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  1. Hey man

    I am a freestyle trick rider from Portland Oregon and Im coming to NYC/NJ/BK next week 06/23. I wanna find some trick riders or folks into tricks, events and skateparks etc. if ya got any ideas please holler at me. Much appreciated! 

    - Reny

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    2. Sidestreet Reny

      Sidestreet Reny

      Thanx bro appreciate it. Im down to jus ride too if there's anything fun happnin too. Im gonna hit some skateparks in BK fosho thats where my Mom lives. Good lookin out.

      - Reny


      P.S do you know Tishawn Fahie's profile name here?

    3. houseofjob


      It's @Tishawn Fahie, but he's not on here a lot FYI

    4. houseofjob


      @Sidestreet Reny there's a group ride meeting at noon today in Manhattan, Kung Fu Tea near NYU area (https://goo.gl/maps/7WDprEmCkzuvvHUC9), and riding to go eat BBQ in Jamaica FYI

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