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  1. Just as an update, I bought a Gotway Mten3 from SpeedyFeet after testing it at their office. I found the fact that I could ride it at such a slow speed as well as being able to turn on a sixpence were the deciding factors. Brilliant service from SpeedyFeet and thoroughly recommend them! Thanks for all the advice on this forum, particularly to @Marty Backe for the really helpful videos of the Mten3 (and despite the wheel being brand new I’m already thinking about painting it thanks to Marty’s example!)
  2. I have looked at the V8f and it does look a nice wheel, though the extra weight and size start becoming more a problem. I need to take it on the bus on occasion so something small is better. The weight is ok from the perspective I can easily lift the weight normally, but when the fatigue kicks it becomes exponentially more a problem. I'm hoping that things get better (illness goes!) as I really like the look of the V10f... Hoping to pop up to Speedyfeet this week so will chat to Ian about the various options. Will report back what I go for and will update on how well it works in my situation. Thanks to everyone for the help.
  3. Are you sure about the lack of cutoff switch? Looking at https://www.ewheels.com/product/inmotion-v5f/ seems to suggest it does, but might have been a recent introduction (so older stock may not have the cutoff switch?) Thanks for the reliability bit - the wheel will be ridden all year in the UK. The Mten3 does look better for much slower speeds and this would be ideal as often I will be with people who are walking.
  4. I'm looking to get a lightweight wheel that I can use to commute to work (about 1.5 miles) that can also be used for some light off-roading (grass and well made tracks will probably be the full extent). Part of the reason for getting such a wheel is medical (I need to significantly reduce energy use, and that includes walking to work, walking the dog etc...) I'm currently considering either a Gotway Mten3 or an Inmotion V5f. I need a cutout switch as there are parts of my journey that require picking up the machine (partly the reason for the lower weight), and a decent trolley handle. I'm about 75KG when geared up, and not particularly tall (ok, short!) Slightly concerned about the Gotway's reliability, though that may be unfounded. Also, not sure whether everyone stocks the latest version that has the cutout switch. I used to own a Ninebot One C+, bought from Speedyfeet (whatever wheel I buy will need to come from them!) and was relatively good at basic riding. I'm leaning toward the V5f, though could do with any advice that others have of either model.
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