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  1. Hey all, it's been a while since I've been on here and it's awesome to see how far EUC technology has come. I decided to take out my old-school TG T3 EUC and understandably after sitting there for several years, the battery was stuffed. I've got some 30Qs that I want to use to rebuild the battery pack but I don't want to use the original BMS cause it's cheap and it doesn't have cell balancing so I need a new one with all protections and balancing. I tried to buy this one: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/bFqeEEcu But for some reason the order didn't ship and just timed out. The seller isn't responding for some unknown reason so I need another supplier. I can't seem to find any other source anywhere. Can someone please recommended somewhere where I can buy a 16p1s BMS?
  2. I feel you brother... BTW isn't funny how you find others who seem to share an interest in the same groups of hobbies... A few years back I got into the mini-bike craze for a bit of fun only for them to be banned a few months later because a select few, were idiots and got themselves hurt. - Mind you they were riding them around fast moving traffic so it was bound to happen. It's the same thing with most new fun products these days. It's always a few idiots that ruin it for others or governments feel like they can't control them so they just outright ban. They don't call Australia the nanny state for nothing...
  3. To OP, sorry to hear about your wrist. Hope you're back riding in no time For everyone else, use this example as a reminder that these vehicles are not to be taken lightly and you can get seriously hurt if you don't respect them. Have fun but excercise caution and wear protection where appropriate. EDIT: I just realised I sound like a hypocrite as I don't wear protection. Don't follow me - I am an idiot, if you are concearned about being hurt wear protection.
  4. Hahaha, I like your view of the situation. I've been riding for several months now and have become a little complacent when riding. I've never worn any protection and my hands are always in my pockets. Today I had a close call where my EU became unsettled and my hands got stuck in my pockets while I was trying to regain balance. I saved it but it was scary. I've never actually fallen off (touch wood) because I've always been able to run it off, thanks mainly to the fact that my TG-T3 has a pretty slow top speed compared to what you guys all ride. I guess the fact that it's so underpowered, I'm quite alert to the fact that it can just throw me off at anytime if it got stuck in a curb or a crack in the footpath. Neverless, note to self: Use jacket side pockets not pants pockets as hands are less likely to get stuck in these - Or at least keep one hand out. Hands in tightish jeans = disaster waiting to happen
  5. My advice is to just try to relax yourself and your legs while learning and in no time you'll work out what's most comfortable for you and what works for you. The faster you grow confidence in the unicycle that it will support you and react to your controls, the quicker you will become one with the unicycle and get the hang of it.
  6. How about a large plastic shopping bag?
  7. I've been buying from DX, BG, Ali etc for nearly 10 years. Of all the options, I've found BG is currently the most reliable. They are still able to dispatch relatively quickly, however, the standard shipping service times are somewhat out of their hands. Last month I placed an order from BG of which two packages were dispatched later that day (Seperate warehouses - I think one was CN and the other HK). 1 order took 6 working days and the other 15 so it really depends on many factors. What is important these days is how long the seller takes to dispatch. DX has become a joke in terms of time taken to dispatch most orders but BG is still good and I trust them 100%. I've bought well over $2000 worth of goods from BG over the years and have always received my goods. Average delivery time is about 3 weeks. (In fact, of the countless orders from various chinese online stores, I think I've only failed to receive my goods once or twice). My advice, for cheap stuff, just order via cheapest option and forget about it - You'll get a nice surprise in the mail anywhere from 2-6 weeks after order. For more expensive stuff, just pay for the registered (and express if you need it) mail option with good tracking.
  8. I've got the same unicylce and also had that wobble initially. I found it was due to my legs being to stiff, thereby offering no "suspension" for small road bumps or whatever. As soon as I learned to relax my legs somewhat and became more confident with the unicyle the wobble just went away. See my intial thread about my experiences when starting out and how I overcame certain issues while learning.
  9. Again poor sales tactics here. Why can't you sellers just advertise your product without resorting to such games? Believe me, it works better when you just introduce yourself and your product and maybe point to a couple of genuine testimonials about YOUR product. This review is clearly BIASED. Sucessful chinese companies, that do well overseas, resist the need to play such games and actually focus on making good product. MY 2c.
  10. You failed to understand what we are trying to say! No one has any problem with you posting an ad in the ad section or having a signature linking to your website. The problem is you posted a lot of crap in other threads just to get your post count up. What you said in all your other posts did not add anything valuable to the forum. This was the problem - not your ad or your signature. Now instead of listening and apologizing, you went all defensive and I'm sorry to say you've probably already lost respect on this forum.
  11. Signature is fine, if they first properly introduce themselves and state their agenda. It's the seemingly random posts that annoy the hell out of me. To get post count up or whatever so it looks like they're not a one post wonder, they just spam a bunch of other threads with useless crap and that pisses me off. It kind of insults the intellegence of other forum members, thinking that we won't see through that, and can be misleading to new forum members.
  12. Rather than than just spamming just about every other thread with useless posts just to get your post count up or whatever, how about just introducing yourself and your product in a respectable way. I'm sure that would have gone down a lot better. No need for the other bulls#*t.
  13. I also have a TG-T3 and my tyre also says max load 60kg. I have also seen many other EUs that have a similar rating on their tyres. Mine seems to have no issue moving my 85kg ass around and based on others also having no issue with this rating, I'd say that in this application it's not really a problem - just tread carefully (pun intended).
  14. Ok in that case 8miles is a little more reasonable than 8kms. I would still say you should maybe expect to get a little more than that for that rated battery capacity.
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