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  1. lol fellas it's so funny to watch how many people not owning a gotway ( and not wanting to own one ) get mad at gotway issue list KEEP CALM AND APPLY THE REMEDY
  2. This is how we do it! As long as this is able to do tight turns I don't mind scratching the pedals.
  3. I don't believe what I saw! @Marty Backe, great job! I completely don't understand why distributors and private owners are getting it fixed instead of Gotway. Damn, Gotway was such a great company at the beginning. First the oscillation issue, now this, damn...
  4. I can confirm they are legit. @Justina Hi! Welcome aboard :-)
  5. Pedestrians wait for a green light in the UK? In an alternative Universe, maybe
  6. I know, I'm just messing with you :-) I thought you'll laugh :-)
  7. Rockwheel was always below Gotway (which I wouldn't buy either). Gotway at least has some real history and influenced the market, Rockwheel is just trying. But instead focusing on the speed, they both should focus on safety and quality. I hope one day I could say "Gotway is making great devices now". By the way, what happened to your eye on avatar? Is it Google Glass?
  8. OMG man, good observation, good find. I had mixed feelings about Rockwheel, especially when they came out with the first version of their flagship. Noisy and ugly mess. We need to make manufacturers see that, because no one wants to ride on a ticking bomb. What are they thinking about when making these boards in a rush? Definitely not about people's lives.
  9. This is actually very silly and proven by research that can get you killed more likely. Ready about target fixation - this is the phenomena, which also explains why drunk drivers often crash into police cars when they see them. Another thing is there are no blinking lights in the nature. Because of that, it is very hard for a driver to estimate the distance to you and your speed. Research also show, a one rear red lamp is all you need (steady mode ofc.), unless you are driving at night - then the front lamp is for your convenience (you want to see the road in front of you, don't you?). I didn't mention that you will make people on the road confused, because you admitted it yourself. Remember, most people driving cars shouldn't have a licence, because they can't focus, observe and predict. Most bicyclist also aren't too smart to be allowed on the road. Unfortunately, many EUC riders are feather-heads, too. I've seen myself some nasty stuff EUC riders did, because of not thinking. My point is, it is not certain the situation from the first post here was related to the EUC in any way. The driver could do the same with a bicycle rider, pedestrian or whoever else. Issues like this are so common in the drivers and bicyclist world, that you shouldn't change everything because of that, especially for worse (flashing like a Christmas tree). And it wouldn't matter if a driver has actually seen you - he could have, but still could do a stupid manoeuvre. My advice is: on the road always use your brain and trust no one. Be careful and focus instead of assuming other users of the road are 100% focused and know what they're doing. http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/1342-blinking-lights/#comment-13429
  10. It doesn't matter what you believe. You are a distributor. As any distributor, you will say whatever is good for your business. Everyone knows the Gotway quality is poor, but no one is talking about it at loud. Is 5 km/h a noticeable change? Sure it is. Is it faster to get from point A to B riding 40 km/h than 30 km/h? Sure it is, captain obvious. Eureka! Almost everyone likes high speed. Why don't ride 100 km/h then? Why don't get an electric superbike? The difference between motorbike riders and unicycle riders is that all motorcyclist know they will die once something goes wrong. But unicycle riders want more and more, because even 40 km/h seems not enough any more. What EUC should be is quite obvious - it should be a personal transportation by definition. If you want a personal transportation, you want it to be as comfortable as a bicycle - or even better. You don't want any helmets, knee pads or anything, it's too much hassle to wear a suit and protection for work commute. So it should be easy to just use your personal transportation device at any time. With lower speeds, up to 15 km/h, you can simply jump off the unicycle and keep balance, you will be fine. Above 15 km/h it's much harder to do, and above 20 km/h it's almost impossible to jump off without a fall. However, when falling off at ~30 km/h you still know, you will be fine, even though it will definitely hurt and you can tear off your wrist skin. Well, you will be fine as long you're not a dweeb and you know how to fall properly. Of course, assuming you're not hitting a wall or another vehicle / person. Above 30 km/h a protection is a must, there are no doubts about it. If you are going > 30 km/h without pads and helmet, you're an idiot. And with guards you look like an idiot :-) Even the famous EUCXtreme has some serious injuries on his Msuper, despite professional protection with full-body "armour". Most importantly, riding more than 30 km/h you are a threat no to only to yourself, but to pedestrians and other commuters. Sorry, but I'm convinced 90% of people riding more than 30 km/h on unicycles simply aren't good drivers - it's the same like 90% of people with driving license shouldn't drive a car - they should be replaced with computers (autonomous vehicles). The same goes with bicyclist - most of the time they ride slower than 30 km/h and are still doing incredibly stupid things, causing accidents and injuries. I'm not a fan of slow speeds, I would really like to drive a car 300 km/h and unicycle 50 km/h, but it's just impossible right now. On unicycle, 25 km/h is enough. Remember the average speed in big cities is 13-15 km/h (check out your app), so you can't even reach 30 km/h all the time. It's simply not practical. 