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  1. Ditto with the redundancy option In my opinion easier tire change proposed by @UniVehje should be added to the poll. Unfortunately @Unventor is right. Even if you send the batteries to your destination ahead of time you may have trouble when trying to board with your EUC because of the airlines' ban. Still I put +1 to removable batteries because this would allow you to carry extra batteries on your bag and exchange them easily on the way, thus not needing expensive, heavier and maybe (more) dangerous batteries like everybody seem to want for their long rides (and maybe not needing fast-chargers anymore)
  2. I remember I also found it when searching for a wider tire for my Tesla on Alibaba. Unfortunately it uses an almost forgotten mini-USB connector and the menu navigation seems to be a little annoying. Now, its small size may allow you to integrate it into your helmet DIY style, giving you real-time information of your wheel For those also interested, it is available in the official Gotway's Alibaba store
  3. Amazing work @Seba! Thank you very much! Regarding the lost GPS signal when stationary: Does it mean that if you put your EUC on a metal trunk, drive away, wait 30 minutes after parking the car, and then you take it out of the trunk, the GPS tracker will send the wrong position to EUC World? Also if it needs around 2 minutes to power on when it detects movement, you may have time to dissemble it with the trunk open and close it again (+ wait 30 min) if you are a sophisticated EUC robber... Any idea for improving booting speed?
  4. Sorry I meant coding contribution. I'm more than happy for having donated to this project I agree that one man's job in niche development is always prone to abandonment, but the thing is that Open Source gives the chance to anybody to continue working on somebody else's forgotten project. Also you give a chance to code wanderers to help lonely wolves Well, in all fairness Darkness Production is a company that develops apps, but even if you plan to create your own company (random idea) you can still create Open Source apps. Good to know. I was asking because I don't know what was the agreement with KS, but thought of the possibility for them to want a KS only EUC World to hurt the other brands.
  5. @palachzzz and @Seba then what's going to happen now to the other EUC brands, are they going to be removed and this is going to become a KS only app?
  6. The project does not seem to exist anymore Not that I have contributed to this awesome project (sadly) but as a huge fan of Open Source this decision saddens me. Any chance for releasing as Open Source parts of the project without the proprietary KS code? It will be easier to automate this process now with CI/CD rather than later if you change your mind. I think it's too early to close the doors to the community, plz think about it
  7. After reviewing @Hansolo's video I was a little bit puzzled when he said that the JST connector supports up to 3A (on the Monster v2), so I checked the JST models and there is a version that supports up to 10A (JST-VH) and uses 2 wires, an example. The datasheet also features them. I believe that there are some people here using fast chargers (5A) with EUCs that have a JST socket. I haven't found any complain related to boards with JST connector burned due to fast chargers (or maybe I am not using the right keywords on the search bar), so I deduce that all the JST connectors on the EUCs must be JST-VH (supporting up to 10A). Can anybody confirm this as I am now reluctant to buy a fast-charger?
  8. Damn man! What a scary experience! glad you are ok! A month ago a guy tried to steal my Tesla after pushing me but couldn't figure out how to ride the EUC and couldn't carry it for long until I got him. All this happened early morning while I was commuting to work in a bicycle lane next to the sidewalk/pavement. After this experience I found that there is a GPS tracker for EUCs that @Seba is adding into euc.world, it is being discussed here:
  9. @Hansolo thanks for the video! I think that the Tesla has a JST socket, to be honest I only remember 2 wires going into a white silicone blob but I'd say the socket underneath was too small to be a XT30. Do you have a video installing the T-PLUG socket?
  10. He also said that you can charge using 10A with 2 pins but weirdly enough he implied that the battery may be damaged (when I understand that the cables will be the issue): Btw a friend confirmed me that his Tesla v2 from 2020 still uses 2 pins. Anyone attempted to mod their GX16-4 socket to support 4 pins?
  11. @Planemo according to Levi/Donald from Gotway a small production of MSX had 4 pins wired (while the others only 2): He recommended me to charge it with a max of 4A: Although it doesn't make much sense considering that the standard charge supported by the battery (Sanyo 18650 in 20S4P) is 7A, and a max of 14A, see @Seba's explanation: After being a pain in the ass Levi just confirmed which EUCs have 2 pins: He also confirmed that the Nikola, MSP, Monster and the MSX 100V have 4pins wired, but it seems I deleted the email by accident
  12. @Seba how was your experiment of self-stealing your EUC?
  13. @ShanesPlanet I don't know you but after expending 1-2K in an EUC (which saves a lot of time when commuting and is super fun to ride) and some thousands to a grand in gear you better have it on your radar at all times... unless you are made of gold and/or don't care about robbers getting caught
  14. As a person who still doesn't own a fast charger I am interested in this mod but I'd like to ask if somebody knows the state of fast-charging for Gotways I've found that a fast charger for 84V 10A (not adjustable) is sold in 1radwerkstatt.de for the Gotway Monster (84V although not mentioned). Supplying 10A for a Gotway Monster was also achieved in this thread (with additional information in the thread linked in the comment): But I had no success in finding whether the other 84V Gotways (GX16-4 socket) allows this or not. I own a Tesla and I'm interested in knowing if I can fast-charge it with 10A (or at least above 5A) but I also welcome information about other models for future reference. Thank you
  15. Good point, if you agree I'll add it to my OP as a note. Anyways when I first started writing the OP I did it with the intention of stating the checkups that should be done on a brand new EUC (as the title of the thread says) but I admit I got interrupted halfway and then forgot the main point This said I still think that one should calibrate their brand new EUC after the first ride and again probably after the learning period.
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