, and as soon as I mounted it, I fell in love. It's become an intuitive extension of me. Driving takes zero effort. Acceleration is exhilarating and smooth. Cruising is a dream. Carving is as easy as breathing. I currently have 1490 miles on it (~2400 km) and I couldn't be happier. This thing has taken everything I've thrown at it, and it begs for more. I took it to Chicago a couple weeks ago, and about an hour in, it got run over by a bus. Long story short, the bus rolled over it, there was a lot of crunching, and the only victim was the handle. I rode away on it like nothing happened. I've since replaced the handle, and you'd never believe it got hit by a bus from looking at it. Every mile on this wheel has brought a smile to my face, and I'm looking forward to many more. It's built like a tank and it demands the attention of anyone passing by, either on foot or driving. I have had zero issues. It shipped with 1.06, which I upgraded to 1.07. I ran most of those miles on 1.07. I downgraded to 1.05 to see what all the buzz was about, but it didn't feel as polished. I've since upgraded to 2.02, and wow. I feel like this is the further polished, and much matured firmware version for the 16X. For me, this is a perfect wheel with amazing characteristics that I initially had to coax from it, but that now just feel natural. I don't have any bad things to say about the 16X. I feel confident and safe riding this wheel at its limits, and riding slowly through a crowded bike path or city sidewalk. It's convenient and powerful, fast and nimble. It's also easily serviceable. I've changed the tire and handle assembly without issue. The only bad thing about the 16X is the terrible stock Kingsong app, but there are enough alternative wheel management apps to make this a non issue. tl;dr - The 16X rocks
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