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  1. V12 in Poland. First impression. https://youtu.be/YbGxCLxGGk0 Really hope that it will be a successor of 16X with similar hill-climing ability. If it is only a matter of software / firmware optimisation, then even 1st batch could be good to buy.
  2. PeWoo


    Hello guys, this is my first ride with a longer stick to my Insta360... inspired by very active and positive person in the world of electric unicycles
  3. True. I was able to change the speed limits in KS app before 200km mileage (so the manual info was wrong). It was not possible in EUCWorld app (40km/h limit). Not sure why, but one option is not working on my 16X -> saying messages/alarms instead of beeping, it works for me as "turned off alarms". I'm still on fw 1.07 to get use to it before will upgrade to 2.02. If it matters in case of some settings... btw, do we have somewhere any changelog between KS fws? @Seba, by default the volume level of BT speaker is set somewhere in the middle, there is no possibility to increase it in EUC
  4. Manual from 16X says: "0~200km: 40km/h" The different recently purchased from China: "0~10km: 40km/h"
  5. One more thing about Tesla v2. Today I was able to ride/test this wheel (a new one). Everything is ok, but even in HARD mode, the pedals dipping was really big. Quick calibration was able to help a bit (front a bit higher), but still dipping after the turn was something which is a really problematic, especially when pedals are as low as in Tesla. Any possibility to eliminate this pedals dipping?
  6. True. So all range tests are not relevant So let me put the different kind of this question. How is the range of Tesla v2 in your case, with your weight and your riding style? I would like to know the range in some cases, and it will let me know to conclude more or less the potential range for me. Thank you.
  7. Still not clear about the Tesla v2 (1020) range. I believe that someone with weight about 80kg should be able to do 40-50km?
  8. One more thing about Tesla, is it also the same as in other Gotways in case of pedal dipping after sharp turn, or quick bumpy road? How it is with the "new boards" for Gotway wheels, so this "feature" was removed/fixed from any specific date, model, version?
  9. Hello, Do we have here any Tesla 1480Wh owners which experienced any problems with this custom made battery? Seems that Wheel Riders Store is selling both version, original 1020Wh, and custom made 1480Wh. I did not found any videos with inside view, and comparison to the original (1480vs1020). Is this 1020Wh from Wheel Riders Store really original?
  10. And how it will be handled by Chicway taking into account previous post from @Unventor: "Inmotion give 1 charger in the box to all resellers. It was upgraded from 1.5A to 2.5A and pin connection changed from the V8/V10 charger to only work with the in box V11 charger. Some resellers had chosen to advertise they sold the pre booking with additional chargers to make pre booking offer more attractive. But that was before the shift in charger was announced. Now what each reseller do, isn't in Inmotions control but they said they only supply 1 2.5A with each wheel. Inmotion has also been clear
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