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  1. It would also be nice if the finish time could be set to 10 hours. I use my wheel as a commuter to work, and a workday is no less than 8 hours.
  2. Woouuuvv. Can't get my hands down. I'm falling to the dust and send all the best wibes and thanx to the mighty Seba Samsung Active2 + EUC World app is just the BEST!
  3. Is it possible that we could get a link to the .apk file maybe?
  4. Det lyder godt Og så er der endelig nyt fra mig. Min V10F er endelig ankommet og jeg glæder mig sygt meget til at komme hjem og pakke den ud
  5. Dear all fellow riders, Thank you so much for your replies. I have finally taken a decision and changed my order to V10F :-) And now I wait impatiently.... That shitty Corona virus is destroying everything. I placed my order 02 feb. So when my new wheel arrives you will hear alot more from me :-D
  6. Hey all, I am a 51 years young new rider to be 🤪 but now i am in a Big crisis. I have, long time ago, ordered the new V8F but it is still not avaible from the dealer, so now i am i doubt about if i should get the V10F instead? Please Help me out. I am only 168 cm high so will it be too big to handle? Sincerrely Jimmy
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