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  1. I absolutely love the idea of personal mobility devices since going electric. Now I feel compelled to challenge myself with an EUC but wonder if it’s able to reliable and effectively handle real world suburban commutes. I am currently using an off road e-scooter to comfortably traverse going up and over 2cm to 3cm raised lips that one often encounters on ramped entrances and exits to suburban sidewalks and ‘raised’ island refuges commonly found in between busy multiple lane roads. This is not something I am seeing advertised and probably for good reason. That said, I wanted to ask if there are any among you that have progressed to this level of Real World Suburban Commuting. Not just bike paths and clean flat open fields. BUMPS – CURBS? Could anyone recommend a commuting EUC that is better suited to the wide array of bumps, lipped curbs and pedestrian islands. Perhaps something that is easier to shimmy or raise off the ground slightly without feeling the need to jump every time you encounter anything larger than 2cm or 3cm? Will this issue come down to wheel size and or tire thickness? BRAKING? What braking technology is best suited for commuting? - Beyond speed and riding style? BALANCE? Beyond skill … do some UECs design come with better balancing performance than other competitors? Pros and Cons? KNEE CLEARANCE? It seems knee bending is necessary for comfortable and effective maneuvering. I’ve heard talk about the distance between the standing board and the ground in relation to doing tight turns in a crowded environment. Question: Would not a short legged person be restricted in some way if their knee caps are positioned at a certain point ‘below’ the top of the unicycle? Rider Specs: Height = 169cm tall Bottom of Knee Cap = 46cm Weight – 86kg/190lbs Absolute MAX funds = $2000us (preferably just under) I value comfort of ride over weight of device – yet I don’t want a EUC that does not fit my short legs. I might possibly need something smaller but still has larger wheel, thicker tire, but does not obstruct my knees whilst not being too large yet is powerful with plenty or torque for inclines and hills? Do you know of such a EUC to fit smaller people without giving up too much? _______________________________________________________________ I do not have the ongoing income to progress from a starter EUC to another. That is a luxury I cannot afford. I am just wishing to sink my current available funds into what others would recommend meets my commuting needs; not my current skill. I will deal with the latter after I have pick the most appropriate device for my commuting environment and riding style.
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