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  1. Still not working for me anymore whatever I do. Just takes me to begode homepage. Trying to decide between v11 and rs and this kind of crap doesn't make me want to stay with Gotway anymore. I use EUC world anyway, so it's not a problem, but what if these 3rd party apps didn't exist, how would I calibrate pedal angle etc... Highly unprofessional
  2. Im getting app startup 404 errors which seem to correspond with the switch over to this begode URL.
  3. Great so they can produce shit that doesn't work, but its ok, cos other people are doing it better
  4. Used to work ok on android, now won't load, chucks an error screen at me and redirects to their homepage. Redownloaded app from Begode site, still no luck. Bunch of cowboys.
  5. Ok thanks, will look into that, it was on 83.3 at max so I'm missing a 0.7 of juice.
  6. so wheel is back in my hands... checked voltage on arrival and just over 83v, plus 100% on EUC World. This is about 1.5v over what I've ever managed to achieve (94%)! How they got it to this I don't understand - unless a different charger was involved in the process or batts have been switched out, which I reckon is unlikely. Will run it down some and recharge and see. Thanks
  7. thanks for your thoughts guys, pretty strange (as I've never got a charge more than 94% in past 5 months!), but this morning retailer has now sent over an EUC World screengrab showing the following: Min voltage 82.1v at 97% Max voltage 83.3v at 100% Tested on EUC World. They claim they used my charger to get this... All I can do is get it back here and test myself I guess... Thanks again
  8. I'm starting to wonder the same thing! I offered to go and collect the wheel as they are quite nearby, so I can see their actual readings, but they said I can't come over, they need to ship it to me! Hmmmmm...
  9. Hi, thanks, Yes tried multiple times, by riding out, charge, then ride out a bit and charge again. This helped but not above 94%. Dealer has only measured at the charge port. They got same reading as me... 82v. The weird thing is that all apps measured 81.8v (approx) but they are saying they get full 100%! They used the official Gotway app to measure. First they used the old one from 2016 or so, then I asked them to download the latest Gotway app! they reckon they both read 100% even though both our charge port readings are 82v. I used EUC World, Gotway and Wheellog
  10. Thanks for the reply, Yes, multimeter reads 84v for both chargers, so I think is accurate. I charged overnight with never got above 94%. Wheel sometimes charges only to 90%, but I can get it up to 94% by riding it down a few %, then putting back on charge. Apps tested: EUC world, Gotway app, Wheellog, all the same. Dealer now has my wheel back, says nothing wrong, confirmed 82v with their multimeter at 4 pin port, but tells me that their app shows 100!! WTF!
  11. Hi Looking for some advice from any tech savvy people. Having some 'problems' with my retailer, who I've sent my wheel back to after having battery charge issues with my Tesla. I measured the wheel at the 4 pin socket on the wheel with a multimeter and it reads a max of 81.8v even after full charge. Also on all apps I've tested (android) it won't charge to any more than 94%. Although the retailer is now claiming that on his app it goes to 100%, even though I tested on 3 different apps and all never read beyond 94%! He's saying that the only accurate way to check voltage is to
  12. Would be interested in meet-up with fellow EUCers for a leisurely cruise thru Ldn, if anybody is interested? Poss along Thames or something? Cheers, John
  13. IPS 121 16 inch wheel for sale. (Purchased from Jason McNeil 2015) Black model with red side pads. NO app functionality. Selling my trusty wheel as just upgraded. Used lightly over the past 4 years and been very reliable. Pretty modest specs by today's standards, but I think would make a great learner wheel. 350wh / 1000w / 13.5kg Condition isn't too bad. There's a lot of scrapes on the pedals, and some scratches and dings. But this is a tank of a wheel, very tough construction. It's also never been taken apart or anything replaced, on it's original tyre. I have
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