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  1. Thanks guys. You have more faith in my future skills then I do! I’ll see how the next few days go (family commitments have held me back so far), and proceed from there. I like the idea of the meetup just to get introduced to the San Diego community and other riders and their EUCs. I’ve actually never seen any others “in the wild” - even though I know there is an active community down here. Thanks again, Martog
  2. Thanks for the invite and hospitality! But I don’t think I’ll be ready for a big ride that quickly. I’ve spent less than two hours on my EUC so far and I think going from riding 75 yards to 19 miles in less than 10 days is probably a bit of a stretch! I’ll try to get my skills ready for the next one though. Thanks again Martog
  3. Thanks again Marty. These are great examples- but a bit aspirational for me at this stage! And thanks for the telegram invite. I’m in San Diego, but hope to help to develop the skills to join one of your rides in the future. In the meantime, I’ve got some serious work to do (and am excited to do it)!
  4. Thanks for this Marty. I’ve watched this video now probably a dozen times trying to learn as much as possible from your technique. Your movements are so subtle and smooth, meanwhile my wheel is flopping between my legs like a fish trying to escape. Part of that is just the need to build up the muscles to stabilize the wheel, but I need to learn to move my leg in against the wheel on the transitions. Between being bow-legged and the small size of the MTen3 I really need to make a concerted effort. And that will be today’s training focus. Thanks again. I’m looking forward to my next
  5. I just got back from my first session on an EUC and I’m so very stoked!! After padding up my brand new MTen3 to a ridiculous level, I took it over to a local baseball park and played around on the concrete deck behind the bleachers & backstop. I started using the fence for support but moved to using the back of the bleachers as I could slide my hand along the railing easier than the fence. Within 30 minutes I was going from one end of a set of bleachers to the other without grabbing. Within 60 minutes I was able to basically go anywhere on the smooth concrete deck witho
  6. Well, I think Jason’s lower priced entry strategy is working as you can add me to the list of newbies who just purchased the 320wh/84v MTen3 as their first EUC. This will strictly be for learning/ play use, so I’d rather have the extra grunt rather than the range - especially since I’d like to eventually do some light off-roading on the bike trails around me. I was seriously looking at the Onewheel but the number of reports of nosedive incidents and the resulting trauma gave me second thoughts and led me to stumble upon the EUC world. Thanks for such a friendly and helpful forum
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