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  1. I get a few firmware versions up but i have tried most of them. Also the page is in chineese so i dont understand. If i post a pic can you translate?
  2. Hi, do you have the same scooter?
  3. I tried the darknessbot app yesterday. When i enter a new value i just get "cannot set value" error. So it cant edit values.
  4. I cannot pm anyone on this forum. Not been unlocked for me yet. :/
  5. What did you try? I cant find any menues that implies max speed. And where did you get the app from? If it is a distributor i would like to ask them aswell.
  6. I find no way to remove limit on my scooter in offical app. And my shop that sold it to me said i needed the softtuner app to change this. But no instructions.
  7. This is a screenshot of my app. I dont have the set alarm button. https://imgur.com/a/FVn2IwC
  8. I have the elwctric scooter ks-x1. And was given soft tuner app to change speed limit but no instruction. From what i have figured out the first number controlls the push to start speed. As the scooter requires 2km/h push to start throtteling as standard. I set the other 3 to 0 aswell but no change in top speed. Are there some hidden menus?
  9. Do you happend to know how you can set a top speed limit in the soft tuner app?
  10. Any support for android? Only ios device i have is ipad 3. But its only ios9 and cant upgrade. Darknessbot requires ios 10
  11. Hello. Do you support the kingsong ks-x1 kickscooter? There is a speedlimit on mine id like to remove. Bought wrong version. The one with 20km/h limit :/
  12. Hi, I have the ks soft tuner app with working login. If you can help me on how to make kingsongs ks-x1 (m365 clone) go faster u can use my login. My distrubitor sells 2 versions of the scooter. 30km/h and 22. They have confirmed they change top speed with the app but dont want to help me it seems.
  13. Just wondering if anyone have it. Its a m365 clone. Wondering how i can set a limit on it. Goes a bit to fast for my child.
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