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  1. After seeing some posts here and on ig of exploding eucs (this being the latest) https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ0BfkQjiVK/?igshid=4bnzyh4lae1l Im growing a little paranoid. I live in an apartment and this would obviously be a nightmare. I noticed in some of kujis videos (feel free to drop a link. I was too lazy to scroll around) he has a safe in his apartment for eucs. I presume its for this reason. Would love to get some info/your opinions on this. Anyone have one? Anyone know the model hes using? Is this a practical/good idea? Alternatively anyone know how to contact h
  2. Mine says dec 31. Im in nyc. Leh go 😛
  3. 16x just took a pretty mild spill and the power button has stopped working. I used soft tuner to turn it off when i got home. Is there a way i can use an app to turn it on so i can have and easier time walking it to/from the train to get it to a tech? I know the bluetooth turn on when i charge it so i can at least get it connected to an app
  4. Would love to hear from anyone that got the new chip and the difference it makes on low end torque and pedal dip
  5. Ive been riding my first wheel (ks16x) for about a year and im ready for more power/speed/range. One of the main reasons i bought the 16x instead of some of the other choices at the time was the low end torque. I live in Washington heights and there are some very steep hills. Especially (if you know you know) getting out of riverside park at 181st street. Im considering the sherman (i like the high range) and i heard the new firmware has improved the low end torque. Waiting for the gotway rs, ex is another option. Im wondering how torque on these wheels compare since the wheels are significant
  6. I upgraded to 2.02 and when i use the new ios app and select the 3rd lighting style. My ks16x beeps fast and then shuts off. Has Anyone else experienced this. Not that i really mess with the app when im riding but it worries me
  7. Nah i have an iphone (dont see that on the app store so im assuming thats a android app). Its not the volume i tried messing with it
  8. My 16x will no longer play music. Ive turned the switch on and off and reinstalled the app. Anyone else have this problem?
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