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  1. Some updates, riden 10k km on 16x for half a year, bought an S18, almost 1k km now in 2 weeks. Turned out that s18 is much more better for delivery. I did set a new record of 10 deliveries/47 minutes with it. With 16x I had 10 deliveries in/1h3m.
  2. I do it daily since 2020 in Helsinki, if you have good experience it’s a very good job. In first month riden over 2500km on my 16x, then broke my arm, riding on a snowy weather, got operation and metal plate installed. Now recovered after 2 months and started again to deliver with euc. I recommend to get a helmet and a wrist support - this is the minimum mandatory defense, also not riding over 40km/h. I have a telegram blog as a food deliverer on euc in russian where I put daily statistics and earnings. If someone is interested you can read it using google translate.
  3. I will be working today as always on my ks16x, and try to work around or take a pause around 17-18 near clarion hotel So maybe you will see me in a Wolt jacket and a big backpack around if you come out )
  4. Hello, can you please help me to find somebody to replace the inner tube for KS16X in Helsinki ASAP? Best Regards, Timur
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