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  1. Just looking for some clarification surrounding the InMotion V11 Batch Productions: Does anyone know what the latest updates are on the Batch #3 and/or later versions as it relates to the following: - VALVE CAP (bottom). What color is it supposed to be, etc? A updated pic would be nice. - How does one know they indeed have the RS MOTOR BEARINGS on their unit? Is there a marking, etc.? - What are the SADDLE SCREWS supposed to be like on the Batch #3 and later productions? Is the design with metal overlayed clamps or did they upgrade the scr
  2. So, when is the EX supposed to be released and orders fulfilled? I must say that $3400 seems to be a bit pricey. Who did you pre-order your EX through?
  3. Any other protective cover options for the KS18L? The rate of $135USD from roll.nz is rather pricey. Thank you!!! 😎
  4. What's the "Why" and "Frequency" of UNANNOUNCED SUDDEN STOPS on the InMotion Wheels? It's rather scary to read an incident such as this one of many. Some have said that Kingsong wheels do not do this. Please inform, explain and educate this new, up and coming EUC rider. Thank you! 😳😕😎
  5. Thank you for your reply. Have any thoughts on a wheel recommendation for a EUC beginner?
  6. Just wondering if anyone here may know of any EUC shops in the Tallahassee, FL area!?! Thank you.
  7. Just checking to see if there are any groups of EUC'ers here in the central Florida area. PLMK. Thank you!
  8. I am new to EUC's, so I am looking to acquire a pre-owned, in excellent condition, EUC. I'm in the central Florida area and prefer a local purchase, if at all possible. Thanks!!!
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