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  1. I got a Nikola Plus as my everyday wheel. Just waiting on the Veteran or Monster Pro for my next week.
  2. Selling my Kingsong 16X Electric Unicycle. Great condition with only 700 miles on it. I babied this thing. I have a replacement fender since the original broke off and bodyguard protector for it. Come with charger, seat, original box. Prefer a local Orlando, FL buyer but willing to ship in US. $1,600.
  3. I do know that it will have the 2000w motor from the MSX. Gotway adjusted the firmware for it to be stable on the MSP. This was a email that I received from Jason about the MSP High Speed.
  4. I can tell you guys that I had that exact stand and it wouldn’t even hold up my OW Pint, no way it holds or even fits a KS16X.
  5. I have no idea what it could be. I heard they are coming out with their own suspension wheel but didn't think it would be this soon. Pretty excited to find out what it is tho!!
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