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  1. And so that you can continue to have a cameraman, now that your speed is such that he can't keep up.
  2. Sorry, my bad. It was money he had, that she didn't know about even though they had been been married for a very long time. I shouldn't have corrected it after you had quoted it.
  3. My friend Lyle passed away recently and I and a couple of other ham radio friends were over at his house helping his widow inventory and figure out how to sell his radio gear. When she discovered his folder of receipts and invoices for the equipment she was flabbergasted. This was all paid for by money she had no idea he had, or was spending. The 3 of us hams looked at each other with a smile and the same message in our eyes: "Way to go, Lyle. You pulled it off!"
  4. Maybe she is hoping you will give her your current wheel when you get a new one.
  5. You might also consider getting her an e-bike as her first PEV. I bought one last Fall and that was the start of my journey into getting back into shape, losing 30 pounds and then discovering EUCs. I bought myself a fat tire bike which turned out to be a great choice as it can easily travel over just about any surface. I bought this model. After watching my experience my sister and her husband also bought e-bikes from an outfit called Rad Power Bikes. Rad makes some really nice bikes. Anyway, just a suggestion, if you think it might work.
  6. I easily could, and hope to, watch hours of your video productions. JOB WELL DONE! Interesting subject , Coherent and entertaining story telling skills, , Well edited , great audio editing and mixing , Keep this up and I expect that you will soon rank among the big dogs of the EUC video making world. Congrats! And a special big thumbs up to your Pops!
  7. Once I stopped thinking of braking as "leaning back" and started thinking about it instead as "sticking your feet out in front of you" it clicked.
  8. Thank you so much! I KNEW that it was going to be something simple.
  9. I know that people often say that there is no such thing as a "dumb" question, but this is probably as close as it gets. How do I stop or close the EUC world app in my phone? It's a Pixel 2. What I have been doing is going to the app menu and using "force close" to turn it off. I am sure that this is not the optimal way to do it Would one of you please be kind enough to tell me how to do this simple thing? Thanks in advance. I was born in the 1940's and have trouble sometimes with these "new fangled" gadgets.
  10. An electric Unicycle will be harder to learn, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't get one. Micah, who did the review in the video above spend considerably more than an hour learning to ride an EUC. But he did learn, as can most everyone who takes the time. I think that you will find an EUC to be a huge improvement over the K01; There are hours of videos about EUCs on YouTube. Just search "electric unicycle". Happy riding!
  11. I bought this foam sheet on Amazon and it was enough to pad up my V10F. I used a liberal amount of Gorilla duct tape and so far it has stood up well while taking a beating. I put mine on right over the cover that came with the wheel, but I am sure it will work just as well without the factory cover. This was $20 well spent. Not having to worry about scratching up the wheel is in my humble opinion a major help in learning. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01JSWJTNY If the link doesn't work, just search this in Amazon: XCEL Premium Large Neoprene Sheet - 54" Wide x 12" Length x 1/4" Great Foam Sheet for Padding and DIY Projects, Neoprene Fabric Water and Weather Resistant, Made in USA, Easy Cut Technology
  12. Thanks Marty. I needed to have this lesson brought home. This did it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
  13. I used this neoprene from Amazon. You can get one sheet for $20 or two sheets for $6 more. One sheet and a roll of Gorilla tape was enough to do mine. I've beat up the covering pretty good but it is still doing its job. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073TT8CRZ
  14. 55 darn well better not be too old. I'm 73, will be 74 this fall, and I am gonna learn to ride this machine. I"ve got a Inmotion V10F, that I am slowly working on taming. lately I took some time off from learning to ride just to work on getting myself in slightly better shape. Here is the history that led me up to this. I have what the doctor calls a "severe" case of COPD, which means that I screwed my lungs up pretty bad by smoking for 50 years. I quit smoking 7 or 8 years ago. I had let the COPD throw me into a downward spiral. My breathing was so bad that often I couldn't reliably walk a block or two and have the strength and breath to return to my starting point. So I basically gave up walking, which of course made my physical condition worse (use it or lose it). I moved to a different living situation about 5 years ago which didn't help. In my old home I had to climb stairs several time a day, the new one is all on one level, so I even lost that bit of exercise. I was getting fatter and weaker. About 4 or 5 months ago I bought myself an ebike, just to have a way to get out of the house and still have the ability to get home again if I ran out of strength. That bike was a life changer. Not only could I get out of the house, but I was getting more exercise than I had in years, while having a lot of fun. Once I found myself out and riding and seeing how much better that made me feel, I set some goals for myself. One of those goals was to use as little pedal assist from the bike motor as I could, so as to start building up my muscles again, and the other was to lose weight. At the time I was about 225 lbs, (103 kg) I changed how I eat and today I weigh 193 lbs (87.5 kg) I've gone from wearing pants with a 38" waist to pants with a 34" waist (I lost 20 pounds after I started riding the bike, and an additional 10 after I started trying to learn the wheel- I return drenched in sweat after every session) My ebike has 9 levels of pedal assist, with "9" requiring the least amount of effort from the rider (think electric motorcycle), and "1" requiring the most effort. I have worked my way down to "2" and am switching to "1" on a fairly regular basis. For the last few weeks I have been working on building up my strength. I had discovered that somewhere over the years I had lost the ability to balance at all on one foot, and that while bike riding had gotten my legs in fairly good shape, the rest of my body needs some work. After buying and practicing on a boso ball I can now balance on either foot for a reasonable length of time, and I can bend, twist and reach in ways that I haven't been able to in years. I have to admit that I wasted far too many of the very limited dry days that we have had in in the Pacific Northwest by riding along fences or walls but not letting go. No more of that. I went out a couple of days ago to a parking lot that I had been avoiding just because it doesn't have anything to hold onto, and began shoving myself unsupported. I did this several times, each time getting a few feet further and further. I did fall once, straight back onto my butt, which was good for me. as I had been afraid of falling, and this showed me that it was nowhere as bad as I had feared. I got up and kept trying until I once again had to stop because of my breathing issues. I get really worn out after 15 or 20 minutes. But on this forum, which I read and reread often, I am encouraged by those who advocate limiting one's learning session to about that long. I am going to start taking my gopro and videoing each of my practices so I can see what I am doing. For example I would really like to know why I fell off the machine backwards - this is actually the second time I have done that. The first time was the day I received the wheel, and tried mounting it while standing in my hallway. That time I landed right on my tailbone and it was sore for about 3 weeks. Maybe the video will show me what has caused me to fall backwards. (Murphy's Law - my butt is the only place where I am NOT wearing protection) So while I am a slow learner, I am learning. I am so looking forward to "getting it". I know that is coming sooner rather than later. My thanks go out to all those who have learned to ride before me and then took the time to share their experiences here and on YouTube. Anyway, back to the original question:, 55? You are still a kid. Go for it!
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