25 km/h is similar to a bicycle speed (in most cases even higher), and it will be also the official speed limit in European Union for personal transportation. Besides, big cities are already introducing the new 30 km/h speed limit for CARS. For me it sounds like a joke, but it's true - you can't legally drive a car more than 30 km/h in such cities. When you can't drive a car faster, why would you ride faster than that on your unicycle? Even if there are experienced riders between us, there will always be some fools buying Gotways and riding 40 km/h on crowdy pavements, causing accidents. Therefore, EUCs with top speed higher than 30 km/h shouldn't exist at all. It's not safe, it's not legal, it's not practical. Instead, the wheels should become lighter, should have more range, should be easier to carry or transport in a backpack etc. - overall - they should be more mobile. The speed is already fine, but other characteristics can be improved. You don't like it? Well, it seems like EUCs are not for you - don't expect an EUC to be a motorbike. Airwheel speeds are slow, but people still buying them and ride the "horrifying" 15 km/h top speed. 20 km/h cruising speed is enough for city commute, as there is no way to ride faster between pedestrians, your average speed will still be much lower. It's so funny how the distributors here are saying stupid things. It's not so funny if you think it can have a bad impact on the global EUC market and governments attitude. Please people, THINK about the future of this awesome transportation, not just about yourselves, like most drivers do. Use your brain sometimes.
  11. The wheel is interesting. I think (and hope) it looks better in the real life, because the casing is from metal instead of plastic. This is just great, I would love to see it and test it. Much better idea than the famous plastic of other manufacturers, which comes already scratched out of the box. What a BS. How could a wheel be too thin? When I tested my friend's Zero I loved there are no pads, because... I don't ride with my knees pressing the pads. I don't know any experienced rider who does that. Doing this makes you tired a lot faster. The muscles should be relaxed and in natural, straight position. Thinner unicycle means no contact with the casing. It's actually more natural - more like walking. You don't bend your legs. In contrast, when riding on KS16, I couldn't avoid pressing the pads - it's so wide. The V8 I now have is so uncomfortable with the hard, plastic pads, than I keep my legs widely - they even stand out of the pedals, which is uncomfortable and not so safe. With the IPS I5 I assume these issues doesn't exist and the ride doesn't make you tired at all. I like what they achieved. Pads are good only for waiting for a green light and for beginners, because they're scared and pressing the pads make them feel safer. 7.5 kg is awesome, you shouldn't feel this at all if you've got used to heavier wheels. Regarding the shape - I think they wanted to make it similar to a laptop - rectangular, thin, great to carry in a backpack. What I don't understand is the differences in the specification. The specs you posted here are from unofficial IPS dealer websites, they are known for making them up. Everyone says other things about the spec: https://www.electricunicycles.eu/ips_i5_and_s5_the_new_electric_unicycles_from_ips-c__253 I've heard the rated power is 500 W. So, waiting for the official and confirmed spec with rated power and max power output! If you want a big, fat wheel and go crazy like Jason with his Gotway - the I5 probably is not for you. If you want a real essence of mobility, the lightest wheel which you can put into a backpack (which is super useful as no one knows what you have in your backpack), with built in lights - the I5 sounds interesting. The maximum speed is not that bad comparing to Ninebot One E+, which is more than enough for most people. Besides, the spec isn't official, so maybe the max speed is higher, and the 20 km/h is the stable, crusing speed or something. I would prefer unicycles going in the direction IPS is going, than riding a Gotway Monster, which is a complete opposite to what an EUC should be. What I like the most is IPS is challenging the market. If you can do 7.5 kg with that spec, what's next? 5 kg and more speed and range? There has to be someone like this on the market to pressure other manufactures. It's not so hard to make a fast EUC with huge range, which weights 20 kg. 20 kg??????? WTF. Good luck with that. I hope the build quality will also be good. For instance, why do you need a fast wheel like Gotway, when their quality is just poor? Gotways look more like prototypes than actual wheels. You have a big battery and powerful motor, but you are scared if the casing is solid enough.
