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  1. Hi I want to know more about this unlock (any video, tiltback changes, battery administration...), I recently install swallowbot board and it´s not working correctly, so I need an alternative if they can´t give me a solution
  2. Tested at 20nm and it´s a good value, I recomend to tight in cross 10nm then 15nm and finally 20nm
  3. I´ve mount the hybrid tyres on mi mini S and only have good words, I use the stock tyres only 50km a 30psi but with the hybrid at the moment at 35psi are so much better in stability, climbing obstacules and better in all the floors you can find on streets, not test on grass, mud or rocks yet. It´s true that you will feel more little vibrations cause are not flat tyres but isn´t a disgusting vibration, and the segway absorve much better the imperfections of the road. In speed I have pass from 17,5 to puntual 20km/h at 19km/h starts to beep so it´s a good update and makes the mini so much funny and useful in long paths. About the changing process I read so much before and was a bit afraid, but at least I have more problems to get the stock tyres out than putting the hybrids, I have used some washing dishes soap and was too easy. To put the tyre in position I don´t have to get the valve interior out or/and a compressor, only a foot inflator and put the tyres to 55 psi, in this moment sound a "blop" and it was in position, then get the air out and put it on 35psi (I weight 60kg, soon I will check more pressures). The mini comes now more fast in turns, I don´t think that acelerate less, maybe the first meter but then reachs the speed faster and more stable, the braking maybe it´s a bit worse, but nothing serious, and in general makes the mini much more useful, sure and funny in streets, quite sure that in bad terrains will have more good words for this tyres!. Pd: In the mini S motors it´s wriitten BOSCH on big letters and NINEBOT smaller in the internal border...
  4. And wich are the results? speed, tiltback, beeps... please tell more information about this unlock.
  5. On alu frames used to be around 10nm, not more, but this frame it´s of magnesium isn´t it?.
  6. Hi everyone, I´m going to put the hybrid tires and i´m wondering about torque in motors assemblement screws, searching in m4m i´ve found this photo 20nm of torque? anyone knows if are other values in some manual or web, thanks mates.
  7. Hi, I don´t know if it´s possible to put links, but I have found this aliexpress item https://es.aliexpress.com/item/4000260286190.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.2e6471ebDqAiRI&algo_pvid=24c471c6-54f5-4d87-8c64-e9daf21cab24&algo_expid=24c471c6-54f5-4d87-8c64-e9daf21cab24-26&btsid=e3b48842-4ed2-4ec7-97af-f9f164164fbc&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_3,searchweb201603_55 I supossed are bad quality components, but maybe don´t have any speed restrictions...
  8. Thansk LesC, I have update it but not test it yet. In other way, before the update I test the limited mode off and on button in the app and suddenly the limit comes to 17km/h... 0.5km/h lost!!!, could be this down caused by battery level? it´s 75%, thanks mates.
  9. Hi mates, I have just started with a Ninebot S or mini S, N3M240... I made only about 10km with it, and only read some post on this forum, just starting to feel the anoying tilt back of the speed limit, but I have a question, I thing my mini S has a limit of 16km/h but has a 17,5km/h limit! is this normal in 2019 models? I have check the master controller firmware and it´s V1.5.9, always I start the app tells me that is another update, but reading this forum i´m affraid to do this and check that works worst or limit more the max speed, please tell me if I should update it or remain this version. Please check the capture that I attached and tell me! thanks mates!.
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