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  1. Just got back from a great ride. Here's some data, courtesy of the godsend we call EUC World: I know the orange dots are speed warnings, I do not know what the red ones, accompanied by stronger beeps, were towards the end. Tiltback operation was normal! It feels so good. I still try not to run into tiltback of course; it's hard with a relatively weak wheel but at least I know that when I do, it's a gentle nudge and not a faceplant sentence.
  2. So eWheels got me the new 2.0 firmware and it seems, after a quick test, to have resolved my issues. I'm currently thinking that eeprom or whatever these things use to store user settings got corrupted and the firmware flash reset it all. I would expect flashing back to 1.09 to work too. In my experience with other electronics and microcontrollers only ESD has corrupted eeprom, which was resolved by flashing the whole chip. I have no idea what happened to my wheel but I hope it doesn't happen again! Update to come after my first real ride.
  3. In this case it's a tiltback because of high speed. I have calibrated multiple times. Last time was last night right before this ride. The bullseye level shows level in both directions, even shows degrees of incline in case I wanted to set a 2° forward lean or something. I'll get back in touch with wheels.
  4. Ok here is a picture of the wheel in a tilted back position. Right side is the front. It stays this way every time it tilts back. It was surprisingly difficult to take this photo! (Note: my kuji pads almost look perfectly level here but I put them on an angle since it felt better that way.) I very much doubt it was overheating. It's like 38°F outside and this was after riding for maybe 10 minutes. I was not running EUC World, even though I claim to always do it, since this was my first ride in weeks I was too excited and forgot... But I will get some euc world logs at some point. Battery level was 85% when I took the photo. I have to lift the wheel off the ground so it cuts off then place it back down and it will self-right. The wheel is calibrated, I even went so far as to stick a bullseye level on it with double sided tape to ensure I had a good calibration.
  5. A simple mod but one that I hope will be handy. A bullseye level in the center of the wheel.
  6. You are doing such good work with EUC world. Adding the ability to use EUC world like KS SoftTuner where users can choose between firmware versions (official releases only of course, no testing versions) would be wonderful. I hate it when manufacturers make software upgrades a one way street. Also maintaining your own firmware repository adds a bit of redundancy in case KS servers are unavailable so thanks for that too. Now I just need to wait patiently for KingSong to officially release 2.x for my KS-14(SM)D!
  7. Thanks for replying! My battery was somewhere around 70%. It still charges to 100%. I wasn't running Wheellog or euc world at the time. Now I always ride with euc world running. When I can ride again (currently restricted for medical reasons ) I'll do some tiltback tests, with the tiltback set to a lower speed, and check the logs.
  8. Oooh. Is that the KS SoftTuner app? If so, that looks like 2.0 might be released soon!
  9. The title of this thread mentions 14" but if the KS-14S (More specifically the unified KS-14SMD) had received 2.x, would the 14D not see it too? I have seen no mention of a 2.x firmware for any 14" KingSong wheels. My 14D is still on 1.09 (checked with KingSong app and EUC world). It does not look like the 14" wheels have access to 2.x yet and I just have to be patient. I would love a silent 14D. And the other improvements are very attractive too!
  10. Nobody has said this yet but an exercise I found very helpful in my (admittedly short - I'm still very new to this) EUC skill leveling was simply practicing riding slow. Slower than walking kind of slow. You're guaranteed to get wobbles. But if you keep at it it will get easier and easier to move slowly without wobbling like crazy. It seems like the brain learns how to stabilize the wheel on its own, I do think that doing slow moving exercises will help when wobbling at speed. Or maybe it's just me building experience and becoming a better rider .
  11. Disclaimer: I only have about 100 miles on my wheel. Hello all, quick question. When riding a KingSong (14D in my case) and the pedals tilt back to slow you down, are they supposed to reset after you have slowed down enough? Mine just stays tilted back, no matter how slowly I am riding, and makes for a very dangerous ride in my opinion. I can keep riding, and one time a few weeks ago I did with the pedals like that but ended up over compensating, over leaning, which resulted in my first and only faceplant. After a tilt back event, I have to stop, dismount, and lift the wheel (so the lift sensor cuts the motor power) and set it back down so it self-rights again. Is this expected behavior? I asked eWheels support about it and they indicated that it is. I could have sworn that my wheel used to reset the pedals to their home position after the tiltback caused a slowdown, but not anymore. When I first got the wheel, I would ride more aggressively and tilt back would simply slow me down, then I'd end up at max speed a short while afterwards and the cycle would repeat. Now I ride very conservatively and fear the tiltback very much. Thanks!
  12. My 14D, which is my first & only EUC, definitely has a lift sensor. It works very well, makes stairs a breeze - at least until I learn to actually ride down them!
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