  12. Taking off the cover is super easy, but you don't need to take off the other side, unplug the motherboard etc. :-) It's exactly the same like in Ninebot, so it's very intuitive for me - taking off one side only. Besides, unplugging the battery first makes it all feel more safe :-) If that works for you. Like I said, there's no easy way to disassembly the V8. The Russian video you posted is a total mess - only disassembly without reassembly, and he takes of everything - including the LEDs. Like I said - no manufacturer will endorse you to do anything with the motherboard on your own. To me it's easier to take off LEDs and do everything like in Ninebot. It would be funny to have to unplug something from the motherboard in Ninebot to change the tire. But unsticking the LEDs it's funny too. The duck-tape under the battery is a total joke. They could just add some plugs at the LEDs endings to simply unplug them exactly like in Ninebot, and forget the duck-tape. But except that it's a nice wheel. Hahaha. Poor girl, there are memes already! :-)
  13. There is no easy way. What you've just described is the hardcore way and it actually voids the warranty. You are afraid of unsticking some cheap LEDs, but you have no problem to remove the motherboard cover and risk messing something in it (I'm sure the manufacturers love this way), especially when the battery is still plugged in. Besides, you have to unplug crucial elements like the engine cable and take off both sides of the wheel. I can't see any advantages of this solution. The one on the video took me half an hour as well, without messing with any important parts like the motherboard or engine cords. Detaching the LEDs is easy-peasy, and like I said - I could reattach them better than it was done in the factory. And it's just one side to take off, just like in Ninebot One E+. Sure, you can take off both sides of E+ including the motherboard (and ignoring the warning of voiding the warranty), to just replace a tyre, but why would you?
  14. I knew it, just knew it! I knew someone will point out Gotway 5" as an example ;-) I've seen only one video with this EUC in action, so I guess it didn't make it to the production: I know that long EUC riding experience will be extremely helpful to ride such a small wheel, I'm pretty confident I could ride this one as well. But it would definitely require getting use to, and as much as I hate double-wheeled "EUCs", I'm sure in this case it would make things easier, especially for new users. It is actually a must, as there is no market for transportation devices harder to master than EUCs. I just can't see newbies learning riding on Gotway 5". It was actually introduced on the Solowheel event in the US, so it's real, but surprisingly I couldn't find it in any online store. The European distributor doesn't have it in stock as well. Solowheel has a weird approach that not all their products are available worldwide. What's interesting, they always advertise this awesome red tyre, but no production model has ever got one. It's a pity it's just a render. Here is the event: https://www.engadget.com/2014/06/21/solowheel-spirit-cruise-xtreme-orbit-hovertrax/ Although the Orvit performance is not great, this is the best looking wheel I've seen, and definitely the most futuristic. And I think the weight compensates the performance. I would definitely buy one, at least for testing and some fun, but I have no idea where I can get one.
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