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  1. Agreed it'll be hard to hit mainstream levels. Having a difficulty curve of more than 10 minutes to learn already means it'll be hard for kids due to how often you fall and how frustrating it can be at first. Also about the name, the hoverboard website has a lock on the name 'Hoverboard Technologies LLC', so the word hoverboard isn't theirs. Hoverwheel is actually the name of the Company Inmotion bought, so depending how much they paid for licensing, you can't sell a product called a Hoverwheel. It's why you can't call a product an 'Apple' thing. But again, depends if they paid enough to stop products using their name or just companies.
  2. Hoverwheel is already a brand inmotion has the rights to. Just look at their website, http://hoverwheel.com/. It's definitely a catchy name, but good luck having it catch on if nobody can sell it under that title.
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