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  1. Yes! That is exactly what I'm doing. But nothing is ever simple. Be very careful with how many amps you draw. The buzzer is run from a single tiny CPU pin. It can only supply 40mA and many wheels are already drawing very close to the limit with 30mA buzzers! If you draw too many amps the main board can have a fault and the wheel stops balancing.
  2. I take it you mean how reliable is the connection. All wireless device can run into problems with interference. I use 433Mhz ASK with a 20bit identifier. I've found it to be as reliable as the two bluetooth connections needed by EUC world when riding in downtown DC. But its not an all or nothing sort of thing. I ride with my ExoBuzzer, EUC World bluetooth alarms, and the internal buzzer. EUC World requires two bluetooth connections, one to the wheel, and one to the speaker. Bluetooth has its share of bugyness. But, for me at least, I've found the Android audio system to be a bit mor
  3. That would be cool. I'd defiantly want to see a demo. If you build it, I would probably want to buy one from you. You and I are solving different problems. I see more than enough room for both. To get the speed you'll need your own GPS or use a phone's GPS. I'm interested in knowing if I am at the wheels limits; which is not exactly the same thing as speed. On Gotway wheels, the app has to make a guesstimate of when to sound the 80% alarm. My setup intercepts the beep as it is triggered by the wheel's firmware. As I understand it, app based solutions can not do that for many types of wheels. T
  4. I have no website yet. I am Jason Macpherson. You can order by DM either on this forum, facebook (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100014010919350), or telegram (https://t.me/JasonMacpherson) It comes as a DIY kit. The transmitter box needs to be installed inside of the wheel. It works on all Gotway wheels, and the Sherman. I make three models. I posted images of the Terminal and Mirror models above. The third model is the "Unibrow". Depending on your helmet you might choose one model over another. The Unibrow will not work with a flip up visor. The Terminal wo
  5. I build a version that is integrated into a mirror as well. It works really well. I can see the LED well and never miss a beep.
  6. I build wireless devices that works with haptic feedback motors, lights, and buzzers. There is a transmitter that is installed in the wheel. Whenever there is a beep a little box mounted on the helmet beeps too. I'm building a model called the "Terminal" which has wire terminals. It can be wired up with a LED light or a vibration motor, or another buzzer. I've tested it with all sorts of feed back mechanism. Putting the haptic feedback motor on my skin behind my ear worked well. But I prefer to just have it all mounted to the helmet. A helmet dampens the vibrations of those little motors. S
  7. I love EUC World. I setup my wheel to Quack. All sounds file came from freesounds.org Sound files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LAyJmauKGvG6P9c8J2W967jTT4R_Z6n6?usp=sharing Avaspack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FCz1F3urTQizL3mn9LcuzQP-83o4DhOu/view?usp=sharing
  8. That is my motivation as well. I want the actual alarm generated by my wheel.
  9. That's what I've done. I've built a wireless alarm to be worn in a helmet. It works great on my wheel. The problem I now face is that different wheels may (or may not) vary in buzzer voltage and the polarity of the buzzer connector. Short of buying every wheel and testing it myself, I was hoping that others might know what voltage their wheel's buzzer runs at. https://photos.app.goo.gl/9AcjCJJVHLuFw2Cn9
  10. I'm working on a buzzer mod and am looking for help. I need to figure out what voltages various wheels use to power their buzzers. I've tested my Gotway MSuper Pro using the MIN/MAX feature on my multimeter and found that during beeps there is a voltage of 4.6v supplied to the beeper. I've also found that (at least on my wheel) it is not safe to pull more than 40mA on the buzzer line. (This is the reason double buzzer mods fail to perform) Has anyone tested their wheel's buzzer and have know what voltage it runs at?
  11. According the pinout reference graphic I have there are two brown connectors both labeled bluetooth 1 and bluetooth 2. I just picked one and it worked. Those brown connector simply supply power. In theory the spare one could be used to power other accessories.
  12. I control board from the factory failed on my first ride. I got a replacement board and installed it myself. So far the replacement has been great.
  13. Is there an EUC on the market that allow riders to monitor their battery health? The Onewheel BMS allows riders to view the voltages of each of the cells. (Actually its a bit more complicated than that because Future Motion tries to screw their customers over and prevent them from seeing this information, but that's another story all together)
  14. That is my worst nightmare. I been thinking of getting some sort of large metal box to store my wheel in. https://www.amazon.com/Buyers-Products-Aluminum-Underbody-24x24x24/dp/B01ASXUSD2/
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