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  1. I might be interested if you have more details on the wheel, and some more photos.
  2. Yeah, I suppose you get what you pay for, I wanted a small and inexpensive entry wheel to get into Euc's, and I accomplished that. I'm glad the safety features are there, but people in public already stare at Eucs like they're from outer space without it frantically beeping out morse code anytime I try to keep up with bike traffic. Time to upgrade.
  3. Well I guess the verdict is in then. 18mph is my top speed unless I want to plug my ears with cotton before I saddle up. Thanks for the intel.
  4. I should add that I'm getting these beeps at 100% battery charge. I'm aware that the theoretical speed of the 67v is about 20mph, but I figured the mten3 has been around long enough now that hopefully somebody can give me their personal experience of max speeds on the little guy. Also is there a way to remove the beeps if the Gotway app is FUBAR? As stated I still get the 18mph beeps with all alarms "disabled" in euc world and wheelog.
  5. I've been looking around and only seem to find good solid info on the 84v version. I have the 67v Mten3 and want to know if anybody out there has found a reliable top speed. I'm 150 pounds riding and usually get around 18mph before it starts beeping like crazy, but the wheel feels like it has more to give. Has anybody experienced a "high speed" related cutoff on this wheel? Lastly does anybody have recommended app settings for their 67v version? The gotway app as of this post doesn't work AT ALL, and frankly trying to adjust alarms on EUC world and Wheel log apps don't seem to do anything at a
  6. Hey Marty, I was looking into getting the budget options of these as a first time EUC buyer, but can't beside between the two. I don't want to wait too long in case they go out of stock. Any idea of when you'll be getting your 67V version and be able to give your quick thoughts on the performance difference. Thanks!
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