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  1. lol for some reason I assumed you also had one. When do you see yourself getting another wheel? I don't know much about the ACM
  2. I've got to thank you so much for convincing me to get my 18xl. You are awesome and I absolutely love my new baby lol. I cant stop staring at my wheel. Do you feel the same way? haha
  3. This was my second day with my baby. Now I'm whipping around town. Love this sport and community!
  4. Yes I’m down. I don’t live far from there. Also are you on that telegram group. It’s pretty awesome!
  5. I guess this all depends on the person. But I understand both positions. On top of everything. I think environmental awareness is the biggest key. Also wearing all of the proper gear. I really appreciate all of your inputs.
  6. Are you planning one of these again any time soon. I really would like to ride with some other people.
  7. I don’t get why some people are so passionately against this. It’s totally smart to be mentally prepared. Of course studying how to fall would benefit us!
  8. It’s not that I’m practicing falling. More like being mentally prepared on what to do in that event. I think the main thing is to not panic and to try and drop in a cat like position like the other mentioned. I will not be practicing on how to fall.
  9. Wow thank you guys so much. There is so much to consider here. I will watch all of those falling videos. I understand that a fall is unexpected and not planned, but I am going to have to agree that practicing the muscle memory to falling in such a way as to do the least damage is the smartest idea. Right below wearing the proper protection. So I will definitely study up.
  10. I am sorry about your fall. The way you told the beginning was so funny!
  11. Hello everyone. I have really been enjoying my new 18xl. I was wondering if you guys have any tips pointers or advice on how one should fall off properly if the time ever occurs. Thank you so much in advance for any help!
  12. oh thats weird. It worked like 5 times. not that I would ever use it. I wonder what causes it to fail
  13. I just got the wheel and have rode for about 9 hours. I am a complete newb. So lets just say there have been some tumble. I tried sounding the horn yesterday and noticed it no longer works. The bluetooth speaker works and everything else seems fine. I tried from the regular app and the darknessbot app. Has anyone else had this issue?
  14. lol thank you so much. What a nice complement. If you are ever in the LA area we should ride together. I rode around the rose bowl today and I took my first fall. I was trying to go down a little decline and lost control and flew off. Luckily I was padded because I didn’t feel a thing the inside of my shins are sore from all the riding and my ankles from whacking on the wheel lol. I’m gonna let this heal up. So it will only get better from here right?
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