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  1. The spd bike clips seem pretty good, but I want to be glued more to the board. The clark pad gen 2 https://clarkpads.com/products/gen-2-universal seems pretty good, but I want something that keeps my toes in place too.
  2. Guys I'm fine!!! sort of... Unfortunately I only got the V8F so its doesn't go fast enough to make it worth taping my feet down. I am waiting for one that goes 60 mph. Maybe in a few years... My EUC is very fun though.
  3. I've decided to just tape my legs and the wheel together once I get better and see how that goes. I am crazy
  4. yea... That makes sense. Someone should do that. Then we can go 50mph on a wheel!
  5. I don't even have a v8f yet Sounds like you DIDN'T tie your feet down. I'm thinking it will make it more stable, but no clue. I may try, but not sure. People tie down their feet with ice skates, roller blades, and snowboards for more control. I was just wondering...
  6. Has anyone tried to tie down their feet to the pedals or even shins to the wheel? I was wondering if it would help stabilize you if you are going faster than 30 mph.
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