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  1. Was stoked to get my S18, but a few days into riding it was obvious that i was one of the “lucky” ones to get a defective model. The suspension is rubbing and occasionally sticking, making a horrible grinding noise. I walked to eWheels and they said it is probably the motor mounting. After inspecting the mounting, it seems to be the case- the right side looks like it was done very sloppily, with caulk and plastic film residue. Is there a way to adjust the mounting by removing the pedals and not having to disassemble down to the motor wire? Why are KingSong and eWheels ship
  2. i love TPA so im looking forward to listening to Wildlight, already happy that i started this thread, thank you
  3. hello what songs do you like to listen to while you roll around? it is tough to curate a nice list since you have to find songs that wont irritate the people around you (too much) i have an apple music playlist that i am creating, you can find it here: https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/cruise-control/pl.u-BNA6vDjt53l6oW i will update it often so if you check back there will always be new music. at the moment i am combining fast and slow songs, should i separate them or do you like the surprise? if someone has a spotify playlist that they want to start/share, that wou
  4. Yes this is the main reason i only want to ride one way... i think i will leave the cap on tho, thank you for the reply. My original Monorover a few years ago came with a straight valve! it caught the wheel very early on, and popped the tube. i sent it away and it came back with a bent valve. i think they learned that lesson too late, as they went out of business not long after that.
  5. no arrow, just some Chinese lettering saying the brand Zhengxin and the usual size and inflation numbers okay, thank you, the side with the buttons turns on, as it does when i turn on the torch via the app. Interested to learn more about how the motor works.
  6. thank you for the reply, my KS16S has buttons on one side and the air intake tube is bent away from the frame... this is the direction i should spin the wheel, yes? or do you pick one side and stick with it?
  7. Should i flip my wheel daily to wear out the tire evenly? Or is it rotational like a car tire? Does the motor perform better in one direction vs the other? DarknessBot app measures positive and negative amp depending on direction... thank you for your help
  8. knell

    Unlock KS16S?

    i did!!! amazing wheel, been on it literally every day since i made that post
  9. knell

    Unlock KS16S?

    awesome. thank you!
  10. knell

    Unlock KS16S?

    My new KS16S is awesome, but came software locked from the factory. I cannot download the King Song app no matter which way I try... search the app store, scan the QR code, go to their website... It says “app currently not available in your country” Do i have to return the wheel? That would be a shame as it is beautiful. Thank you for your help
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